Review: Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

Goodreads – Amazon – Book Depository CW’s: Violence, Torture? Nova's double life is about to get a lot more complicated: As Insomnia, she is a full-fledged member of the Renegades, a syndicate of powerful and beloved superheroes. She works with Adrian's patrol unit to protect the weak and maintain order in Gatlon City. As Nightmare, she is an Anarchist—a… Continue reading Review: Archenemies by Marissa Meyer

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Most Anticipated 2019 Releases (Jan-June)💕

Hello fellow bookworms 📖 I'm a bit late with my most anticipated releases list, because I went on a hiatus. You could say that studying sucked the life out of me when all I wanted to do was read and blog all day long 😅 Then I entered my internship, so this post sadly got pushed… Continue reading Most Anticipated 2019 Releases (Jan-June)💕

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I’m joining #YARC2019 🐍 Signup, TBR & Updates

Hello fellow bookworms 💖 I was so excited when I saw the #YARC announcement, but due to my hiatus and exams I couldn't immediately write-up my sign-up post and TBR even though I was itching to do that, because I was SO excited!!! I love reading challenges and this one sounded SO good and was… Continue reading I’m joining #YARC2019 🐍 Signup, TBR & Updates


Review: Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard

Goodreads – Amazon – Book Depository CW’s: Blood, Violence Fans of Susan Dennard's New York Times bestselling Witchlands series have fallen in love with the Bloodwitch Aeduan. And now, finally, comes his story. High in a snowy mountain range, a monastery that holds more than just faith clings to the side of a cliff. Below, thwarted by a lake, a bloodthirsty horde of… Continue reading Review: Bloodwitch by Susan Dennard


Tackling that Series 🌼 Series Crackdown TBR

Hello fellow bookworms 🌼 It's time for the Series Crackdown again! If you don’t know, the Series Crackdown Readathon is hosted and created by the lovely Mel @ thebookmoo. The Readathon is 10 days long and all about getting to that unfinished Series that have been sitting on your shelf for ages! The current round (round 6!!) is running from February 15th… Continue reading Tackling that Series 🌼 Series Crackdown TBR

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What I’ve been up to in January ❄ LOTS of Studying & Mental Health Books

Hello fellow bookworms ❄ Hello it's me and I'm back 🎉🎉🎉 As I announced on Twitter, I took a hiatus for most of January due to exam season, which was super intense this time and left me with little time and no motivation to do much. At first it was meant as a semi-hiatus, but because… Continue reading What I’ve been up to in January ❄ LOTS of Studying & Mental Health Books