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Christmas Wishlist & Gift Ideas

Christmas Wishlist

Hello fellow bookworms  🎁 it’s only one week till Christmas SO TIME TO FREAK OUT. I hope that you are feeling as festive as you want to be and have gotten done whatever you wanted to! Because we are so close to Christmas, I thought that I would talk a bit about presents, more precisely my own Wishlist and a few last-minute gift ideas! Of course for me the festive season is not all about the presents, it’s about family and the warm, fuzzy feeling as well, but I think that most people do appreciate getting thoughtful gifts from their loved ones. I would consider myself a passionate gift giver, someone who loves shopping for others and picking out the perfect present for someone. interestingly, I suck at wrapping presents, so mine never look really pretty, but as they say, it’s the inside that counts 😀

My Christmas Wishlist 🎁 

Tadaaa this is my actual Christmas Wishlist! I have to say that this year there are almost only books on there, more so than last year. Of course I am not going to get all of the books, but they provide a few possibilities for my family and friends to pick from, so they know what books they can get me, if they want to. Maybe I’ll do a Christmas Haul with everything else that I might get. My mum is always very thoughtful when it comes to my gifts and I am so grateful for that – she’s the best 💕

🎁 Supernatural Season 11 (DVD)

🎁 Red Queen Box Set (Victoria Aveyard)

🎁 Turtles All the way down (John Green)

🎁 The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue (Mackenzie Lee)

🎁 Eliza and her Monsters (Francesca Zappia)

🎁 Warcross (Marie Lu)

🎁 Geekerella (Ashley Poston)

🎁 An Enchantment of Ravens (Margaret Rogerson)

Last Minute Bookish Gift Ideas 🎁 

Of course when I thought about presents, I wanted to provide you with a few gift ideas. However, I wanted to be more specific: last-minute gift ideas, as there is only one week left till Christmas. It happen to a lot of us that we have not much time left, but still need to get a present for our book loving friends. What I specifically struggle with is that amazing stuff like bookish candles or bookish art prints take quite some time to ship to me, depending on where they come from. Other than that sometimes I don’t have a huge budget and still want to get something. When there is only one week till Christmas, there is not a lot of time to assemble something huge that requires lots of planning. Therefore, I have come up with 4 last-minute ideas that could help you out!

🎁 Gift Card + Book Recs. Some people might think that getting gift cards for Amazon or the local bookstore is a bit thoughtless, but it’s very practical and easy to get if you are running out of time. In addition, gift cards provide the advantage that your bookish friend can choose what book they want and there is no risk of them already getting or owing the book you decide to gift. I also figured out a way to make this gift card that you bought in a hurry more personal – adding personal recommendations for books that you loved and that you think they would enjoy as well. You can create a lovely card with these recs and I think it’s a simple but thoughtful touch to your present. Of course, you could also ask your bookish friend what book they want to have, if you want to go this way – sometimes it’s best to ask.

🎁 Personal Book Box. On the first glance this might seem like lots of work, but it does not have to be even though it would be optional if you had a week instead of a few days committed to this idea. What I mean with Personal Book Box is creating one of these ‘bookish subscription’ boxes for your friend by choosing a book and a few goodies to put in your own box. This is a bit more pricey and takes preparation, but you don’t have to put in super expensive art prints. You could put in bookmarks, socks, tea, bath bombs whatever you want. There is a lot of space to personalize the box, either by going with your own theme or by putting things you bookish friend loves into the box. The book likely is the most expensive part of the box. At the end you will have a very personal, thoughtful gif that your friend hopefully will love.

🎁 DIY Bookmarks. If you are feeling artsy than this could be the perfect gift idea for you! However, I feel like DIY bookmarks are a possibility for everyone, because they are not that hard to make, if you have a few tips and tricks. I liked the video Sasha (abookutopia) made on the topic: she has a bookmark store and I thought that her process was something I could do as well, if I wanted to. In general, I feel like designing bookmarks yourself is a great way to personalize the gift, as you can use your bookish friend’s favorite quotes and much more! It’s also relatively fast to make and does not cost that much, even though you need a few things to decorate your bookmarks with! I really want to try this idea sometime soon, because I feel like I could do it even with my little artistic skills.

🎁 Reading Journals. This is something I just recently discovered as an idea when I was browsing the web. Apparently there are some premade Reading Journals that you could buy for your friend. I have come across a few people who do not want to use Goodreads any longer and a Reading Journal is a great alternative to websites that track your reading! Your bookish friend can also personalize the journal once they get it. If you don’t want to buy an already made Reading Journal, you could choose a pretty notebook (not blank) and buy them a bit decorative stationary as an inspiration for designing their journal. I really do want to try this in the future, even though I have never really had a bullet journal.

What is on your Christmas wishlist? Do you have any last-minute gift ideas? 🎁 


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist & Gift Ideas

  1. Omg I LOVE the idea of making your own book box?!? That’s so clever and super smart!! You could totally curate it to suit the particular person. (GENIUS.) I also really hope you get Turtles All The Way Down because it’s aaaamazing. 😍

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