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Anticipated Releases for the rest of the year

Anticipated Releases

Hello fellow bookworms 📖 The first half of 2018 is already (!) over, meaning that my Most anticipated release for January – June are out now! Therefore, it’s time again to showcase my most anticipated releases but this time for the rest of the year, meaning July to December! There are already 14 releases on this list – again I couldn’t narrow it down. And there are even more amazing books coming out that I couldn’t mention because otherwise we would be here for days and weeks. The books on the list are ranked according to their release date, because again I always have a hard time doing a ‘what do I most anticipate’ rating. If you click on the cover you get directed to Goodreads, so you can add the book if you want to or take a look at the synopsis!!

I also highly encourage you to check out the amazing list that Aimal has made for diverse books releases from July to December 2018! It has all the information you need, including what type of representation is featured in a book and if it is known if the book is ownvoices!

Trenn Kopie


The Supervillain and Me (Danielle Banas) 📖 July 10th

  • Buzzwords: After reading Renegades (it’s soo good, I highly recommend it) I’m ready for even more superheroes and supervillains with cool powers and this one seems contemporary + light urban fantasy and I’m here for it.
  • Premise: I love that the MC has no power and gets rescued by the villain instead of the hero when she gets into trouble. There’s lot of potential for discussion the dimensions of good and evil, as heroes are not always the good guys and this villain seems to be not all evil.

When Life Gives you Demons (Jennifer Honeybourn) 📖 July 17th

  • Buzzwords: Since I’m a huge fan of Supernatural, demons have become a buzzword for me in books, I just find them to be so much more interesting than angels. I also love that the title of the book and the cover is so funny, I hope the book will be too!
  • Premise: The MC has been trained by her catholic uncle to be an exorcist, as he thinks she has the gift too. She’s navigating high school (including crushes on her math tutor), secrets and trying to find her missing mom no one wants to talk about.

Are We All Lemmings & Snowflakes? (Holly Bourne) 📖  August 9th

  • Buzzwords: Well I’m usually all here for Holly Bourne’s books so this one went on my TBR immediately! I have to admit that I’m a bit nervous as – after loving all her previous book – Holly’s 2017 release totally missed its mark and made me terrified that it’ll happen again
  • Premise: The synopsis could be a bit more concrete, but from what I’ve gathered, it’s about a special summer camp all about making a difference & giving teens a chance at normality. The MC is trying to fix her new friends’ problems while struggling with her own.

Trenn Kopie


Mirage (Somaiya Daud) 📖  August 28th

  • Buzzwords: So many buzzwords. For once this actually has sci-fi elements and I really want to read more of the genre. It’s also all about forbidden romance, poetry and I love the fake princess trope a lot! This is also a Moroccan inspired fantasy and I’m really excited about that too!
  • Premise: The book is all about our MC being forced to be a body double for a princess because they look very similar (and the princess it too hated to go out in public). There she is faced with a lot of violence and pressure as one false step could be her downfall.

Not Even Bones (Rebecca Schaeffer) 📖 September 4th

  • Buzzwords: Well murdering supernatural beings and selling their parts online? That’s pretty much very bloody and extreme – hopefully the kind I can still take. This morbid atmosphere alone got me hooked and interested, as this book promises to be intense!
  • Premise: The MC’s mother is the one capturing supernaturals and selling their parts online. But when the MC saves one of her victims … it is discovered that she herself is a supernatural. As you might have guessed, she gets shipped to the black market and has to get out and survive.

Wildcard (Marie Lu) 📖 September 18th

  • Buzzwords: Apart from me loving book 1? It’s mostly seeing the tension and dynamic between two certain characters coming into play since book 1 left off at an interesting point. You know what I mean when you’ve read Warcross, if not … go read Warcross!
  • Premise: This is a sequel (and conclusion) so I cannot say too much without giving spoilers, but the MC has a lot of things to do since someone is fucking up the entire world. What can I say? Technology can be our greatest downfall and I’m very excited to see how Marie Lu decides to end things. It’s sure going to be intense.

Trenn Kopie


A Blade so Black (L.L. McKinney) 📖 September 25th

  • Buzzwords: Did someone say Alice in Wonderland retelling? If you’ve glanced at my blog’s theme you can kind of notice that I LOVE Alice in Wonderland and I really haven’t read enough retellings! What’s great about this one is that it has a black lead character (like you can see on the cover!)
  • Premise: Alice is trained to fight the monsters of wonderland, but still lives in the real world, which makes juggling both responsibilities rather difficult. But when her mentor is poisoned Alice is forced to venture deeper into wonderland than ever before to find the cure!

9 From the Nine Worlds (Rick Riordan) 📖 October 2nd

  • Buzzwords: NEW MAGNUS CHASE CONTENT. I’ve been so sad that Magnus Chase only had 3 books (compared to Percy Jackson etc.) but now we get new stories and I’m so here for it, give it to me! (and unrelated but there will be a coloring book too)
  • Premise: Magnus is actually away for this story, as it focuses on his friends managing catastrophes and staving off another end-of-the-world scenario in his absence. Therefore, we’ll likely get to know more about the secondary characters!

A Map of Days (Ransom Riggs) 📖 October 2nd

  • Buzzwords: Since I loved the original Miss Peregrine’s books, I’m very excited to hear more stories about the peculiars. I’m not always a fan of these Series extensions but I like that Riggs wants to focus more on the American side of the peculiars!
  • Premise: This is technically book 4, so I’ll keep it spoiler free. Basically Jacob is trying to navigate American peculiardom while also finding a secret bunker of his grandfather that contains a lot of dangerous secrets that apparently have always been a part of him.

Trenn Kopie


Kill the Queen (Jennifer Estep) 📖 October 2nd

  • Buzzwords: The reason this book kept my attention for so long was because of the gladiators. I haven’t read a book with this theme yet and I loved the idea of a royal woman without magical powers joining them, learning how to fight and taking back a crown! It’s a cool concept and I hope to see some badass girls!
  • Premise: The MC is a royal, but only 17th in line – but when the crown princess takes the throne by force she tries to kill the rest of her family. Good thing that the MC is immune to magic and joins gladiator group to train and bring down the new, corrupt queen.

Carols and Chaos (Cindy Anstey) 📖 October 9th

  • Buzzwords: This is a christmas YA book and exactly what I’m always looking for. I’m a HUGE seasonal reader especially when it comes to winter, so I love books with festive themes, especially in YA as that’s the age range I read in! I’ve read some great anthologies, but I always want more content to check out!
  • Premise: The book is set in 1817 during christmas time. The MC is a busy maid and falling in love with the valet is definitely not a great idea at the time. Especially when the big event is caught up in a counterfeiting scheme that both of them get entangled in!

Girls of Paper and Fire (Natasha Ngan) 📖 November 6th

  • Buzzwords: I think the original tagline mentioned something about a demon king and girls that have to serve him? Sounds like my kind of fantasy. Now we also know that the book features two of the girls falling in love and I really hope they bring down the evil king! I’m very intrigued by the idea, it sounds super creative!
  • Premise: Each year 8 girls are chosen to serve the king, but this year a ninth girl has caught his interest. The MC is from the lowest caste and like the others has no choice. However, she doesn’t want to let fate consume her and instead falls in love with one of the other girls. Now she must decide how to rebel.

Trenn Kopie


Archenemies (Marissa Meyer) 📖 November 6th

  • Buzzwords: *takes a calm breath* I LOVED Renegades when I finished it like last week and ever since I’m screaming because I have to wait until NOVEMBER to read this book. Why oh why? I want back my precious superhero/villain children and I need to hear all about what comes next for them!
  • Premise: This is a sequel (but now there’s a book 3, yeeah!!), so therefore I will keep it simple. Basically the fight between heroes and villains continues with each side trying to use their advantage and overpowering the other. Needless to say the future of Gatlon city is on thin ice and the stakes are higher than usual.

Empress of All Seasons (Emiko Jean) 📖 November 6th

  • Buzzwords: I was immediately hooked by the concept of the seasonal rooms of the palace, because that sounds so cool and I really want to know how they work! I also like the themes of the competition (it’s a common trope, but always my fave) and the fact that there are supernatural monsters forbidden to attend it. And this is also a japanese inspired fantasy!
  • Premise: There’s a competition to conquer the said seasonal rooms, the price being marrying the prince and becoming the next empress. One of our main character has spent her entire life training, only that she has a dangerous secret: she is one of the supernatural monsters hated by the emperor.

Talk Kopie

What’s your most anticipated book for the rest of 2018? Any diverse releases that I should add to my TBR? 📖 

16 thoughts on “Anticipated Releases for the rest of the year

  1. The Wicked King is my most anticipated book but Wildcard is definitely up there, too. Fortunately, I got myself a copy and I’m currently reading it and screaming every 5 minutes 😂I love this whole list, it’s basically my own anticipated list. I especially feel like I’ll love Not even bones so can’t wait for that!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh I didn’t read The Cruel Prince, but I heard that The Wicked King is on a lot of anticipated releases lists! Omg I’m so excited that you got a copy! 😍 That’s great! I think that Not Even Bones is going to mess with me sooo badly 😱


  2. I’ve been crazy for GIRLS OF PAPER AND FIRE ever since I came across the fire! Then I read the premise, and wow oh wow! I can’t wait!

    Wow! NOT EVEN BONES sounds right up my alley! A mix of crime and fantasy? Yes, please!

    Liked by 1 person

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