Festive 24 Hours Readathon

Festive 24 Hours Readathon

Hello fellow bookworms🎄 I have loved Zoe from readbyzoe doing these 24 Hour Readathons and was so glad when she announced that there would be one in the festive season! The last was in October and I kind of was not that happy with my reading progress as I told you here, this is why I was even more excited for this Readathon. It was on the best date for me, because I had no plans on Saturday, December 9th and was home alone aka no distractions. This time I planned to read much more than last time and get on track with my reading, as I did not read as much as I usually do in the first few days of December. The 24 Hours Readathons will always remain a favorite of mine, because it felt good being able to spend a day just reading and not doing much else. I did a Twitter Thread for my progress, but down below I am going to go more into what I read and how I did!

Trenn Kopie

Books Read During the Readathon🎄

1. The Midnight Star (Marie Lu) 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 245 pages (started at page 70)

2. Desolation (Derek Landy) 🎄 🎄 🎄 🎄 460 pages

Total Pages Read = 505 pages 🎄

01 Kopie

Midnight 🎄 Starting the Readathon with Tea, Candlelight and The Midnight Star! I had previously read 70 pages, so I started from that point and definitely wanted to finish the book. It’s only 315 pages long, so I knew I could do it and was very excited as this is a finale. My book picks are not really very festive, but I didn’t have any festive books with me and some I planned to read later at the Holiday AdventureAThon! I read for about an hour and then headed to bed, because I cannot do this Readathon on no sleep – I need my rest, otherwise I cannot function.

10am 🎄 Typically I woke up late, but first Coffee! I actually set my alarm for 9am, but I might have stayed in my warm, cozy bed for a bit 😅 Nevertheless, I made myself some coffee and continued with the book as far as I would get. For breakfast I was eating a few christmas cookies, but I am not a huge breakfast person, especially as lunch was not far away. I did manage to get more than halfway through the book though!

12am 🎄 Time for Lunch Break! I had some delicious pasta (pasta is the best) and took a very short break to eat and rest before diving back into my book.

2pm 🎄 I finished The Midnight Star, my first book which made for a total of 245 pages! I was crying because the finale made me so emotional, it was really heartbreaking and bittersweet, but nevertheless a very good read (Review for the entire Trilogy going up as soon as I can)! I took a short break from reading after having just finished this book and got ready to dive deep into my second book, the one that I wanted to read in its entirety!

02 Kopie

2pm 🎄 Now I was continuing right with Desolation, my second book I wanted to read! I got it from my local library, after reading and loving the first book last month! I read it in German and I admit that it was very hard to get into the book. This could be due to the translation and the pacing, which was so very slow. I did not have the same issues with the first book, but somehow this one went along much slower than Demon Road.

3pm 🎄 Afternoon Coffee Break! I admit that I took the better part of an hour to drink my coffee, snuggle up with my blanket and eat lots of Plätzchen, feeling all festive inside. I drunk my coffee out of my super amazing huge festive mug (you can see it in the very first picture) – the Christmas aesthetic was on point.

7:30pm 🎄 I was finally halfway through Desolation,  but uuuuuh the pacing was so slow and the book dragged on a bit. I was having trouble reading on, especially as I was panicking and thinking I could not finish the book today. It truly was tedious to read and felt twice was long as the first book, which technically was 50 pages longer. Desolation wasn’t bad but, it was hard to get through. (more on that in my Review … soon) Then I was taking time to draw in some festive coloring books (I am the hugest fan of adult coloring books) and was making coffee as well as eating dinner to take a quick break from reading. As the evening settled in I lit some candles and participated in Susan Dennard’s Clan Chat. (pssssst check out her books, they are amazing!)

11pm 🎄 Finally finished Desolation! I did indeed make it through all 460 pages which felt a lot longer. With another hour of the Readathon to spare I was … not reading anything else, because I was so drawn out from reading Desolation. Instead I was watching a few vlogmas videos and drinking tea + snacking on more cookies. That was it for the Readathon! I had lots of fun and read so much more than last time. I was finally satisfied with the amount of pages I read!

Have you done a 24 Hours Readathon? How festive are you feeling? 🎄

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