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Ruler of Books Tag 

Originally Posted: July 31st 2016

Hello fellow bookworms 👑 Because I’ve been seeing this Book Tag going around on Booktube, I decided to do it too, even though I was not tagged. However, I just really love Tags so I’m gonna do it anyway and I tag anyone who wants to do so as well. The Tag was created by Ariel Bissett! I also had a fitting picture of me in my graduation ball dress which I used 🙂

Trenn Kopie

👑 Questions

If you were the Ruler of Books…

1) What book would you make everyone read? 

👑 The Spinster Club Series (Holly Bourne)

I could’ve picked any of my favorites, but I honestly would want people to read a book/series that is not well known enough and should definitely be read by so many more people. That would be the Spinster Club Series by Holly Bourne, because the Series honestly has so much to offer. It not only captures mental illness very well, it also portrays the dangers of an emotionally abusive relationship and offers valuable information about feminism. It also focuses on parental abandonment and problems that each one of us could encounter. Reading the series is very empowering and feels so very real, which is why I would make everyone read it.

2) What would you abolish in book construction?

👑 Different Heights 👑 Non Matching Covers 👑 Cover/Title Changes in Translation

What I cannot stand is when the books of the same series have different heights (I’m looking at you Selection Series …), which mostly occurs with paperbacks, which are the type of book I always buy. It really buggs me when they look like stairs instead of being even. What is also annoying are not matching covers, especially when they change the covers mid series. I also hate it when they change the covers with the translation of books, because mostly the UK/US ones are simply better and I also hate when the title is translated in a way that does not make sense with the story.

3) What author would you comission to write you any book? 

👑 Victoria Aveyard 👑 Susan Dennard

I could’ve picked so many more amazing authors to write me books like John Green, J.K. Rowling or Rick Riordan, but I think that Susan and Victoria would work well as my personal writing team. I adore both their books and find that they both have amazing, thrilling plotlines, an amazing writing style, very compelling worlds and complex characters. Them teaming up would be the most amazing thing and provide me with an endless supply of amazing reads!

4)  What book would you demote to the library basement to make room for new books?

👑 All Copies of Fifty Shades of Grey

What needs to be demoted are all copies of that damned Twilight fanfiction and please let them rot far, far down in the basement, where no one can ever reach them again. I just do not support this book series at all, because it romanticizes abusive relationships and portrays so many different things horribly wrong. Not to mention that this book teaches young girls that controlling, abusive men are romantic and also teaches young boys that it’s okay to treat women like they want. Please get this book very far away from my kingdom. Better burn it, really.

5) What Cover Artists would you commission to make a mural?

👑 John Rocco (US Versions for Rick Riordan’s Books)

I had to look his name up, but John Rocco designed all the US Versions of Rick Riordans books and they are really amazing. The art and design is truly awesome and all covers look stunningly beautiful. Sadly I have the UK Versions of his books, because the US ones are really hard to get when you live in Germany. So I would trust John to make me an amazing mural!

6)  What Characters Face would you put on a coin?

👑 Magnus Bane (front) 👑 Aeduan (back)

Is anyone surprised about this at all? Magnus HAS to be on a coin, because he’s just so damn fabulous and would look really good. Not to mention that he would be super amazed and proud to find himself on currency. He’d also be my personal witchmaster. The other side of the coin would show my newest addition of anti-hero faves: Aeduan from Truthwitch, who I would hire as my personal bodyguard.

7) What Book would you award the “Ruler of Books” 2016 Prize to? 

👑 Glass Sword (Victoria Aveyard) 👑 Truthwitch (Susan Dennard)

Again. not really surprising. Whenever there is a Best of X I have to mention Victoria Aveyards book at least one time, there is no way out of that. Glass Sword was such an amazing, thrilling read and I’m still mildly screaming about that ending, because oh gosh I need Book 3 to know what happens next. Not to mention that this book really picked me up and Mare inspired me to be strong, Glass Sword really changed something in me. This is why I’ll never forget this read and always say that books can change so much inside a person and truly inspire someone. However, it also ripped my heart out. Truthwitch on the other hand has to be named too, because it was such a huge positive surprise and I feel like it deserves an average Goodreads rating above 4 Stars and not under it. From a connected, thrilling storyline to amazing, complex characters, Truthwitch had everyone what I like int a book. Badass female characters, amazing female friendship, problematic faves and a stunning world full of witchery.

Talk Kopie
What would you do as the Ruler of Books? 👑

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