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Creatures of the Night Tag

Creatures of the Night Tag

Happy Halloween!!!!! 🎃 It’s my second favorite holiday of the year so therefore it’s time for a seasonally appropriate Tag! The Halloween Tag has been going around Booktube, but the books I’d choose for it wouldn’t be scary books, so I found a more spooky Tag. What’s more spooky than the Creatures of the Night? This Tag was originally created by my fave Booktuber Katytastic and is all about our favorite books featuring different creatures of the Night!


Trenn Kopie

1. Vampire 🦇

Vampire Academy 🦇 Born at Midnight


Many people are like “god not again with the vampires” but actually there are many books that do this creature well and don’t make it cliche! One example is Vampire Academy which has a very unique take on Vampires, which is why I love the Series! There are mortal Vampires (Moroi) that have elemental powers and must be protected because they’re not fighters – They also rely on volunteers to get their blood. However, there are also evil vampires (Strigoi) which one can be turned into, they’re bloodthirsty and emotionless – They’re very strong but have no elemental powers, because of their supreme evil. Then there’s the Academy and the Dhampirs the guardians of the Moroi, which are the only ones which whom they can bear new Dhampirs! Another great book is Born at Midnight, the first book in the Shadow Falls Series, which doesn’t solely focus on Vamps but still has them. Here being a Vampire is not being dead, but being colder and living longer. It’s something genetically passed down that is inactive and has to be activated by coming in contact with another vampire aka super cool! Our lead vampire is also really awesome and has her own spin-off series!

2. Werewolf 🐺

Werwolf (Lynn Raven) 🐺


There are not enough good werewolf books out there in my opinion (if you’ve got some recs I’m all ears) so I had some trouble coming up with an answer. However, I chose a German werewolf centric book which I personally really enjoyed, because it got that creepy vibe. There is a guy – Andre – hunting for a werewolf that is on a murder spree … but things don’t turn out like they were planned. The townspeople also plan to experiment on the werewolf, because of genetics and stuff which is super creepy. The book was really good, especially since it was set in medieval times and therefore got that special creepy touch! Don’t trust the bad Goodreads ratings this book and the werewolfs are very enjoyable and spooky!

3. Zombie 💀

In the Flesh 💀 Ashes (Ilsa J. Brick)


Okay I don’t read many Zombie books either, but there are soo many TV Series about them though … which is why one choice is a TV Series. A British TV Show (that has been canceled after the second season …  I’m still not over that ending, prepare to get your heart ripped out). It’s about a Zombie outbreak (the dead rising) and the villages setting up little groups to fight the Zombies because the government provided no help. However, scientists were able to cure the Zombies, allowing them to enter a “treated” state, where they’re no longer wild monsters. They’re called PDS Sufferers (Partially Deceased Syndrome), because while they’re now controlled they’re still technically dead (meaning no food etc.) and have to be administered a certain medicine daily … otherwise they become Zombies again. The Series is so good and especially deals with the fitting in of the PDS Sufferers and the discrimination they face from the communities that don’t trust them. I also read a book called Ashes ages ago and I think it was about humans turned Zombies after a electromagnetic pulse kills thousandths and destroys technology. I remember it being really good, because it’s so creepy. A girl has to survive in the wilderness where she was hiking when it happened … and there are still some Zombies lurking around.

4. Ghost 👻

The Raven Boys (Maggie Stiefvater) 👻


Ghosts are underrepresented in YA books as well but there are some books with Ghosts that I’ve read. The Raven Boys is the best book of those because it does feature Noah, who is a Ghost and was so good at fitting in that his friends didn’t realize that for a very long time. He’s a precious cinnamon roll and didn’t deserve his fate or his ending at all 😦 Anyways I love how he’s randomly popping up and drawing energy (from the ley line or Blue) to stay in shape and be really visible. It was a small part of the big picture, but nevertheless the Ghosts here are definitely interesting!

5. Witch/Warlock/Spellcaster 🔮

Shadowhunters 🔮 Truthwitch


I picked two books with amazing witches but didn’t pick Harry Potter because it was such an obvious choice and I wanted to keep things more interesting. First up is The whole Shadowhunters Universe where Warlocks are part of the four Downworlder races. They’re really cool …. I mean MAGNUS BANE!!! ♥ Warlocks are immortal and cannot bear children, because they are literally the children of a demon and a human, which also marks them with a demon mark. However, because they’ve got demon blood they’re the only ones with MAGIC which is super cool! The second witchy book is Truthwitch which blew me away with how cool it was! Basically some people have a witchery that can be classified in different categories (Aether, Fire, Water, Air, Eart, VOID) and except Void all have a origin well, which however is not active since a very long time. There are so many different witcheries which is really awesome.

Trenn Kopie

6. Fairy/Fae ✨

The Call ✨ Thirteen Treasures


I normally don’t like fairy books because most of them have annoying romance and naive main characters. My newest fave fairy book is the Call, because THE FAIRIES ARE EVIL! I love me some evil fairies, in this case called the Sidhe. Basically the Irish cast them away into the Grey Land ages ago and now they’re hellbent on revenge by calling Teenagers from Ireland into the Grey Land during The Call. Only 1 in 10 teens survive and the fairies sent them back … in a not so nice way, no matter of alive or dead. They’ve also cut off Ireland from the rest of the world and want to kill all the Irish people. The fairies are so evil and their touch is poisonous which I love. The second book is a childhood favorite and I still love this series very much: Thirteen Treasures. It’s about fairies too, however they’re different. There are guardian fairies, fairies that live in the kitchen or in the bathroom. They’re also humans with the second sight and many different techniques to be safe of the fairies. The fairies do punish those that try to tell anybody about their existence and while some are good, others are evil.

7. Demon 😈

SPN  😈 White Hot Kiss 😈 Forsaken

I LOVE DEMONS! … I know that sounds really weird But they’re so evil and snarky and cool! My fave demons are of course from my fave TV Show .. SUPERNATURAL I mean CROWLEY ♥ We’ve got super creepy hell and different eye colors (yellow, black, white, red), demon deals and possession in Supernatural, which is why the demons there are the absolute best. They also have got the best humor and fashion sense, which is why I love them even more. Then there’s the novel that I read which is White Hot Kiss where there are even more demons that come from hell. There are also different groups of demons like high demons, demon lords, seeker demons, chaos demons and blender demons! I’m all here for different categories of demons and hot sinful demons with snarky humor. The demons of Forsaken are a little different, they don’t look like humans but are more creatures and like in the previous books there are different kinds of demons which vary in power. The cool thing is that the main character is not a demon hunter, but a demon trapper, meaning that she doesn’t kill the demons but instead captures them and sells them for a price.

8. Angel 😇

Supernatural 😇


I’ve not read an angel centered YA book (TMI doesn’t really count and it’s been ages since I read Forbidden) because I stayed very far away from those that I heard of … most of them are cliche with the sole focus on the star-crossed romance between a Fallen Angel and a human. I want something more suspenseful and interesting but haven’t come across on anything like that. This is why again I’m pulling the SUPERNATURAL card because they’ve got not only demons but angels as well (CAS ♥), which are the perfect little soldiers. The angels don’t understand the sarcasm and references of the humans which makes them so funny. They’ve also got cool power and did I mention that there are archangels? (GABRIEL♥)

9. Alien 👽

Obsidian (Jennifer L. Armentrout) 👽


Okay I’ve only read one alien book (planning to read Alienated sometime in the future) but it was freaking good and I’ve got to continue with the series! I’m talking about Obsidian which has aliens that are called Lux and have got special powers. They are triplets and live among the humans but are hunted by evil people that want to capture them. I don’t know much more because it has been at least 2-3 years since I’ve read the books but I was on board with the Aliens in the book from the very beginning, especially since Daemon the lead alien is really snarky.

10. Super powered human 💫

Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard) 💫


It’s no secret that I love Red Queen for its unique approach with superpowers which is why it fits perfectly in this category. I just love that the blood color determined who has powers and who hasn’t. Red blood means Giftless and therefore commoners, while Silver blood means cool superpowers and the Elite. However, there are also those that had Red blood but enhanced Silver abilities and therefore threaten the system! I also love the different Silver Houses with each having a different ability that is stronger than the ability of a normal Silver.


Talk Kopie

What’s your favorite book that features angels/fairies? I’m in need of some recommendations 🎃


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