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Ruler of Books Tag

  Originally Posted: July 31st 2016 Hello fellow bookworms 👑 Because I’ve been seeing this Book Tag going around on Booktube, I decided to do it too, even though I was not tagged. However, I just really love Tags so I’m gonna do it anyway and I tag anyone who wants to do so as well. The Tag… Continue reading Ruler of Books Tag

Top 5 Wednesday

Favorite Fancasts

Hello fellow bookworms 📖  Welcome to another Top Five Wednesday, which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! You can find the official T5W Group on Goodreads here. This weeks topic is all about our Favorite Fancasts! I usually don’t have any, because I rarely picture actors as the characters while reading. However, I did have two already… Continue reading Favorite Fancasts