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My Bookish 2018 Wishlist

2018 Wishlist Kopie

Hello fellow bookworms 💕 It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly meme which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! This week’s topic is 2018 Wishlist! This means tropes, themes etc. that we want to see in books for the next year, which I think is a really cool idea, as I have lots of think I wanna see!

Accurate picture of me wanting all these things on my list

1. Diverse Representation 💕 Obviously I want to see a lot diverse books published in 2018, because we have a need for diverse stories and to make room for diverse authors in the industry. I feel like 2017 has been a big year for diverse stories, so let’s keep it that way in 2018 as well. When it comes to diverse representation I especially hope to see those represented that usually don’t see themselves in a lot of books. We have by far not covered everyone and many readers still have not seen themselves in a lot of books. E.g. there still is not a lot of ace representation and that’s only one example. I have tried to add some diverse upcoming books to my TBR on Goodreads, but I’m hoping to discover a few more releases, as I am always interested in expanding my 2018 Wishlist.

2. NA Fantasy  💕 I do want to get into NA (New Adult), but I feel like this is rather hard if you are picky with contemporaries. I have gotten amazing recs for unproblematic, diverse NA books from people on Goodreads, but they are all contemporary and about romance, which is something that I am not always in the mood for. I could do a whole discussion post about this, but I feel like when it comes to Fantasy, that there are not many transitional books aka NA books. I feel like its either YA Fantasy and Adult Fantasy, which is why I still primarily read YA, since I am closer to that age range and can relate better than to adult fantasy books. There are a few NA Fantasy books that are great for the transition between YA and Adult, but there are not many. Many times it even happens that a fantasy book that is definitely on the NA side still gets shelved as YA (for marketing reasons or whatnot) like the ACOTAR Series. Multiple people have told me that it’s not YA, but it still gets entered as YA e.g. in the Goodreads Choice Award. I just really wish there were more NA Fantasy books, because then I would probably read more NA.

3. Non Western Settings 💕 This is kind of related to diverse representation, but a bit different as well. I’ve seen representation and fantasy world inspired by Non-Western Mythology, but what I have not seen a lot is YA books set in Non-Western countries. There are only a few that come to mind (like Written in the Stars – Pakistan or City of Saints & Thieves – Kenya) but apart from that I don’t know many, especially in YA. Oftentimes stories take place in the US and if they don’t it’s normally another Western country like the UK or the rest of Europe etc. I would like to read about countries different from my own and wish for more stories set in Asia, Africa or South America. There is a lot to gain from seeing those settings represented, so I would very much like to see them. Sadly, I have not really seen any upcoming releases that are set in Non-Western countries though.

4. YA historical fiction 💕 GIVE ME MORE. I’m always wanting to read more historical fiction, especially YA historical fiction, so I want more, more, more of it. I do find that there are not a lot of those books coming out in 2018 though, compared to other genres, which is why I put it on my list for today. There are books out that I could read, but not nearly as much as would like to, because I love to have as many options as possible. I definitely need more upcoming books in the historical fiction genre to motivate me to read them, as this is a genre I don’t read often but do like very much. I was a history major in high school after all.

5. Christmas/Festive YA books 💕 Christmas is sadly over now, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot wish for more festive YA books to be published in the future! I feel like I have read most festive YA books I am interested in (Let it Snow, My True Love Gave to Me, Dash & Lily’s) and there are not a lot of options in YA to begin with. I have seen more adult books on these Christmas themed lists and I don’t really read adult fiction, so they are not for me. I do know of one other anthology that I can buy, but apart from that I feel like there is place for more festive YA books. I love the festive season and would love to read more festively appropriate books. They don’t have to be exclusively about Christmas and can include other religions as well, please just give them to me!

What bookish things do you want to see in 2018? Do you have any recs for my wishlist categories? 💕

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