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Worst Books of 2016

Worst Books 2016

Originally Posted: December 26th 2016

Hello fellow bookworms ⚡️ before we get to the Best Books of 2016 let’s take a look at the books that I deem the least liked, worst books that I’ve read this year. There are 9 of them (which is pretty decent considering that I read 63 books up until now) and I’ve a few bullet points why I didn’t like them. As always Disclaimer that these are just my personal opinions on the books, in most cases there are a ton of people that liked them, since many books on this list are unpopular opinions. These are also in order of how much I disliked them.

Trenn Kopie

1. An Ember in the Ashes (Sabaa Tahir)

⚡️ because it was my first and hugest hype disappointment

  • everyone loved it, but nothing added up for me
  • the worldbuilding was mediocre at best and followed no clear line, jumping between fantasy elements but not being really a fantasy world
  • the characters were one-dimensional and not at all developed, especially Laia, who showed no emotions and had no personality. Even the better characters fell flat compared to other book characters.
  • the rape culture and sexism portrayal was horrendous and with an edge of victim blaming. Rape was brushed off as a plot device and Rape threats were carelessly tossed around all the time.
  • don’t even get me started on the love square that was happening and did not agree with me at all. No characters had real chemistry with each other and I don’t like the whole “best friends to lovers” trope, especially when the guy spends too much time lusting after his best friend.

Trenn Kopie

2. P.S. I Still Love You (Jenny Han)

⚡️ because the last part of the book completely went downhill

  • nothing was really happening in the book, it had no real plotline and therefore was rather boring. It took me nearly two weeks to finish the book, because it was so very slow paced.
  • it felt like a filler book since the author planned to expand the books into a trilogy instead of just adding a few ending chapters to the first book. This is one of those cases where a trilogy was completely unnecessary.
  • the main relationship got so messed up and unhealthy, that I began to hate the love interest which I previously loved. The worst was how everything the love interest did and how he treated the girl like garbage was romanticized in the end so they could get back together. The message that sent was basically that it’s okay to get back together with someone that treated you badly.
  • needless to say I’m not going to read the third book, because I cannot stand the relationship being portrayed as oh so healthy, after what the love interest did

Trenn Kopie

3. Antidote (Taylor Hondos)

⚡️ because I expected a dystopian and not a toxic love story

  • the worldbuilding was literally so inconsistent and had countless plot holes. Nothing added up and nothing really was explained, so I was very let down, since I’d liked the idea at first.
  • no one really had much of a personality and the main character was incredibly clueless, I just couldn’t with how naive she was.
  • the love interest was a toxic jerk that felt entitled to boss the main character around and treat her like she was beneath him all the time. Still an abusive love story emerged between them and by that time I was skimming pangs because I was so annoyed with yet another toxic romance being romanticized.

Trenn Kopie

4. The Heir/The Crown (Kiera Cass)

⚡️ because I wasn’t prepared for how bad the two additional sequels would be

  • the main character Eadlyn was spoiled, petty, judgmental and arrogant. She felt superior to everyone else all the time and treated them accordingly. I hated her with a fiery passion, especially since she felt the need to bully people when she was throwing a tantrum. Not to mention the time she was mocking her poor maid or someone that wasn’t good at spelling. She’s 100% self-centered to a point where she’d rather have her brother for herself than allowing him to find happiness.
  • the plotline was weak compared to the original trilogy, the boys that were Selected did not have to do anything, like the girls had to a decade before. I found that to be quite sexist that the girls had to learn everything about politics etc and host important meetings in order to become Princess, but the boys never had to prove anything.
  • the romance was meh, especially since Eadlyn deserved none of the boys, they were way too good for her.
  • the old characters felt really OOC and one-dimensional, they were nothing more than a shadow of their true self.
  • the character of Josie simply existed for the main character to hate her and SHE was the one that had to change in the end, despite not doing anything wrong.

Trenn Kopie

5. Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (Benjamin A. Saenz)

⚡️ because I didn’t love it like everyone else

  • Aristotle is one of the most annoying characters I encountered this year. I could not relate to his train of thought and actions and hated how he treated his best friend. He was also violent without any reason and I just didn’t get him at all.
  • The way Aristotle treated Dante rubbed me the wrong way, he did not deserve him at all. I don’t get how this is pitched as a lifelong friendship when Ari spends 99.9% of the time hating on Dante and saying he isn’t his friend, like I don’t get it?
  • The plot is very slow paced, it literally covers 2 years, but the events felt so very disconnected and did not seem to have a relation at all. It felt like they were mere moments ripped from their time line with nothing connecting them.
  • The ending was pretty rushed – too rushed given the circumstances.

Trenn Kopie

6. History is all you left me (Adam Silvera)

⚡️ because it didn’t impact me or tug at my heartstrings

  • The main character Griffin was really self-centered, arrogant and acting like he was superior all the time. I did not like him at all. Especially his jealousy and demand for everyone to love him was getting on my nerves. What really bothered me was how he used sex to “get back” at his ex …
  • The romances were all meh. Basically everyone was in love with everyone and the whole time it was leading up for one pair, when suddenly it was abruptly ended in favor of another pair that had no chemistry at all. Not to mention it was the “best friends to benefits to lovers” trope and Griffin also used the guy for sex so yeah I wasn’t a fan.
  • The pacing was so incredibly slow, because it was told in alternating points of present and past, but it took so long to get to the final point. Many important scenes were left out.
  • The book didn’t get me as emotional as it got everyone else. I failed to get really invested in the characters and also didn’t feel that the book had a great impact on me.

Trenn Kopie

7. Shiver (Maggie Stiefvater)

⚡️ because the romance took up too much space

  • Needless to say the romance just wasn’t for me. It was the ultimate insta-love and therefore did not impress me at all. It rather felt creepy (with him being a wolf and all and her letting him sleep in her bed after knowing him for like a few hours …) and like an obsession with each other. After seeing the author write such complex relationships in The Raven Cycle this was like “did she really write that?”
  • Grace’s obsession with the wolves in general was also concerning and how she left behind her friends after she met “her wolf” made me cringe. I really pity her friends who have to put up with that and her putting someone she’s known for a few days (as a human) before them.
  • The plot also was mainly romance and don’t get me started on the badly written poetry that Sam recited in his head. Not a fan of that as well.

Trenn Kopie

8. Shatter Me (Tahereh Mafi)

⚡️ because it was pretty underwhelming

  • There was no real worldbuilding and I fear that we’ll get nothing more in the next two installments, this novel was not extraordinary like so many people told me but rather felt like a generic dystopian with a love triangle.
  • The plot was so slow and only revolved around the romance, this was 100% character driven which was a problem since I did not like the main romance and love interest at all.
  • Adam Kent is the worst character I’ve ever read about and I would set him on fire without a moment of doubt. I hated him from the moment he was introduced and I’m wary of everyone that likes him. Seriously many people hated him in the second book or so, but for me it was hate at the first sight. Apart from having almost no personality, he’s just as bad as Warner, but his behavior is romanticized all the time. In my opinion he’s obsessed with Juliette and not for who she is, but for what she can do. Not to mention possessive and manipulative.
  • The Adam x Juliette romance therefore was a huge NOTP, because it was a) insta love b) co-dependent and c) obsessive. I’m also firmly believe that Adam took advantage of her abandonment issues and used that to get close to her and make her dependent on him.

Trenn Kopie

9. The Bane Chronicles (Cassandra Clare)

⚡️ because I expected way more of the short stories

  • I love Magnus, so I was even more disappointed that I did not like the collection of his short stories
  • The stories mostly were boring and uninteresting, there were only very few which I actually liked and was immersed in, many could have been replaced by far more exciting events in Magnus’ life
  • The writing style was very tedious at times and felt too full of descriptions. Many times there were actual blocks of texts and description that I had to get through which was extremely difficult with stories that weren’t that exciting to being with.

Talk Kopie

Which books did you not enjoy at all this year? ⚡️</p>


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