Miss Peregrine’s Movie Review

Miss Peregrines Movie

Originally Posted: October 14th 2016

Hello fellow bookworms 🖤 I finally went and saw the movie for “Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children” in the cinema! Therefore, I decided to do my first movie review like many other booktubers have already done, to discuss what I liked about the movie and what I didn’t!

Ovrall, the movie was very enjoyable and perfectly visualized, which is why I would rate it 4 out of 5 stars! I enjoyed many scenes, the portrayal of the characters and the perfect atmosphere, which fits the one of the book so very well. On the contrary there are certain change that I didn’t really like, especially concerning the ending, which is why this was a good adaption, but not a perfect one. I’d still recommend the movie to both fans of the series and people that have not read the books!


Trenn Kopie

Reasons I enjoyed the movie 🖤

  • The eerie, creepy atmosphere 🖤 Tim Burton perfectly created this creepy, eerie atmosphere in the movies with all the visual effects like the mist in one scene. The music also worked very well with the scenes and in general I just got that creepy feeling which I also felt while reading the books. The whole atmosphere of the book just didn’t went missing onscreen, something that made the movie fell very authentic!
  • The characters portrayal 🖤 I felt like all the actors fit perfectly for their role, which is very rare you know, because most of the time there’s at least one actor whose portrayal I don’t like. However, in the movie all actors showed how well they could portray their character. Jacob was just like I imagined and Asa was perfect for him! Emma was also portrayed very well by Ella Purnell, even though she was a little softer and more likable than Book Emma. Eva Green’s portrayal of Miss Peregrine was on point and really made me like her, even though I always imagined her to be older.
  • Enoch’s portrayal specifically 🖤 Okay so I hated Enoch in the books, especially Hollow City and Library of Souls, because he was rude and critical all the time. He was still grim, rude to Jacob and in general in a bad mood in the movie, but her I actually LOVED to hate him. I also firmly believe that we see a softer side of him in the movie, a crack in his constantly grim facade, which made him much more likable! I just felt like the actor was the perfect fit for him and portrayed Enoch so very, very well!
  • Enoch’s & Olive’s relationship 🖤 They weren’t love interests in the books, but their relationship was so cute in the movie. Enoch was all gruff, but did have a soft spot for Olive who did spent much time with him. She was sometimes annoyed with his grim attitude, but deeply did care about him. Also their kiss in the end was so cute. I’m entirely sold on their relationship.
  • Portrayal of other relationships 🖤 I really liked how the other relationships were portrayed in the movie. Contrary to other people I did like the flashbacks of Jacob and his grandfather and did feel their connection. Their scenes were heartwarming and you can see how much he means to Jacob and how heartbroken he is when he witnesses his grandfather’s death. I also liked Emma and Jacob’s relationship better in the movie (I did like them in the books as well, just not as much), because it was more slow burning and sweeter, especially with the squirrel rescue scene, which was plain adorable. Of course also the connection between Miss Peregrine and her children was really strong and perfectly portrays, especially in the ending when she says goodbye and demonstrates that only she’s the authority in her house and gives the order.
  • Great scenes/details they kept in 🖤 I’m particularly talking about the scene where Jacob points to Miss Peregrine in her bird form and jokes that this is really her (not knowing that it’s actually her) and his father looks at him weirdly, not noticing that he’s joking. I’m also pleasantly surprised that they kept the scene with the village kids and their rap songs in and how they rolled Jacob, that was a small detail that could’ve been easily written out of the script but was actually kept in. The scene where Jacob is in the loop and is chased by the bar people that think he’s a spy was also kept in which is great because I loved this scene! I was personally also very fond of the visualization of the time loop reset scene which looked really spectacular with all the fire and gas masks. The music played during the scene also fit perfectly!
  • How the Hollowghast looked 🖤 They basically looked like slender man and that is exactly how I imagined them: without any face, just plain ugly and horrific. They were also huge and had all their long tongues coming out. That and their slim body and long limbs made them the perfect visualization of how they are described in the books. Definitely a very frightening kind of monster.
  • Little additional details/changes 🖤 There were certain scenes that were not in the books, but written into the script which I really liked. First of all I loved how Miss Peregrine slays the hollow that killed Victor each day so that he cannot kill any more of her children, a scene that wasn’t in the book. The imagined scene were Enoch brings Victor back to life temporarily was also really creepy and fitting. A cool idea also was that all the children watch Horace prophetic dreams as a kind of movie night each evening to make their life less dull and more interesting. What also wasn’t in the books was the daily call of Jacob’s grandfather to the home of the children – I swear the scene in the end where Jacob talks to him was so heartbreaking I was tearing up so much. A cool nuance given by the script was how Miss Peregrine measured the time at the exact minute and scolded children that were too late. The scene were Emma rescues the squirrel each day was also pretty cute.

Trenn Kopie

Changes that I really didn’t appreciate ⚡️

  • Emma’s power switch ⚡️ I do have to admit that it didn’t bother me as badly as I thought it would. However, I didn’t get why they had to change their powers, given that it was the only power change concerning the Peculiars and doesn’t really improve the story. For me personally Emma’s ability is a large part of her personality, because she’s a fierce girl with an active ability. This is why I didn’t like that she had this rather passive ability where she was lighter than air (yes she could to other things, I’m aware of that) and had to rely on others to keep her chained to the ground. For me this feels like she’s not as much in charge and as powerful as in the book with her fire ability. This is a rather “meh” change in my opinion.
  • That the gorgon twins where there ⚡️ What were they doing in the first movie as two of Miss Peregrine’s peculiar children? As far as I remember they appear in Hollow City, when our peculiar children visit one of the raided loops. Why change that and include him in the first movie as different characters, when they don’t really have an important role? It didn’t bother me much, but it was an unnecessary change in my opinion.
  • Lack of focus on Jacob’s nightmares ⚡️ Jacob’s nightmares were a huge factor of why I felt with him so much and was hooked in the book, because I understood his fears and how this affected him. There’s only one small scene in the movie and it doesn’t convey his suffering early enough. I just wanted them to focus more on how emotionally scarred he was from the aftermath of witnessing his grandfather’s death. In my opinion his suffering was skimmed over and therefore a large part of his journey is rather ignored.
  • No Scene where Jacob’s father meets the peculiars ⚡️ A really small thing, but I personally loved this scene in the book and would’ve loved to see it visualized in the movie, it would’ve been really awesome!
  • That they didn’t use the first sentence ⚡️ It is a really small thing, but I personally would’ve loved it if they would’ve used the first sentence of the book as an opening sentence as it holds a great deal of power and expression. For anyone wondering the sentence in question is of course: “I had just come to accept that my life would be ordinary when extraordinary things began to happen.”
  • THE ENDING ⚡️ This was the worst part of the movie for me and the reason that I would give the movie only 4 stars (which is still pretty good). They just went too far off the book and the whole rescue mission was so very different. It had very funny parts but just was too different and imagined, not really making sense at points. I also get that they wanted to have some kind of closure should the movie not get picked up for a sequel, but honestly if they make Hollow City they are going to have SO MANY problems with continuity and probably have to change huge things to fit the Hollow City/Library of Souls storyline. First off they have Miss Peregrine in human form, that takes away the entire storyline of the second book where she cannot turn back to human form and they have to go through raided loops in order to find another ymbryne who can fix her. They would’ve to have something happen to her in the beginning of the Hollow City movie to make that storyline possible. I also didn’t like the whole Jacob saving his grandfather through the January 2016 loop and Abe being alive thing. It just takes away so much of Jacob’s development because his grandpas death had such a huge influence on his journey. Now they have to focus on Abe being alive again and I’m really not interested in that made up storyline.

Talk Kopie

Have you watched the movie? 🖤 What did you think of the ending? ⚡️


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