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Originally Posted: May 29th 2017

Hello fellow bookworms 📖 it’s time for another Book Tag, because you all know how much I love them! I still have my list with all the Tags I want to do, ever since I discovered BookTube and began obsessing over books again! This Tag was one of the first I saw so I have wanted to do it forever and now the time has finally come! ♥ The Totally Should Have Book Tag was originally created by emmmabooks!

Trenn Kopie

📖 Totally Should Have
… Gotten a Sequel

📖 Blutbraut (Lynn Raven)

This is my favorite book of all time PERIOD. Sadly IT HAS AN OPEN END HOW DARE YOU. This author should write more Series, as she has these many standalone fantasy books with such a rich world, that needs to be explored that needs more books! This is one of the few examples where I need more books! Blutbraut could have had a sequel alright, because the bad guy basically was still out there and one character’s fate remained unknown. Like why is there no sequel? I think this did sell well, so why keep the ending so open when you are not planning to do a sequel of any sort? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS LEFT!

… Had a Spin-off

📖 Truthwitch (Susan Dennard)

You would not believe how hard it was to chose and answer to that. I blame this on the fact that many books already have a spin-off series. Then, there are some books I love, but that I could not see any kind of spin-off potential for. Therefore, I landed on Truthwitch, which has such a huge world, that definitely could justify a good spin-off series! We have so many little countries that could all get to tell their stories! Each book could focus on another one, so we could delve deep into the pirates from Windwitch or the Sleeping Lands or the little nations in-between! Not to mention that we could explore many more witcheries and maybe even have a protagonist that is elementally powerless!

… Written more books

📖 Robin LaFevers (author of His Fair Assassin)

Many of my favorite authors gladly write many books, but from some authors I really need more books. Robin LaFevers is one of them, because so far she has only written the His Fair Assassin Series, which gladly does get a new book next year, but I would love for her to write more books, start more series as well! She has such a great way of writing historical fiction + fantasy! Not to mention that she writes the best, complex, slow burning romances and has the best kickass, strong heroines that are all different from each other.

… Ended Differently

📖 The Thousandth Floor (Katharine McGee)

I will not be going into detail here, as the true answer obviously contains heavy spoilers. What is not a spoiler is that in the prologue someone falls from the tower, which is the central location of the book. The entire book you want to find out who and things move faster until we reach that point. What bothered me beyond no end besides the fact that this was my favorite character is the BURY. YOUR. GAYS Trope. If you have a majority of straight characters, maybe do not kill off the little representation you have left. It’s harmful towards the LGBTQ community and could have been avoided. Especially if the only gay couple is ripped apart tragically, while your two favorite straight couples get a future.

… Ended up with someone else

📖 Hermione Granger (in regards to Ron)

I have the feeling that this will be the first of many unpopular opinions in this Tag. I am just going to say it: I do not like Romione and never truly have, even though I typically do not talk about this ship. It’s not a complete NOTP, but I am also no fan of it either. In my personal opinion, I saw no chemistry between them whatsoever and never got why they suddenly got together in the end. I have always been feeling a bit “meh” about Ron, I just never really cared about him, while Hermione is one of my favorite characters of the Series. I just do not like the “childhood best friends suddenly realize they have feelings for each other” 99% of the time and this was one of them. I would rather have preferred for Hermione to end up with someone else (not Harry, but maybe someone else) or even stay Single. She’s very independent so that would have made more sense.

… Had a Movie Adaption

📖 The Wrath & the Dawn (Renee Ahdieh)

It took me quite a while to come up with an answer, because I did not want to take a book (series) that already had a contract for a movie. E.g. Red Queen already sold the movie rights to Universal. Sadly many times things do not progress further than the those sales, but that is another story. I did chose The Wrath and the Dawn for this, because it would make an excellent movie, not to mention that we’d only have 2 movies. I think that duologies make good movies, because you do not have such a high risk of not making the full series, because things do not sell. Then I would love to see the clothes, food and Persian setting and of course PoC actors for the roles! I really wonder why no one has thought to make a movie of this yet.

… Had a TV Show

📖 Spinster Club Series (Holly Bourne)

I have to say that this Series is perfect for the screen and I think that they could make for a short TV Show with only a few seasons. I am thinking maybe 3 seasons, each focusing on one book and one girl with maybe 6-10 episodes a 30 or 40 minutes. The Show like the books could be full of feminism and female friendship, which we need more on screen! Not to mention that it could also be educational on feminism when we get to see the Spinster Club Meetings scenes! Like the books they would also deal with family issues and mental health. Basically, I need this in my life and the books in the hands of everyone.

… Had more POV’s

📖 Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin A. Saenz)

The book rather is the prime example for a book that should have had more POV’s. (I could not fine a book that should have less POV’s so I changed up the question a bit) The book’s sole narrator is Aristotle, who I did not like to begin with, so having him in focus the entire time did not help that. The thing is that at one point the second main character Dante goes away for a long time … and we hear nothing of him, only through a few letters. This would have been the perfect opportunity to let Dante have a POV as he is in a different place and has a story to tell. We never really hear in-depth about his experiences and I mean his name is in the title too, so why does he not get a well deserved POV?

… Had a Cover Change

📖 The Dark Elements Trilogy (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

While I love the books (excluding the disaster that was book 2), the covers are just not my favorites. Quite frankly I think that they are too cheesy even though we’ve got a swoon worthy romance. Still, I think that the Trilogy has more to offer than that, as it is about demons and gargoyles. Why not integrate them into the cover? The German Cover actually does this very well, which is actually why I have the first book in German. I personally do not like when books are completely covered in white 99% of the time, because it looks really bright and hurts my eyes. They did even change the covers once, but still those do not satisfy me, because they are still white and only have that typical closeup of a face.

… Kept the original Covers


📖 Lux Series (Jennifer L. Armentrout)

I think everyone agrees that these new covers look absolutely horrible and off the charts cheesy. I actually quite like the original covers better, because they at least each have a color scheme and do not blind me with shiny glitter. Maybe they are a bit cheesy as well, but they have a nice aesthetic and the romance is very swoon worthy, so why not? The new covers however are again horrible, because they have like HALF A FACE which I always hate on covers, plus this weird upside down human on them. Not to mention that they have a horrible blue, shiny, glittery surface which looks 100 times more cheesy than the original covers and makes one embarrassed to show off the new covers in public.

… Stopped after book 1

📖 To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (Jenny Han)

This is a quite unpopular opinion, but I do think that this book would have been better as a standalone. I did like this book, it was a fluffy contemporary, but that’s the thing: I saw no need for more books. The ending was obviously left hanging, because the author was not ready to let go of her story and maybe wanted to return to it. Originally this was supposed to be a standalone, but then got extended to a duology and then trilogy. My personal problem? The story in my opinion does not have enough content or potential to be a series. I also really didn’t like the second book, one of the reasons being that it had virtually no plotline.

Talk Kopie

Which book do you wish had a sequel and/or spin-off Series? 📖

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