Dewey’s Summer 24 Hrs Readathon TBR (+ Updates)


Hello fellow bookworms 📚 Something very exciting happened recently: The Dewey’s 24 Hours Readathon will have a surprise round in Summer! Normally it takes place twice a year and would have the second round in October, but the hosts decided to do a reverse Readathon on July 27th to July 28th aka today! You can find any information here on their website! Now what does a reverse Readathon mean? Basically it means that instead of starting reading on 8am EST, reading starts on 8pm EST instead! The Dewey’s always have all people start at the exact same time, so you should head over here to find the starttime for your time zone! For me the Readathon goes from July 28th 2am to July 29th 2am (CEST), which means that I won’t start right as the Readathon begins (because late and I need sleep), but I will aim to get up at 8/9 and then read until 2 am! I’M SO EXCITED!

Trenn Kopie

My Readathon TBR

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  1. Stars Above (Marissa Meyer) 📚 369 pages
  2. Miss Peregrine’s Graphic Novel (Ransom Riggs) 📚 256 pages
  3. Hollow City Graphic Novel (Ransom Riggs) 📚 272 pages
  4. Tales of the Peculiar (Ransom Riggs) 📚 208 pages
  5. The Rest of Us Just Live Here (Patrick Ness) 📚 317 pages
  • I will also be reading Children of Blood and Bone as I’m doing a Buddy Read with Swetlana!

My TBR is looking pretty ambitious with me aiming to read 5 books in 24 Hours, but I deliberately choose books that are quick to get through! I really want to read shorter books for this Readathon, as that make one feel pretty accomplished and I have read quite a few longer books recently, therefore I would like to switch things up!

Most books come from my library as I stocked up on them last week when I visited it. This is why I’m able to read 2 graphic novels! I have always wanted to do so during a Readathon, but I don’t own any graphic novels myself and haven’t really gotten into them. Therefore, I was super grateful to see that my library had bought the first two Miss Peregrine’s graphic novels and since I wanted to reread the books anyway as the 4th one is coming out in October this is perfect! I also got Tales of the Peculiar, as now is the time to finally read this story collection. Often I neglect novellas and other bonus content even though I really want to read them, so now is the time to tackle that.

In similar fashion I’m aiming to read Stars Above, as I bought it two months ago and try to get better at reading the books I buy within a few months. This is a novella bind up for the Lunar Chronicles and I’m actually very excited to get to these stories, as I recently finished the main books and I’m already missing the characters. [I don’t know if I will read Fairest as well as I’m not super interested in reading more about Queen Levana, but we’ll see!]

The last book is actually my backup book in case I have more time, as reading the graphic novels shouldn’t take me too long. That book is The Rest of Us Just Live Here, that I FINALLY got from my library after considering getting it for months. I adored Patrick Ness’ A Monster Calls and the premise of this book appeals to me as well! So hopefully I will get to it and end up liking it!

Trenn Kopie

Reading Updates

Twitter Thread

This section will be updated during/after the Readathon! 💕

 💖 Opening Survey 💖  

1) What fine part of the world are you reading from today? 📖  I’m from Germany!

2) Which book in your stack are you most looking forward to? 📖  Stars Above

3) Which snack are you most looking forward to? 📖 My favorite kind of cookies and the new iced coffee recipe that I’m trying out for the Readathon!

4) Tell us a little something about yourself! 📖 I personally love 24 Hour Readathons and I’m so excited. I’m currently working on my research paper for university, so this here is a well deserved break!

5) This is our VERY first Reverse Readathon! How does it feel in your time zone? 📖 The Readathon started at 2am in my timezone, but I went to sleep before and got up early (at least for my standards xD)

 💖 Hour 8 (9:22 am) 💖  

  •  I got up and I’m diving into my first book (because I need my sleep and the Readathon would have started at 2am for me)!! Starting off the with coffee like you do! (I hope to make my updates today, but my internet is being difficult so we’ll see how it goes)


 💖 Hour 9 (10:22 am) 💖   

Pagecount 📖 256

Books Finished 📖 1

  • I finished my first book! It was the Miss Peregrine’s Graphic Novel, which was of course super quick to read & a lot of fun! I’m so happy that I picked up the graphic novels from my library as they are perfect for a Readathon! Now I will continue with the Hollow City Graphic Novel!


Trenn Kopie

 💖 Hour 11 (12:32 am) 💖   

  • I’m almost done with Hollow City! I was grocery shopping earlier and now had some great lunch (a Wrap with couscous, hummus and lots of other yummy things), which is why I didn’t read too much! But now I’m back in the game and really excited to get to the rest of my TBR!

Processed with MOLDIV Processed with MOLDIV

 💖 Hour 12 (13:09 pm) 💖   

Pagecount 📖 528

Books finished 📖 2

  • I finished the Hollow City Graphic Novel!! I have sadly read all Graphic Novels that I borrowed for the Readathon. Now I’m going to start reading STARS ABOVE, aka my first full novel for the Readathon!


 💖 Mid Event Survey 💖   

1. What are you reading right now? 📖 Just finished Hollow City, now I’m going to start Stars Above, the Lunar Chronicles novella bindup!

2. How many books have you read so far? 📖  I have read 2 graphic novels as of right now!

3. What book are you most looking forward to for the second half of the Read-a-thon? 📖  I have to say Stars Above, because I loved the Lunar Chronicles and I’m so excited to read the novellas and hold unto this world for a little while longer!

4. Have you had many interruptions? How did you deal with those? 📖 I had to go grocery shopping and of course eat lunch with my family, but that’s fine. I initially read in my favorite spot on the couch, but as my parents are watching the TV now, I’ll head to my room to have some quiet time!

5. What surprises you most about the Reverse Readathon so far? 📖 How active everyone is, which is a good thing! I love how the Readathon account interacts with all the Reader, it’s so nice to feel supported and in touch with the community!

Trenn Kopie

 💖 Hour 15 (16:10 pm) 💖


  • I’m about halfway through Stars Above and I’m really liking it, it’s great to be back in this world!! I also had some homemade iced coffee and my favorite cookies during a short break, but now it’s back to reading!
  • If anyone is interested, here is the recipe! I like it because it doesn’t require you to have a fancy coffee machine! The Perfect Iced Coffee

 💖 Hour 18 (19:15 pm) 💖   

Pagecount 📖 898

Books finished 📖 3

  • I finished my third book for the Readathon – Stars Above!! I’m going to take a little break later today to watch my fave Show with my friend & then let’s see what happens 😀
  • This was kind of the hour where I crashed a bit, due to being tired, but watching the show really helped to take a break, which is super important during a daily Readathon!


 💖 Hour 20 (21:30 pm) 💖   

  • Just finished watching Dark with and it was great!! As the last book of my Readathon, I started reading The Rest of Us just Live here which is great so far! I hope I can finish it, especially as my internet is being very difficult today!
Dark is amazing, go watch it on Netflix!!!!

Trenn Kopie

 💖 Hour 24 (01:42 am) 💖   

Pagecount 📖 1215

Books finished 📖 4

  • I actually managed to finish my last book!!! I didn’t think it would happen but here we are! Overall this was a VERY successful Readathon and I’m so proud that I reached over 1000 pages in a day!!!  


 💖 Closing Survey 💖   

1. Which hour was most daunting for you? 📖 I think that would have to be Hour 17/18, because I had already read so much and was kind of beginning to fel a bit burned out. Doing something else and taking a break really helped though!!

2. Tell us ALLLLL the books you read! 


  1. Stars Above (Marissa Meyer) 📚 370 pages
  2. Miss Peregrine’s Graphic Novel (Ransom Riggs) 📚 256 pages
  3. Hollow City Graphic Novel (Ransom Riggs) 📚 272 pages
  4. The Rest of Us Just Live Here (Patrick Ness) 📚 317 pages

3. Which books would you recommend to other Read-a-thoners? 📖 Definitely try out reading graphic novels, they are so fast to read, a lot of fun and a great way to switch things up! Also reading the Stars Above novella collection was great!

4. How did you feel about this first-ever Reverse Readathon? Should we do it again? 📖UHM YES!!!! I had a lot of fun and this was my first ever Dewey’s too! I could never join before, but oh did I miss out on things, because yesterday was great!!

5. How likely are you to participate in the Read-a-thon again? Would you be interested in volunteering to help organize and prep in October? 📖 I should be free on October 20th, so far it looks like I will participate again! (if nothing else gets in the way)!

Talk Kopie

Are you participating in the Readathon? Would you like to spent 24 Hrs just reading? 📚

22 thoughts on “Dewey’s Summer 24 Hrs Readathon TBR (+ Updates)

  1. Oh I’m so happy you have Stars Above on your list here, I hope you’ll love that one, I thought it was such a lovely addition to the series 😀 I’m also curious to hear your thoughts on that Patrick Ness book, I’ve read it a little while ago and enjoyed it, but I feel like it’s Ness’ less loved book so far? From all the mixed reviews I’ve heard haha.
    Happy reading! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVED IT!! 💕 Ughhh it made me so sad that the Series is over now 😭 I still have Fairest and the Graphic Novels to read though! I definitely liked it a lot, but nothing will ever top A Monster Calls for me 😀 Have you read that one?
      Thank you! 🙂


  2. I really want to participate in a 24 hour readathon but I can’t stay awake that long hahaha. I think it’s really cool that your library had two Miss Peregrine’s graphic novels! I’ve never checked which graphic novels my library has but now you’ve got me thinking about it so I think I will 🙂 I hope you get a lot of reading done tonight/tomorrow and that you enjoy everything you read ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. OMG CONGRATULATIONS, CARO!! Personally I know I couldn’t get through 24 full hours of reading–my short attention span won’t let me. D: How was Stars Above!? I’ve read the first 3 Lunar Chronicles books but haven’t finished the series yet!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU!! I did sleep, so no full 24 Hours for me 😂 It’s definitely good to take breaks now and then, I really needed that! I really liked it, it was great to get a glimpse of the characters lives before the Series + one story about their time after the main books!


  4. Damn I came way too late! I would have loved to participate in a 24 hour Readathon! I definitely need it for myself! Also I still have yet to read the Miss Peregrine’s series and I still need to finish The Lunar Chronicles. And read Children of Blood and Bone. See, I told you I needed it for myself.

    Liked by 1 person

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