Books to read in winter

Books to read in winter

Hello fellow bookworms ❄️ it’s officially my favorite time of the year, so I decided to once again make a post for some seasonal reads! In this episode: winter aka my ultimate favorite season! BUT WHERE IS THE SNOW??Anyways I’m feeling super festive and have been that annoying person that decorates their entire flat, lights seasonal candles, drinks lots of seasonal tea and wears seasonal sweaters (as well as socks) You can also bet that I read seasonal books, which is why I’ve got some recommendations for all the other seasonal readers out there! Grab yourself some tea, coffee or hot chocolate, a blanket and some cookies, because we’re doing this!

Trenn Kopie

1. A Christmas Carol (Charles Dickens) ❄️ The ultimate Christmas Classic. I’m reading this every year and also watch the movie, because I love the story and it never fails to get me all festive and excited for Christmas! (I might have forced my family to watch the movie with me several times) It’s also my favorite classic along with Alice in Wonderland, because something about the story is just so good and important. I personally love the change of character as well as the lessons learnt by the three different ghosts. If you’ve not read A Christmas Carol yet, definitely do, because in my opinion everyone should have read it at least once!

2. Harry Potter + Fanastic Beasts (J.K. Rowling) ❄️ I’ve mentioned Harry Potter in my fall recommendations post as well, because it’s just perfect for the cozy seasons of the year when you begin to feel really nostalgic! This is why I’d recommend rereading (or reading it for the first time) Harry Potter in winter, when you can snuggle up with a blanket and hot chocolate. There even is a Harry Potter themed Christmas Readathon, which is the HarryXmasToYou Readathon. Here is their Twitter and Youtube Channel, you could still join, because the Readathon is the entire month! Since my obsession for Fantastic Beasts started I’ve also read the screenplay and it’s perfect for the winter season as well, I personally lit some candles and had some tea with it.

3. My True Love Gave to me (Several Authors) ❄️ I really liked this Anthology! Of course there are 12 stories meaning that you’ll like some more than the others, but overall the ideas are very festive and great! This book also helps you discover new authors by reading their short stories and overall I’m really enjoying the diversity in here (also in terms of not everyone celebrating Christmas, so it rather qualifies as a winter read, which is great!) I’m definitely going to reread this next year for the festive season, even though I might pick my favorite stories and skip a few that I was not that much impressed by.

4. Let it Snow (John Green, Maureen Johnson, Lauren Myracle) ❄️ This is another Anthology, this time 3 authors that wrote winter/festive stories. In contrast to #3, the stories in Let it Snow all take place in the same universe and actually overlap a bit. It’s about a snowed in town and follows the perspectives of 3 different people. I liked the story by Maureen Johnson the best, John Green’s was a bit disappointing and my least favorite story is the one by Lauren Myracle. The last one had an incredibly unlikable narrator, who doesn’t change for the majority of the story, which was a huge problem for me. I was mostly annoyed. However, overall the Anthology was enjoyable!

5. The Golden Compass (Philip Pullman) ❄️ It has been ages since I read this so I could be wrong about a few things but it does give of a little winter feeling and as far as I can tell there was some snow in the movie (there is also the polar bear on the cover) so it could be called wintery I guess. I’ve been loving this as a child so I should be rereading it some time in the future, even though I no longer own the books. Still it has great elements and also the snow, I also remember being quite intrigued and liking this one very much!

6. Frostbite (Richelle Mead) ❄️ This takes place at a ski lodge so I would say that it is pretty wintery and snowy, so I thought why not include a less obvious choice? This is the second book in the Vampire Academy Series and the most seasonal, even though it contains drama, blood and murder as well,so be warned, but the setting definitely screams winter (also Adrian first appears so there is that) so why not reread it? You’d have to have read at least the first book in the Series of course, otherwise it does not work.


Talk Kopie

What are your favorite books to read in winter? Do you love winter in general? ❄️



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