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Hello fellow bookwormsΒ πŸ“‹Β Two things I absolutely love are a) lists and b) books, so what would be better than a Tag that combines both of them? The lovely Swetlana @ thecaffeinatedbookwormlife tagged me for the Listicle Tag, so thank you so much πŸ’• I have been wanting to do another Tag for a while now (I recently created a list of all Tags I’ve been tagged in as I want to keep an overview and slowly do all of them!) and this one inspired me right away, so I decided to do it first 😍 It’s so creative as everyone creates a new prompt for their nominees, which means that there are so many possible lists!

The Rules

  • Create your own listicle tag, using the prompt from the person who tagged you.
  • Tag the creator of the post,Β not-so-modern-girl,Β so that I can read all your brilliant posts and see how the joy of listicles is being spread.
  • Nominate as many people as you want!
  • Set those people the subject/prompt of their listicle post

Trenn Kopie

You wake up on a deserted island. What are the five books you wish you had on you to keep you company and entertained?

I absolutely love the prompt that Swetlana choose, it immediately got me thinking which books would be perfect for my island vacation! Should I choose those that are light, or maybe long so they last me longer? After all I don’t know how long I’m on that island πŸ˜„ I wasn’t sure if I wanted to choose books I had already read or ones on my TBR, so I decided to pick outΒ 3 books to reread and 2 TBR books that would fit perfectly for a vacation on a lonely island.

1. Simon vs. the homosapiens Agenda (Becky Albertalli) πŸ–

This was one of the first books I immediately thought of when I read the prompt, because it fit so perfectly. I love Simon vs. the homosapiens agenda so much, it’s a fun comfort read that I would totally want to have with me on a relaxing day at the beach. Now this is a book that I can get through quite fast, but it’s totally worth it, because I could read Simon vs. all over again and have done so a few times.

I just couldn’t not pick it as a book, because this book would certainly keep me entertained throughout my time on a deserted island and wouldn’t fail to make me love and swoon! This is just one of those books that always puts you in a good mood wherever you are!

2. Sightwitch (Susan Dennard)Β πŸ–Β 

Would I even be on brand if I didn’t mention the Witchlands? Of course I need a Susan Dennard book with me on the island, the question was just which one! Now Sightwitch is on the shorter side, as it’s a novella to be read after Windwitch, but the reason I choose it is that I want to reread it so badly!

There are a lot of clues in this one that are relevant for the rest of the Series and I’m determined to uncover them all! What better way to do so, then when you’re on a deserted island and have lots of time to think? (I have paper and a pen right?) The fact that this is also told in such a unique style (with illustrations of all kinds, from maps to riddles and drawings) and has an adventure element, makes this the perfect book to take to my island trip!

Trenn Kopie

3. The Sword of Summer (Rick Riordan)Β πŸ–

I mean I had to choose a Rick Riordan book, as I adore all of his books so much and they are guaranteed to make me laugh. I choose my favorite book by him, which is the Magnus Chase Trilogy and since I can only pack one book, I decided to go with the first one – The Sword of Summer -, as it will always have a special place in my heart!

The Sword of Summer is probably one of his funniest book as well and since it has such great humor, it would definitely keep me laughing and entertained the entire time. The book is also over 500 pages long so I would have a lot to read, which is great, as no one knows how long I would be on said island! Magnus Chase himself also has to endure a lot of adventure which perfectly fits the overall “adventure” vibe of a deserted island that I’m stranded on!

4. To Kill a Kingdom (Alexandra Christo)Β πŸ–

I had to pick this book mainly because this gives me all the beach/ocean/island vibes, as it’s about sirens and the ocean!! I have been wanting to read this book for a while now, because I heard a lot of great Reviews, that also mentioned that this has a great hate-to love romance and convincing characters! Now I just hope that magically a copy appears on the island, as I don’t have one yet myself πŸ˜‚

I’m definitely intrigued by the book and I have high hopes that I will end up liking it, so it would be the perfect read for the island, especially with all the ocean (minus the sirens of course) nearby. It’s the perfect aesthetic to be honest and as much as I hate the heat, it would be great to lie in the sun and read this!

5. Blue Tide (Jenna-Lynne Duncan)Β πŸ–

I’ve never talked about this book before, which is such a shame, because I love the premise and it definitely deserves more attention! Now I haven’t read this myself, but I really want to and feel like Blue Tide is very underrated. At least I haven’t heard anyone else talk about it. I truly love discovering hidden gems and sharing them!

This book is about a girl called Lux stranded on an island with her family (which just fits perfectly with the prompt). She tries to get them away, but then she is kidnapped by pirates, who have a bigger enemy to defeat – one responsible for a lot of deaths. Lux has to figure out if she wants to help them! That sounds really intriguing to me and I’m already hooked! I have high hopes for this one and it’s the perfect beach read for sure.

Trenn Kopie

My Prompt is …

Oh no, it’s the Zombie Apocalypse! Which five characters would you want on your team to help you survive as long as possible?

I’m tagging a few people at to do this Tag (again, no pressure, you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to πŸ’•), but if my prompt sounds good to you feel free to do it as well and link back to me so I can see your list!

Talk Kopie

What books would you bring to an island? Which characters would you want on your Team? πŸ“‹

26 thoughts on “The Listicle Tag aka I love Lists and Books

  1. Ahhh what a fun tag, I love it so much! I’m happy to see To Kill A Kingdom here as well, I LOVED this book so much and I can’t wait for you to read it – hope you’ll love it πŸ˜€
    Thank you so much for tagging me πŸ˜€

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It was definitely great fun, but also hard to narrow it down to only 5 books 😱 I really look forward to reading it, especially as you talked so highly about it, which gives me high hopes I’ll like it too 😍
      You’re welcome ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh no, what an ABSOLUTE SUPRISE to see a particular book on your list, Caro! But I love that you’re staying on brand! ❀

    And YES to Simon VS! I could read that book a million times and not get tired of it. And those are exactly the kind of books you want on you whenever you're stuck in an unfortunate situation. And YES to Magnus Chase being super funny! I've really been enjoying this trilogy and can't wait to finish it hopefully by the end of the month! I can't wait to see how this story wraps up. And even more than that, I am SO happy to see all the diversity Rick Riordan included in this book and how casually it's integrated into the story. A+ move, sir!

    That's such a great prompt too, Caro! Let's see if I can think of five characters I'd want on my team. Do I have to choose between Cassian & Azriel or can I say them as a duo that count as one person? I feel like I'd be pretty well taken care of with these two fighting for me, actually? So maybe I don't even need five characters? Okay, but also Celaena – she would EASILY keep up with both of them (we're letting Feyre rest) oh and Inej? She could get all the intel we might need in a fight against zombies! That's four, right? Let's see. Wonder Woman. We'll take her. Yep! πŸ˜€

    Thanks for doing the tag, Caro! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well I have to stay on brand somehow πŸ˜‚πŸ’—

      I just love these books SO MUCH 😍 Simon vs. is one of the most rereadable books ever, I have already read it once at the beginning of this year, but I would totally be down for reading it again this year, as it’s just SO good! Same with the Magnus Chase books, they are so much fun and great to reread πŸ’— I hope you enjoy reading the last book!

      Ah yes, I love that you ended up answering the prompt!! I totally agree, I would definitely want the two Illyrians on my team + since I’m now finally reading TOG, I would be down for Celaena to fight for me! (because I wouldn’t survive otherwise xD) That also really reminds me that I have to read Six of Crows sometime 😱

      Thank you for tagging me πŸ’—πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

      1. CARO. HOW HAVE YOU NOT READ SIX OF CROWS YET???? But also, I was going to do a complete Grishaverse reread before King Of Scars (which comes out in January) comes out so if you wanna buddy read any of it, let me know. πŸ™‚

        Also, Celeana would kick some MAJOR ASS, let me tell you. She is SO GOOD, especially later on after she gets more training in and stuff. I’D RUN THE OTHER FUCKING WAY if I came across her!

        Thank you for doing the tag! ❀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I KNOW, I KNOW 😱😱 I would LOVE to do a buddy read with you! πŸ’—πŸ’— I did read Shadow and Bone earlier this year (oh god that would be March), but I haven’t read books 2 +3 yet!

        I would definitely want her on my team, having now read Throne of Glass! She’s also smart, so that’s even better! πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  3. What a fun tag!! And I’d totally bring a Rick Riordan book if I was deserted, I’d probably bring the whole HoO series πŸ˜‚. I would have so much fun listing my candidates to escort me through zombie apocalypse, thank you so much for tagging me Caro πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great picks for this tag Caro. πŸ™‚ Simon Vs would be a book I’d take with me to a deserted island because it’s the kind of book I can read over and over without getting bored. Something I think would be important given you’re not sure how long you’d be stranded there for. (The same can be said for anything Rick Riordan has written as well).
    Great post and great picks for this prompt as well. πŸ™‚ ❀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Simon vs. is definitely a book that I can read over and over and over without growing tired of it, so it’s the perfect book to keep you company πŸ™‚ These kinds of books are truly the best ones to take on a deserted island with you πŸ˜€
      Thank you πŸ’•β€

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Bringing some books to reread is a good idea as you’d hate to get stuck with five books you didn’t like! I bought the first magnus chase book recently as I keep hearing great things so I’m really glad to hear you loved it

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Oh, I really hope you love To Kill a Kingdom, Caro! ❀ I really enjoyed it, which is rare for me, when it comes to hyped books. And every time I see Rick Riordan, I feel the urge to binge the PJO series, I really need to get to his books one of these days, hehe.

    This is a wonderful post, I really enjoyed reading it! And thanks so much for tagging me, this looks like so much fun. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I have high hopes for this book, as everyone seems to love it so much ❀ I can only highly recommend Rick Riordan, he writes so many funny books and PJO is definitely the right Series to start with πŸ˜„

    Thank you! πŸ’— Let me know if you end up doing the Tag sometime πŸ™‚


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