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Hello fellow bookworms 🎬 It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly meme which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! This week’s topic is Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy in Other Media! As you can already see I’ve taken a spin on the current topic, because outside of books I don’t consume a lot of other media like shows or movies. I want to make a favorites list one day, but right now there ate too man shows I haven’t started and too many that I need to catch up on first.  Therefore, I decided to talk about those shows – the ones I’ve neglected to catch up on or start!

As you’ll see below I’m a horrible procrastinator when it comes to shows, meaning that I’m never caught up on them and always get distracted. This doesn’t tend to happen with books, but when it comes to movies and shows, this happens to me all the time! I’m getting better at sticking to Series though, getting Netflix last year definitely made it easier to conveniently watch a lot of Shows! The list below contains my top 5 shows to catch up on and to start. Especially the latter is not a complete list, my Netflix list is way larger than that  😂

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TV Shows I need to catch up on

Behind the name: episodes I’ve already watched

Shadowhunters 🎬 01×01-02×13

Season 3 was released yesterday and yet here we are. I absolutely love this show, but I haven’t even managed to catch up on it, which is typically me. I’ve been a strong supporter of Shadowhunters since I first started watching and love the way the show has grown so far. Therefore, it’s time to finally kick my ass and finish Season 2, so that I’m ready for the current Season and don’t risk being spoiled! I think I’m going to rewatch Season 1 (even though I already did that … with the intention to finish Season 2, which I obviously didn’t do – oops) and then finish Season 2 SOON. Like top priority soon, no more excuses. I don’t know why I always put off watching my favorite Shows, it’s a problem 😂

Wynonna Earp 🎬 01×01-01×09 

Another Shows that I started enthusiastically and then I stopped watching, forgot to continue and procrastinated endlessly – why am I like this? What I’ve watched of Wynonna Earp sp far, was absolutely amazing – it’s basically Supernatural (my fave TV Show) with a strong female lead instead of the Winchesters and lots of amazing female characters – basically my dream! Netflix has all two seasons, so it’s going to be super easy to catch up, especially as a third season should release this year and I want to be ready for it! I’m already so very excited to rewatch the first 9 episodes and then devour the rest of the episodes that are already out!

Lucifer 🎬 01×01-02×04

I love this show and was so glad when a friend introduced me to it, because I immediately fell in love with the characters as well as the story. This is another Show that’s great for fans of Supernatural aka me. I love this version of Lucifer and think that it’s the best one I’ve seen in TV so far! Naturally I’ve been neglecting it, because after binge watching the first season I got distracted by other shiny things. I did watch a few episodes of season 2, but I need to rewatch and finish, because season 3 is already out and I’ve been trying to dodge spoilers. This one (like the 100) is not as easily available to me, but I’m determined to not let that stop me, because I need to know what happens next on this fabulous show!

Orphan Black 🎬 01×01-02×08

I’ve never really considered watching this Show until I got Netflix and it was there, so I decided to give it a try anyway. A very good decision, because I ended up being really intrigued and fascinated by Orphan Black – I’m glad that I gave it a chance! It’s also super easy to watch as every of the 5 seasons (the show is finished) only contains 10 episodes. I’ve been watching this while eating dinner when I was at my university flat, but until April there are no classes, so I haven’t continued watching yet. I’ll get back to this though, but maybe not before I get back to university. I’m really excited to see what will happen next though!

The 100 🎬 01×01-03×09

I have a complicated relationship with this Show. I loved the first two seasons, they were glorious and I’ve watched them twice, but then season 3 hit and got a lot of angry/mixed responses. With that my desire to catch up on The 100 wavered and it didn’t help that I hated the first 7 episodes of the new season, which resulted in me procrastinating to continue for over a year. I needed a break, because the show made me angry, but then I watched a few more episodes with my friend and decided to finally push myself to finish Season 3 (which got a lot better towards the end) and start season 4! Season 5 is coming sometime this year, so I better catch up before I take another year.

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TV Shows I want to start

Behind the name: seasons/episodes currently available

The Gifted 🎬 1 Season (13EP)

Mutants and superheroes are normally not my thing (I also have never watched the X-Men movies, so there’s that), but a friend of mine recommended this show to me, so naturally I have to watch it! I definitely want to give shows out of my normal comfort zone a try and this one seems to be interesting. I’m going to trust my friend on this one, since she recommended me Series to watch in the past and I loved them, so I’m positive that I’ll enjoy this one. It currently only has one season out, so I should be able to watch this more quickly. As far as I know, there is going to be a second season, which is good, because so many shows on my list are already cancelled 😅

 The Shannara Chronicles 🎬 2 Seasons (20EP)

I haven’t read the books and never plan to (because I heard that they are super slow and boring), but I’m very interested in this show, because High Fantasy is my jam and I love vivid fantasy worlds with prophecies and magic! I’ve seen so many gif sets on Tumblr about this one and it looks so good, especially the characters and their dynamics seem to be really engaging, which initially made me want to start The Shannara Chronicles. Sadly, this one is also without a new season, even though the producers seem to be searching for a new network to broadcast the show, but I don’t think that it’s going to happen. However, I’m trying not to let this sadden me, because I really want to watch this show.

Dirk Gently’s HDA 🎬 2 Seasons (18EP)

Everyone talks about this show, so I must watch it as well, especially since it’s on Netflix! I don’t know too much about what the Show is even about, but I feel like it’s best to go in a little blind. I do know that this is about solving a mystery? Wow this just proves how little I know, but I do trust the hype  around it and I’m very curious to see what I think of the Show overall. Sadly, it was cancelled so no more seasons after I finish watching what’s currently on Netflix, which seems to be a theme with the shows I want to start on this list – #rude. 3 out of 5 shows are already finished with no new seasons, why do I do this to myself? I’ve already suffered through the cancellation of In the Flesh (amazing show btw, you should watch it).

From Dusk Till Dawn 🎬 3 Seasons (30EP)

Okay I have to admit that this one is on my list because of already mentioned friend, because she loves it and I got really curious. Plus it’s on Netflix and it sounds very interesting to me. I do love myself some paranormal/urban fantasy stories and I’m not going to lie the gifs that I’ve seen promise action, romance and great characters, so I couldn’t resist. I do hope that I end up liking this, but we’ll see. Sadly this was also not continued, meaning that there are no more than 3 seasons, which at least is something, as most shows stop after 2 seasons.

 Van Helsing 🎬 2 Seasons (24EP)

I was very intrigued by this show, because I loved that we get a female Van Helsing and that there is a vampire apocalypse, it all sounded very good to me! Plus I’ve heard that there is going to be a f/f romance with the lead character, which is always something that I want to support. I’ve heard a few mixed things about this, built as the premise really interests me I’m willing to give it a try, especially as the 2 seasons currently out are on Netflix. There’s going to be a third  season, so another show that’s not cancelled already when I decided to watch it, bless my heart.

Talk Kopie

What are your favorite TV Shows? What are some shows you need to catch up on? 🎬 


26 thoughts on “TV Shows to start & catch up on

  1. Oh my god, I can relate to this post SO MUCH. I don‘t think I‘ve ever fully finished a tv show except for The Vampire Diaries because I just can‘t commit to it! Especially if there’s more seasons to come but it takes ages for them to get released so you forget about it and then you have all these episodes to catch up on at once and it‘s… such a struggle.

    I actually really loved The 100‘s first two seasons and I considered it one of my favourite shows of all time! But then season 3 happened and I wasn‘t convinced so I stopped a few episodes in. Me and my sister have been rewatching this show recently and I think I might actually catch up on the newer seasons this time because I love Bellamy so much. And I also heard it gets better and the season 5 trailer looks REALLY good so fingers crossed XD

    AND OMG ORPHAN BLACK IS ONE OF MY FAV SHOWS EVER. But I‘ve only seen the first two seasons… again, having to wait a whole year for the next season to come out takes away all the excitement and makes you forget about a show completely! But I reallllllly want to rewatch and finish this one because it‘s one of the best shows I‘ve seen thus far ❤️

    As for my favourite shows… there‘s just too many!!! One that I‘ve recently seen that has quickly snatched a top 3 spot on my tv show favourites list is The Bold Type! The first season only has 10 episodes but it‘s so addicting and so GOOD and you‘ll fall in love with all the characters and shrjkejd I could talk about this show all day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Let’s join the ‘cannot commit to TV Shows’ club 😀 I’m always struggling with not getting distracted and waiting for new episodes is the worst, because I somehow never end up watching them after the wait is finally over xD

      The first two seasons were the absolute best!!! I got SO obsessed with the show, I considered it a favorite of mine as well 😍 but then I had to wait for Season 3 and couldn’t watch the episodes when they came out … and didn’t watch them when I had time, because I had heard so many negative things. 2 years later and I’m almost finished xD I’m glad that you found the will to rewatch them! I haven’t watched the new trailer because of spoilers, but I still have hope for this show!

      I’m SO glad that I gave this show a chance! I’ve almost watched the first two seasons as well and I’m already so hooked ♥ Luckily for me, there are now all seasons out, so I can binge-watch everything 😀 You definitely should rewatch, then maybe we both can finish the show 🙂

      Oh I definitely have to check it out then!! ♥


  2. I was wondering about the 100, it’s on Netflix but now I don’t knoww if it’ll be worth it?????????? maybe I’ll just watch the first season bc you loved it and see how it goes c:

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  3. I relate to this so much! I’m always behind on all the shows I watch, not to mention all the ones I haven’t even started yet. The only ones I’m caught up with are my 2 favorites: Good Behavior and The 100. I was on and off with The 100 too, but I’m really excited I’ve caught up with it in time for season 5! I binged the first 4 season of Orphan Black, then I had to wait for the last season and I still haven’t gotten back into it, the breaks always kill my excitement. I should just watch it, buuut I think I might start Wynonna Earp instead cause that sounds awesome and shiny and new 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re doing better than me already, as I still have to watch season 4 of the 100 😀 what did you think of it?
      Oh no, I can definitely see that happen to me as well, when there’s a too large break I get distracted so easily!
      Wynonna Earp is amaaazing 😀 ♥


  4. You also have quite the nice list of shows!
    I find Shadowhunters cringingly enjoyable if these words can be in such a combination. It’s like a TV show fanfiction about the film based on the books in my opinion but anyway.
    I also like the idea of Wynonna and Val Helping and now I have two more series I wanna check out, haha 😁😂

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  5. Orphan Black definitely has a special place in my heart. The first season was absolute perfection and the acting skills of Tatiana Maslany is just out of this world. I’ve been hearing a lot of good things about Wynonna Earp, and I think I need to start watching it immediately because you make it sound incredible. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. There are so many shows I want to start… it’s not even funny

    I decided to give up on The 100 after season 4? I remember being obsessed with the first two season (it was an actual problem XD) but… its lost its charm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I’ve heard good things about the Shadowhunters show, but I haven’t even read the series (any of them if I’m honest XD) so I wanted to do that first

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too, there are sooo many 😮

      I was sooo obsessed with season 1 and 2, but even though I plan to continue I really feel like the charm has been lost on the way too :/

      I really like it, but I feel like a lot of people aren’t happy that it isn’t very close to the books. If you want to read the books, you should definitely do that first to avoid spoilers 🙂

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  7. I love supernatural too but sadly I couldn’t get into Lucifer 😦 I’m on the 7th episode of the first season and contemplating to dropping it as it still hasn’t grabbed my attention. I love Lucifer and his antics as well as the supernatural aspect of the show, but the crime solving aspect is boring 😦

    Liked by 1 person

  8. OMG, so many… i’ve been in a “reading exclusively” phase for the past two months and haven’t really watched anything.
    Last night i finished watching Sinner on Netflix and it was pretty awesome. Next I’m planning to watch Seven Seconds – sort of a crime/drama thing as far as i can tell.

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  9. I’ve only seen the Gifted and Orphan Black from your lists and I like them both a lot. The others sound very interesting, too, especially Wynonna Earp and Lucifer.

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  10. I might start watching Lucifer and The Shannara Chronicles they look really good! But I have so many tv shows started: greys anatomy, supernatural, Hawaii 5.0, Downton Abbey…

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