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Read with me // DEARathon


Hello fellow bookworms 🍂 I decided to do a little bit different for my second post of the week, which is why it’s later than usual. Recently the DEARathon was announced by LittleBookOwl and Little Red Reader, prompting me to participate and document my experience! It’s like a reading vlog, only that I’m blogging it … what do you call that? Reading Blog?? I just went with “Read with Me” 😄 The DEARathon is all about what the name already suggests: Drop everything and read. It’s a very spontaneous Readathon that gets announced with very little to no notice (it’s surprising I’m even participating, as I’m the least spontaneous person ever). There are no challenges and anything during the Readathon will be announced with little notice as well. The Readathon either starts on Midnight in your timezone or Midnight PST (check your start time here! I’ll go with this option, as this is 9am for me aka the perfect time) Check out the Twitter and Video below, they explain it way better than I can


Trenn Kopie

Thursday, September 6th

The Readathon is starting! Now I won’t ONLY read (but I guess that’s not what the Readathon strictly demands, it’s about doing your best), because I have to revise daily and I also have to set up more of my new flat on Saturday, but in between I want to focus more in reading than I did in the last days 💕


As I’m NOT a Morning person, I didn’t get any reading done before lunch, especially as I  got up too late and then had to help my mom with something. But I did finish a Review I had been working on the previous day, so that was a success! More exciting was that I finally switched to my new phone! My old one was pretty much done for (I’ve had it for 5 years) and when there was a sale on the one I wanted I went for it! Finally I can download all the apps again and everything is working, it’s the best feeling 😍

Like I said, next up was revising for the dreaded oral exam in about 2 weeks and I did it directly after lunch, knowing I wouldn’t do it later if I read now 😅


Then it was finally time for some well deserved coffee. While I was making this I was listening to the audiobook of My Plain Jane (started at chapter 17) and got about 3 chapters more into it. My reading progress with the audiobook has been slow ever since Tuesday, when I listened to a lot of it, but that’s because I was deep into trying to finish the Illuminae books which are 600ish pages each. After that I finally got more of Gemina read (I started at 20%) in my new reading spot as we just got a new couch and it’s SO comfy. The picture shows my new favorite part of the house, I could honestly lie down here forever and read + sleep all day. Afterwards I watched a bit of Orphan Black + One Day at a Time with my friend Sandra, as we do everyday 💕

Then it was back to getting snacks and reading all evening. Once I started getting into the book I really couldn’t stop so I ended up staying up too late (like it’s usually the case, no wonder I’m not a morning person) and finished it! I think it must have been 1:30 – 2am when I finished, but it was so worth it as I absolutely loved the book! I ended up giving it 5 stars like the first book in the Series!


🎧 3 Chapters of My Plain Jane on Audiobook

📖 80% of the e-book for Gemina (~ 538 pages)

Beverage Count

Coffee: ☕☕☕

Tea: 🍵

Trenn Kopie

Friday, September 7th

I think it has become obvious by now that I get most of my reading done in the afternoon and evening, as I’m usually busy (either with sleep or other appointments) in the morning and forcing myself to revise early (so I don’t procrastinate) makes for a later reading start. I have really begun to develop a lot of habits, that are mostly increasing my productivity (now if I only could get myself to get up early).


Today, I didn’t sleep in for once, as I headed to the city with my mom and grandmother. After having some coffee to wake up myself, we ran a few errands and then went out for delicious Chinese Food, I hadn’t been to the restaurant in a while, so I was happy to eat as much of the yummy food from the buffet as I could! Overall, I had a good time, but I obviously didn’t read anything and instead socialized with the family!


That also resulted in me getting back a bit late and having to revise first, because you know my exam is in 2 weeks, so I better get everything right now. (Wish me luck) Like usually, I ended up having coffee and snacking on some oatmeal (I LOVE oatmeal with yoghurt it’s the best) and  then started to read Obsidio, as I had just finished Gemina the previous night! I’m binge reading these books and I’m loving the experience so far. Sadly this is the last book in the Series, but I very much enjoy the unique formatting and impactful story that it told! I honestly ended up just sitting in my new spot on the couch and reading as much as I could, before I resumed my daily watching with Sandra ♥


In the end I got to 40% of Obsidio, but I couldn’t stay up too late as I had to get up early the next day, as we were getting more things done in my new flat! I also ended up watching Book Roast’s NEWT wrap up, because I haven’t watched a lot of Youtube lately, I have either been reading, scrolling through Tumblr or watching TV Shows. It was nice to watch something before going to bed, as I’m very much behind on watching all the Booktube videos.


🎧 1 Chapter of My Plain Jane on Audiobook

📖 40% of the e-book for Obsidio (~ 246 pages)

Beverage Count

Coffee: ☕☕

Hot Chocolate: 🥛

Trenn Kopie

Saturday, September 8th

(I got up early again, I’m not pleased) Like planned, I headed out to the city I live in during university and resumed getting my new flat all set up! There is a lot to be done like cleaning it out and next week we’ll move all the furniture in, so it will be a while before I’m all finished. Getting my new flat set up took so much longer than I anticipated. We arrived at about 10:30 and left at 14:00, and with 1 hour drive we were home by a little after 15:00, meaning a lot of time gone. I did listen to My Plain Jane while I was alone, cleaning up, but when my parents arrived, I couldn’t because they were talking and I also had a minor crisis about moving, because it has been 2 years since my last move.


ALSO: As you can see, my preorder of Wildcard has already arrived 😍 It’s ten days early and I honestly have never had this much luck with a preorder before!! 💕

Then finally: reading. I skipped out on studying because I was too worn from the whole cleanup and it was already so late, so I couldn’t concentrate on it or motivate myself for anything. Instead I had coffee and read my book on the couch, which was so comfortable I could have fallen asleep there and then. Later on I watched TV again (with yummy couscous salad, as I didn’t eat any lunch) – having Sandra as my watch buddy is really improving my attempt to catch up with a lot of Shows 💗💕


I DID FINISH OBSIDIO! That’s the most important update, as I was really trying to finish up reading the Series and I did it! Like the books before I very much enjoyed Obsidio. I found that it was a great conclusion that left me very happy, so I gave it 5 stars as well! However, I think out of all the books Illuminae is still my favorite, as it was the first I read and the premise gripped me the most!


I also finally colored into one of my coloring books again, while listening to My Plain Jane, which is a good way  to spend my evening. I got to chapter X out of 40, so I’m kind of happy with my progress, even though I would have loved to finish it during the Readathon. I now have about 2 Hours to go for My Plain Jane, as ever since reading a lot on Tuesday, I have not gotten far as. To be fair I have read about 1200 pages of book 2 + 3 of the Illuminae Files, so there’s that.


🎧 13 Chapter of My Plain Jane on Audiobook

📖 60% of the e-book for Obsidio (~ 369 pages)

Beverage Count

Coffee: ☕☕☕

Tea: 🍵

Trenn Kopie


Total Books Read 📖 2 (Obsidio – 100%, Gemina 80%)

Partial Books Read 📖 1 (My Plain Jane, 6 Chapters to go)

Pages Read 📖 538 + 615

Listened to (My Plain Jane) 🎧 17 Chapters

OveralI had a lot of fun during the Readathon and would definitely do it again, if I have time when they announce the next one! I like the idea of prioritizing reading as much as you can during the Readathon and I hope they will do the next on relatively soon, even though with the DEARathon you cannot tell when. After all the Readathon is about being spontaneous. We’ll see if I have luck with the next date, but I had a great experience and got a lot of reading done, so if I have time, count me in.

Talk Kopie

Do you like participating in Readathons? How are your daily reading habits? When do you get most reading done? 🍂


12 thoughts on “Read with me // DEARathon

  1. I also participated in the DEARathon this weekend! I loved participating and will definitely participate in more in the future (this was my first readathon ever!)
    It really helped me to focus on reading, and the little adventure quest on the last day was great fun! I loved participating in it on Twitter.
    I only managed to finish one book that I’d started before the readathon and start and get about 210 pages into another book, but I think it’s more than I would’ve read this weekend!
    I love the idea of documenting the readathon in a blog post, I may try to do something similar next time! I’m glad you enjoyed it!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m happy to hear that! I had such a great time and I’m sad I missed the adventure quest on Twitter, but it was a cool idea that the hosts put so much effort into 💕
      That’s definitely a lot and any progress made is important, so I think you did great! 🙂
      I would love to read that post if you decide to do it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I did Gemina 1/2 audio and 1/2 reading. I wanted to see how each experience differed. They both have their pluses. I space my % out over the week depending on when I need to finish the book. I usually read two books at a time – 25% in the morning and 25% in the evening of each book. Sometimes if I read one book, I can get it done in two days. Thanks for sharing how your readathon evolved. ❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh that’s certainly cool to see! I hear that a lot of people really like the audiobooks for the Series as well 🙂 That’s actually a really cool way to get a lot of reading done, I really have to try this out myself as it seems very helpful! 🙂 Thank you for reading 💕


  3. This sounds like a really fun readathon, I wish I’d known about it because I would have loved to take part, but maybe I can keep an eye out for it next year or during another month and take part then. 🙂 Obsidio and Gemina are amazing, I’m glad you enjoyed them, and have you finished My Plain Jane yet? I was as much of a fan of that one as I was My Lady Jane but I hope you enjoyed it.
    My reading habits pretty much revolve around my commute to and from work, two hours in the morning and two hours in the evening because when I’m home that’s when I catch up on blogging! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would definitely recommend following their Twitter, so you know when they announce the next Readathon, as it was a lot of fun to participate in it for sure! 🙂 I loved both of them so much and I’m glad that I decided to give this Series a chance 😍 I didn’t like My Plain Jane as much as the first book, sadly 😦 It was good but not 5 stars like the first one 😮

      Oh that’s a long commute, but at least you can use the time to read 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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