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Authors you’d want to write like

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Hello fellow bookworms 🖋 It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly meme which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! This week’s topic is Authors you’d want to write like! The topic is done in honor of NaNoWriMo wrapping up just tomorrow [insert screaming here].

I have to be honest with you: I am quite insecure about my writing, so there are lots of authors I wish I could write like. They are like my writing idols and I would love to one day get to the level of their writing. I am trying not to let that pull me down, but rather lift me up, as I try to learn from reading their books and deciphering how they work certain things! In that way reading can really help to improve your own writing and make you pick up things along the way.

1. Susan Dennard 🖋 Author of “Truthwitch” 🖋 Why I want to write like her 🖋 I generally admire Susan, because she is my queen of writing resources. Her website is full of them and I know that she had spent lots of time and improving and honing her writing. That alone inspires me to be like her. Apart from that I love how she builds her worlds, as I am an avid fan of her Witchlands world, which for me is a great example of a vivid and rich fantasy world. Dennard also has a great way of writing flawed characters that you can easily get attached to *cough*Aeduan*cough* and she writes super good slow burn romances. Another thing I love about her writing is how she manages to write multiple POV’s and ties them together neatly, making everything resonate in the end.

2. Rick Riordan 🖋 Author of “Percy Jackson” 🖋 Why I want to write like him 🖋 One day I aspire to have as much humor in my writing as Rick Riordan does. I love books that make me laugh and that are hilarious, which is why I always want to have as much sass in my own writing as well. I would love to be able to write like Riordan and always have something funny to say that makes my readers laugh. In general, I like how he writes actions scene and how his books are never boring. Suspense + humor is why I love his books and why I would give everything to steal a bit of his writing mojo. Apart from that I love how he had created this rich world full of mythology and expanded this universe continually. I love Mythology so much myself and admire his way of creating this world in his books.

3. Holly Bourne 🖋 Author of “Am I Normal Yet?” 🖋 Why I want to write like her 🖋 Apart from one minor disappointment I have loved all of her books, because they contain so many things I like. For starters, I love how Holly always includes feminism in her work and focuses on strong female friendships – this always makes my heart sing, as it’s so important to me. Usually, there is not only a focus on the romance with her, but we explore different themes of friendship, mental health and family as well. I also find her writing style very easy to read and her pacing perfectly flowing. Her writing is very addictive to me and makes me want to keep turning the page. That is a quality that I would love to have in my own writing as well – that effortless flow and the perfect harmony of words.

4. Brent Weeks 🖋 Author of “The Black Prism” 🖋 Why I want to write like him 🖋 The main reason why I admire Weeks’ writing is the way he writes perfectly crafted action scenes. If there is one thing I completely suck at, it’s writing action scenes, as I never know how to coordinate those. This is why I am a bit jealous of everyone who writes them in a way that makes them flow and work out well. He has definitely managed that and I am in awe of how perfectly the action/war scenes in The Black Prism work out. Another thing I admire is writing a 700 page book and managing to avoid it dragging at times, I still have not figured out how to do that. Apart from that Week’s writes great flawed characters, pulled a very shocking plot twist on me and had crafted a perfectly vivid, creative universe for the Lightbringer Series.

5. Jennifer L. Armentrout 🖋 Author of “Obsidian” 🖋 Why I want to write like her 🖋 For me JLA is magic, as her books have that addictive quality to them that never quite lets me go. The main reason why I love her books so much is that she manages to write the perfect swoonworthy romance without it being annoying. The relationships are a bit cheesy, but somehow, when Armentrout writes them I don’t mind that, because I quickly get invested in them and begin to really like them. I also feel like she has a great way with writing flawed characters, that you cannot help but like and swoon for. I would also love to write as many books as she has, because there are so many Series out (and I still have not read all of them … oops) and it’s truly magnificent how much she manages to write. She’s just the best at writing paranormal romances, you have to give her that. Urban Fantasy being what I gravitate towards I would love to write like JLA.

6. Roshani Chokshi 🖋 Author of “The Star-Touched Queen” 🖋 Why I want to write like her 🖋 Her writing style is so beautiful, that I am eternally jealous that I cannot write like that. Roshani writes so beautifully vivid, descriptive and plain gorgeous that I immediately fell in love with her writing when I read The Star-Touched Queen. Her writing style really works for me and I aspire to be able to write such beautiful descriptions like her – hers are never over the top, the perfect amount of metaphors and detail to impress me. Apart from the writing style I loved everything else about her writing too: the characters are perfectly flawed and so very realistic, there is such a great world she created and she managed a very great romance, that I highly enjoyed and that made me root for the characters.

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Honorable Mentions 🖋

  • Victoria Aveyard (Author of “Red Queen”)
  • Kerstin Gier (Author of “Ruby Red”)
  • Robin LaFevers (Author of “Grave Mercy”)
  • Lynn Raven (Author of “Blutbraut”)

What author would you want to write like? Why? 🖋


6 thoughts on “Authors you’d want to write like

  1. I haven’t read anything by the other authors but I’m currently reading my first Rick Riordan book (the first Magnus Chase) and I have to agree with you! I’m still in the middle of the book but I’ve had to laugh so much already, and even if the book seems to be on the younger side of YA it’s very enjoyable even as an adult! I wish I could have read his books when I was in middle grade myself, but I’m glad I joined the fun now.
    Great list!

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  2. RICK RICK RICK! He is certainly a favorite and of course I forgot all about him… but agree that humor is so important and his is some to emulate!! I recognize several of these other authors and I LOVE hearing why you love them so… I’ll have to check out Dennard’s website myself that sounds incredible. And action scenes are so important in stories that is certainly a reason to emulate a pro!! ❤ Lovely Caro, so cool to get to know your writerly ambitions!

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    1. Rick is the best 💕
      Oh yes please check out her website, I found it so helpful and loved her books!! 🙂
      I love reading about action scenes, but I hate writing them xD Another reason to always learn from books that do them right 🙂


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