Amazing Readathons I’m participating in

Readathon Galore

Hello fellow bookworms 💗 It’s Readathon time again: Spring Edition! I’m addicted to Readathons, so I have been craving one for a longer time, so when the time for the Series Crackdown came around and Swetlana asked if I wanted to participate in another Readathon I was hooked and had to write this post! This time I won’t have a set TBR, as I don’t want to stress out over a long TBR any longer, which is why I talk about possible book choices instead. What books I will actually have read is something you’ll see when my Wrapup comes around or if you follow me on Twitter!

Trenn Kopie

Series Crackdown Readathon


IT’S TIME FOR THE SERIES CRACKDOWN AGAIN! If you don’t know, the Series Crackdown Readathon is hosted and created by the lovely Mel @ thebookmoo. The Readathon is 10 days long and all about getting to that unfinished Series that have been sitting on your shelf for ages! The current round is running from May 25th to June 3rd. There are going to be some fun sprints hosted at the Readathon Twitter as well as some Instagram challenges. I personally love that all the Sprints are hosted at 8pm GMT (9pm where I live), because I’m an evening reader and always have time, so I will hopefully be joining in with a lot of sprints like I did last time 🙂

That’s right I did the third round of the Readathon back in February and had a lot of fun, everyone who participated was super nice and I got A LOT of reading done! This time that won’t happen, because I’ve got university unlike last time, but I will try my best. There’s also the fact that I won’t be as present the last three days, as I’m going to a super exciting convention, which means not a lot of reading time. I’m very excited anyways!

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Possible Book Choices 💗


  • The Girl from Everywhere Duology (Heidi Heilig) 📖 Now I’m not 100% excited for this Duology, but they have been on my TBR for a YEAR ever since I got them for my birthday. I finally want to get to them, because I hate it when books sit on my shelves unread for too long. Back then I was super excited for them … but then I forgot about them, so here we are. However, I still want to read them, therefore I hope to find the motivation to read them during this Readathon maybe.

Trenn Kopie

Spring Fling Readathon


It was actually Swetlana who made me aware of this Readathon and I’m so glad she did, because I’ve been craving a Readathon SO MUCH lately – it’s like she read my mind. Sandra is also joining us which is a lot of fun, because doing Readathons together is always so much cooler! The Spring Fling Readathon (created by the bookworms mentioned below) will take place from May 15th to June 15th, meaning that it’s a 1 month-long Seasonal Readathon – I especially like that because it promises a larger time frame to read aka less stress! It’s hosted by a lot of lovely people over here on twitter! There are going to be weekly book prompts and I’m already VERY excited 😍  Some books from the Series Crackdown might be able to count towards the Readathon as well, as the SC is taking placing during 10 days of this Readathon! I might change what books I read depending on how I feel!

The lovely Readathon Hosts 💗

The Challenges 💗


Trenn Kopie

Flower Power 💐 Read a book covered in flowers

Wintersong (S. Jae-Jones) 💐 I actually had a hard time finding a floral cover of a book that either I or my library owned, but then I remembered that I got Wintersong in January and still haven’t read it. I’ve been very interested in reading this book for a while now, but I haven’t found the motivation to do so, which makes it perfect for this Readathon. Truth to be told this isn’t the most spring like/floral cover that there is out here, but it features a flower so I’m going to count it! Tyler Johnson is Here is a book that has a super cool flower cover, but I don’t own it and didn’t want to spend money on the expensive hardcover.

Popping Daisies 🌼 Read a new spring release

War Storm (Victoria Aveyard) 🌼 This is comes out TOMORROW so it counts as a spring release (and I was planning to read it immediately, so it fits perfectly for the Readathon!). I have been anticipating this book for a long time and now the finale of the Red Queen Series is finally here! Despite its flaws this Series has a special place in my heart and I’m both nervous and excited to see how things end! This is also a huge tome (672 pages or so), but I’m determined to binge-read the hell out of this to avoid the spoilers, that will try to haunt me, as I cannot get the book on release date.

Trenn Kopie

Blooming Time 🌺 Read a book set in spring

Snow like Ashes (Sara Raasch) 🌺 I had the hardest time coming up with a book set in spring, because I rarely have any idea if a book I read is taking place during spring. I researched a bit, but still it took me super long to even come up with a choice. The only book that immediately came to mind was A Court of Thorns and Roses since this book is set in the spring court. However, I want to decrease my TBR a little so I wasn’t up for a reread. Snow like Ashes has season based kingdoms, including spring so I’m counting that, even though I don’t know if the main action actually takes place in the spring kingdom.

May Flowers 🌻 Reread a book you always read in spring

Carry On (Rainbow Rowell) 🌻 Now I haven’t exactly read this in spring (but the end of February, so close), because I don’t have a book that I reread every spring. I have those rereads for autumn and winter, but not for the two other seasons. However, since I love rereading I choose a book that I wanted to reread for a while now: Carry On. I’ve read and loved this last year and I’m super excited to read it again, because it was such a comfort read for me and always got me super happy.

Trenn Kopie

Bird Song 🐦 Read a musical book

This Savage Song (Victoria Schwab) 🐦 I’ve recently read a book about music, so I had a few more difficulties to come up with another book for this prompt, but in the end – with the help of a great list Sandra showed me – I decided on This Savage Song. Now I’m not 100% sure about the music elements here, because this is a book I haven’t read and the synopsis doesn’t give much away. But not only was it on the list, I think some of the magic system contains music of some sort and wasn’t there a character who plays the violin? Guess I will find out about that!

Spring Clean 🍃 Read a book you’ve been meaning to read forever

Renegades (Marissa Meyer) 🍃 This is the book my Readathon buddies Swetlana and Sandra and me have decided to do a buddy read! Since we all have Renegades on our TBR shelf, we decided to make it our own personal group book to read during the Readathon. I’m very excited, as I’m currently reading and loving The Lunar Chronicles. I’ve been wanting to read Renegades for ages – ever since I read Cinder and got hooked on the Lunar Chronicles so it perfectly fits the prompt! Currently I want to read all of Marissa Meyer’s books. I have yet to buy the book, but this will be my May treat ♥

Trenn Kopie

Nature Calls 🌳 Read a book surrounded in nature

I’m not going to choose a specific book for this prompt, because it could fit for any of those I already mentioned. Maybe I will count a book I already have for another challenge for this one as well, or I might read a completely different book if i have the time.

Ice Cream 🍦 Read a book that melts your heart

A Streetcat Named Bob (James Bowen) 🍦 There were so many books I could have chosen for this prompt (as my heart is easily melted by anything), but then I remembered that I still have this book from Christmas two years ago and I NEED to finally read it! My mom actually gifted it to me after we watched the movie in the cinema together, so now I have to read the book as well. The reason this one fits the prompt so well is that I’m the hugest cat lover and the movie totally melted my heart with how cute it was. I cannot wait to finally read the book for more cat adventures ♥

Spring Showers 💦 Read a book that makes you cry

A Crown of Wishes (Roshani Chokshi) 💦 This isn’t the typical cry-worthy book, but I still predict that this one will make me very emotional, as I’m a very emotional reader. I loved The Star-Touched Queen so much when I read it last year and have been wanting to read the companion novel for a while now, but somehow it never happened. I did read an excerpt though and it already made me very sad because the main character is going through a tough time and I’m sure this book will do its best to break my heart with its characters and story.Talk Kopie

What are you reading this spring? Are you participating in any Readathon? 💗

15 thoughts on “Amazing Readathons I’m participating in

  1. So many readathons! I’m so jealous!

    After the Buzzword Readathon I’m going to have to take a break because June is being dedicated to ARC catch ups and I have a few things like moving etc to fit in June-July. And so I am living vicariously through you!

    And yes! This Savage Song does involve a character with a violin. I’m reading it at the moment but I’m not too far in, so I can’t clarify HOW MUCH it has to do with the story yet.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sadly there isn’t always time to do Readathons … I’m not sure I have much time, but Readathons always tend to motivate me 😀
      Oh I have seen that Readathon around Twitter – I hope you had lots of fun! 🙂 I’ll definitely make a few updates on Twitter 🙂
      That’s still good to hear, thank you! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yayyy, so glad you’re joining in Series Crackdown! You’re going to be a busy bee 😂 I enjoyed The Girl from Everywhere series!
    This Savage Song does include music and it is a prominent part of the story, I Love Schwab’s writing so much 😍
    Thanks for including #SCReadathon in this post and thanks for joining in 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m definitely busy, but I love it already 😀 I’m hoping to enjoy it as well, despite having had this on my shelves for so long! I already read A Darker Shade of Magic recently, so I cannot wait to read more books by her! 🙂 I’m glad that music is indeed a large part of the book!
      I’m always happy to support the Readathon 💕


    1. Oh that’s so cool! Did you join in? 🙂 I really love Readathons as well they are amazing, but I really feel you about being busy. Exams are approaching so even when I participate in Readathons I don’t get to read as many books as I would like to 😮


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