Books to read in Fall

Books to read in fall

Hello fellow bookworms 🍂 since it’s my second favorite time of the year I wanted to do a fall themed recommendations post for all of you seasonal readers out there! I’ve got 6 books to talk about that I personally find to be good reads for the fall time either because they give you that warm, cozy feeling inside or because they create this eerie atmosphere.


Trenn Kopie

1. Harry Potter (J.K. Rowling) 🍂 What’s a better way to cozy up than to snuggle with a childhood favorite and a blanket? Ideally there’s also hot chocolate with marshmallows and a hot tea involved – Bonus points if it rains outside. As you can see this would be a perfect fall afternoon for me. Actually Harry Potter is just perfect for the more cozy seasons of the year as we’re all getting a little nostalgic and may feel the urge to reread an absolute favorite. Which reminds me that I really, really want to reread Harry Potter again sometime soon and probably do all of the above as I’m reading it. Whether you’ve not read the books or are rereading them, reading Harry Potter can make you feel all cozy and therefore is perfect for the fall season.

2. Thirteen Treasures (Michelle Harrison) 🍂 I’ve known this series for a few years and hold it very dear to my heart. Interestingly this book is set during the summer holidays, but gives me all the cozy fall feelings! However, this may be because the combination of huge, mysterious forest + old large manor house set near the forest + rural setting + evil fairies + family dynamics/friendships = fall, at least to me. I’m all here for some epic adventure to read while snuggled up with my blanket in my favorite reading spot. Especially if lots of friendship is involved. This book series also is Middle Grade which gives it that young touch, meaning that it’s very easy to read and something that makes my heart all light. The Thirteen Treasures Series is actually one of the only fairy books that I like which is another great reason why you should pick the books up.

3. Fangirl (Rainbow Rowell) 🍂 This isn’t a typical case of “cozy” or “creepy” read, but rather is about how in fall time university or school starts again for most of us and Fangirl does focus on the protagonists first year of college. Personally – as I’m starting uni again sonn – this is the perfect read for that “begin of a new school year” feeling that you’re getting, especially if everything is new and scary. For me it’s easy to find comfort in this specific book as it especially understands anxiety struggles and makes you feel less alone – something that many people might need to feel. I did reread Fangirl a few months back, but who says I cannot read some of my favorite passages when I really need to feel understood or need a pick me up?

4. Inkheart Trilogy (Cornelia Funke) 🍂 Something about this Trilogy transports me back to my childhood when I first read it. In general reading about books where literature is a big theme feels so very cozy, because it is basically a story withing the story. In Inkheart people are able to read characters out of the story and are able to get into the world of said story as well. This concept alone kept me hooked for the entire series and makes the books perfect for a cozy fall day in bed. In general I personally think that this series is underrated so I’d recommend definitely checking it out in the fall time 🙂

5. Three Dark Crowns (Kendare Blake) 🍂  This doesn’t fall into the “perfect cozy read” category, but more into the “gripping, thrilling Halloweeny read” category. I mean it’s a book about a set of triplets that have to kill each other, because only one of them can be crowned Queen. I personally enjoyed Three Dark Crowns very much and read it in one sitting, which is why it is perfect for a lazy fall day when you’re in the mood for something a little bit more thrilling and suspenseful than cozy! However, this book is very character driven in the beginning, which is not bad since most characters are really amazing and hook you right in!

6. The Raven Cycle (Maggie Stiefvater) 🍂 The totally eerie and haunting atmosphere in this series makes it perfect for fall! It was like The Raven Cycle was written to be read in fall, it definitely belongs into my fall reading aesthetic. Therefore, you should check out the series right now because it is super complex, unique and has great characters with even better well developed relationships. Make sure to bring a hot drink and snuggle by the window, because once you get into the book you’ll not be able to stop reading it, I promise you the plot twists are mind-blowing and totally unexpected. There’s also a very creepy atmosphere sometimes because this book deals with the paranormal which of course is never nice and cozy.


Talk Kopie

What books do you think are the perfect reads in fall? What’s your favorite hot drink? 🍂


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