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Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters

Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters

Hello fellow bookworms 💕 since Shadowhunters is back in full swing with a third Season (and needs all the support and promo for a fourth season) I decided to make a post about why you should give the show a chance! I’ve been among the people hesitant to watch the TV Series but I can speak from experience when I say that checking it out is definitely worth it. Give it a few episodes and especially don’t expect the Show to be exactly like the books. I think if you go into it with a fresh mind and without expecting it to be something it’s not going to be, you might really enjoy it! You still get to see the world and I personally like seeing different plotlines, it’s like an addition to the books. The show is constantly improving and especially season 2 is a huge step up from the first season.  Additionally, you have to keep in mind that if the Show is canceled that there won’t be another screen adaption of the books, especially not since there was only one movie produced.

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Disclaimer: While, I love the show I’m no longer a huge fan of the books, as I have become more aware of their issues. I still think that books 1-3 were the best ones, but even they had flaws, which is why I’m glad that some things were changed in the show. Therefore, you’re going to see me talking a lot about aspects that were better done in the show. Like always, if you like the books that’s great, but please be mindful that my opinion differs and is NOT a personal attack on you.

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Reasons Why I You Should Watch Shadowhunters

💕 There is Instant Clizzy Friendship and No Female Rivalry! I really appreciate this, since there is already too much girl hate in literature, therefore I’m always there for some strong lady friendships. In the books it took a very long time for Clary and Isabelle to become friends and there was much hate going on between them. This is why I’m eternally grateful that the Show skips that rivalry and instead has both become friends + allies, Izzy is helping Clary come to terms with this whole new world and supports her. Of course their relationship still has ups and downs but there is so much genuine friendship and caring here, it makes my heart melt ♥


💕 Characters like Raphael + Maia getting more screentime. This is one of the liberties of the show that it can give screentime to supporting characters. So far I really liked them showing Raphael and Maia more, it was really great seeing them more than in the books, they also instantly grew on me because of that, so I think there is a lot of potential for characters getting more attention! I also love Simon in the show, which I never got from the books, he’s so funny and nerdy and every relatbale to me!


💕 Exploring different relationships. This is another perk directly linked to the above, because the Show has the opportunity to show some relationships more in-depth, which warms my heart, it’s always great to see characters interact that usually aren’t around each other. I was really fond of seeing Magnus and Simon bonding, with Magnus having a soft spot for him, because he once was a fresh Downworlder feeling lost too and wants to give him guidance (honestly I was all there for Magnus adopting Simon). There’s also some short Magnus and Ragnor friendship, which made me very happy and sad at the same time.  In addition, I really liked how we got to see some Magnus – Raphael interaction early on! If you’ve read the Bane Chronicles you probably know that they know each other! There’s also more of Simon and Maia interaction right in the beginning and I loved seeing that little development that happened over the last few episodes. I was also genuinely happy with Luke – Simon conversations and Luke being like a father + guardian for him. In addition, I really liked how we got to see some Magnus – Raphael interaction early on! And then we also have Madzie, who is adorable! ♥


💕 Malec getting more screentime and being a more healthy relationship. I loved Malec in the books, they were my first real OTP ever, but I even love them more in the show. For instance they get more screentime, while in the books they felt like a side couple compared to Sizzy and Clace. I also like that their relationship is a bit more healthy, since Alec has this huge jealousy crisis in the later books and in the Show it’s much more decent. There’s still some awkwardness when it comes to Magnus’ exes, but it’s done so much better and not full on jealousy. Their relationship has a healthy foundation and is so beautiful to watch, especially as it’s still growing and they have come so far already.


💕 There are many PoC in the cast which is really great to see in a TV Show! E.g. The actors of Izzy (Emeraude Toubia), Luke (Isaiah Mustafa), Magnus (Harry Shum Jr.), Raphael (David Castro), Meliorn (Jade Hassouné ) Sister Cleophas (Lisa Berry) or Maia (Alisha Wainwright). I’ve probably not named all of them, but you see that there’s great diversity in the cast and I love that we have so many main actors that are people of color!


💕 The Great casting! The Actors do convey their character very well and give them so much character, which results in me liking certain characters better aka. Valentine and Simon – I honestly didn’t care much for either of them in the books, but I really enjoy Simon’s jokes and nerdness more in the Show. I also think that Valentine is a better villain in the Show, his portrayal really gets me and he’s such a complex, smart villain. I really think that the actors for Izzy, Alec and Luke are so so much more fitting than in the movie, they just fill their characters with life and are much more what I imagined. Magnus was great in the movie, but I like his actor even more in the Show. When it comes to Clary and Valentine I like both actors, but Valentine’s actor in the Show is much more accurate when it comes to his real age. The only movie actor I prefer is Jamie Campbell Bower as Jace, even though I warmed up to Dominic Sherwood, because he does a good job playing Jace. However, Jamie will always be how I really imagine him.



💕 There are Different storylines apart from the books, which keeps the surprise element and opens new perspectives. The Show is only loosely based off the books, but I enjoy that because we get to see many different storylines and I honestly stopped comparing book and show, because I know that they differ. I kind of like that the Show does its own thing, for instance I loved that we got to see the Iron Sisters way early in the Show!

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Who’s your favorite character, ship & episode from Shadowhunters? 💕


21 thoughts on “Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the books, but now I really want to check out the series – it looks really good! Yay for female friendships and diverse casts! 🙂

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  2. Hi Caro all your points are very interesting but I can’t relate to the show as I have totally different pictures in my head for the characters. Clary being so different from her description in the book. So no I won’t keep watching it BUT you wrote an excellent post here!

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  3. This was such a fun post, Caro! And obviously right up my alley because when do I ever shut up about this show???

    God, when I reread the first three TMI books I constantly found myself so annoyed at the stupid rivalry between Clary and Izzy – at that point, I had seen the show already and I just wanted THAT version of Clary and Izzy rather than what Cassie gave us. And Alec, oh my sweet, sweet Alec! I feel like book!Alec will never get close to show!Alec for me. Matt does such a fantastic job as Alec and writers TREAT THE CHARACTER WITH SO MUCH MORE RESPECT.

    Like, when I read the scene in the book with the fearless rune I wanted to flip tables and yell at Cassie for doing Alec’s character so dirty. Like, he needed a god damn RUNE to make him open up about his relationship with Magnus. I loved that show!Alec did that because HE wanted to. It was all HIM and not some stupid rune. Show!Alec is also so much more badass and an awesome shadowhunter unlike in the books where he hasn’t even killed a demon yet…. like, WOW. You don’t have to put Alec down to make Jace the better shadowhunter. They should be able to exist in the same place – and they do in the show!

    Honestly, I CONSTANTLY find myself wishing we would get even MORE of Maia and Raphael, but especially Maia because Alisha is supposed to be a series regular for now! And I absolutely adore that we explore different relationships within our main cast of characters – I’ve really been enjoying the Jace and Simon scenes we’ve been getting!

    And the CASTING. Alan as Valentine was such brilliant casting! He has playing the villain down like no other! Like, you actively root AGAINST Valentine but you also find yourself rooting FOR ALAN because he just DELIVERS. And let’s not even talk about Will Tudor! I can’t wait until he gets more screen time (hopefully soon) because GOOD LORD. I want ALL of that. I feel like the only movie actor that I think REALLY fits the character is Godfrey Gao! I would have loved to see what he does with Magnus in the later movies but unfortunately, we weren’t given that chance.

    Okay, let’s see! Favorite ship is the easiest one to answer: Malec. All the way. Matt and Harry do such a fantastic job with these two and they have great chemistry together which makes watching the Malec scenes so much more fun too! And I think the Malec episode might’ve actually been one of my favorite episodes too! Or the one where Magnus has the flashbacks? 2×18? I loved getting all those little glances into their earlier interactions!

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    1. YES please, we can always scream about the show together! (Though I haven’t watched the latest episodes because STRESS)

      I never reread them and I don’t think I want to now 😂 I’m definitely sad there was so much rivalry in the books, it’s something seen far too often in YA still 😦 Matt is AMAZING!! I couldn’t have wished for a better Alec! I liked him in the books, but the show has catapulted my love for him into the sky! He’s definitely treated betetr by the writers and I’m here for it 💕

      OMG YES to all of this! I almost forgot that book!Alec never killed a demon before, it’s still a bit weird in my opinion. So I’m glad the show didn’t keep that in!

      Ohhh I hadn’t thought about Maia & Raphael interactions at all, but now I really want to see them have more scenes! There are so many interesting relationships to explore, which is why we need more seasons! I love Jace and Simon’s scenes!

      The Casting is way better than it was for the movie! Alan does a great job of making me care for Valentine and enjoy his scenes! I was a bit ‘meh’ about him as a villain in the books, but in the show I was really intrigued! Oh yes! Will is also amazing! I definitely agree on Godfrey Gao, he’s the movie actor that fit the best!

      MALEC MALEC MALEC 💕 They were like my first OTP, but the show does such a good show of portraying their relationship in the best way possible!

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  4. I am not a fan of the books, I read the first two books and didn’t feel like reading the third at all. But I would probably check out the show. Would I still get the show without having read all the books?

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  5. I don’t have a favorite episode unless you simply include all the ones with Malec! I ship them hardcore in the show!! I thought it was really believable how they came together… I also LOVE the diverse cast and not just a token African American but all the races too ❤️

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    1. OMG YES!! Malec is one of my favorite things about this show, I have loved them forever as a couple and the show really does them justice! 💕 I also really like how the show has such a diverse cast and gives characters like Luke and Maia bigger roles 🙂

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  6. Hey caro! I thought I would leave you a comment on this post because as you know I am very passionate about the show and I am always ready to scream about it!

    The rivalry between Clizzy in the books was so unnecessary and probably just there for Drama but I am so grateful for the show not going down that road because why do girls have to be pitted against each other? There’s no need for that. I’m all here for more female friendships and supportive dynamics between female characters.

    I loved seeing Alan as Valentine especially in s2. My favorite episode he’s done was when him and Magnus were switched although that broke my heart to watch both Alan and Harry delivered in that episode. They’re both amazing!!!
    But also Will Tudor. He’s so so good!!! I love watching hin as Jonathan because he’s really terrifying but he also brings that intensity to the character it’s just great.

    My favorite ship? Malec. All the freaking way. I just love them so much. Matt and Harry have such a great chemistry on screen but not only that they’re such good friends and it really shows in their work because they work so well together. Show!Malec are by far my favorite Otp I ever had.

    Favorite episode? That’s a tough one. I would say 1×12 for s1, 2×06 and 2×18 for s2. And for the current season I basically love them all so far but 3×02 has my heart already because it was such a fun one.

    So yeah, loved this post ♥️

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    1. Oh my god I wrote a super long reply and didn’t realize that it was never sent????? I’m so sorry, sometimes I hate WordPress 😶
      Forgive me for not writing that super long reply again (but we can always talk on Twitter and Whatsapp about Shadowhunters ♥)
      Anyways, thank you so much for your kind words and your comment, I’m always happy to see all the Shadowhunters love!! ♥

      I’m definitely way happier with the casting, especially Harry and Matt do such a good job depicting Malec and really portraying a healthy relationship – they just have amazing chemistry and it makes me love Malec even more! I also think that Alan and Will deliver with their acting skills and everyone else as well, I have never been so happy with a cast 🙂 Generally there is a lot to love about the show like all the Clizzy friendship, I never understood why they had to be rivals in the book, they are BEAUTIFUL in the show ♥
      I definitely need to catch up on the new season!


  7. I’m with you Caro!

    I have read a few of the books and have really struggled to enjoy them. But I’ve been watching the series on and off, and while it’s not my favourite, it’s so much more enjoyable!

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