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Characters that have Big Hufflepuff Energy


Hello fellow bookworms 💛 It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly meme which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! Make sure to check out the Goodreads Group as well 🌺 This week’s topic is Characters That Embody Your Hogwarts House. Here is what this is all about:

Discuss some of your favorite characters that you feel would share your Hogwarts house. These don’t need to be Houses that have been confirmed by the author; this is in your opinion 🙂

In case you didn’t know my Hogwarts House is Hufflepuff 💛 (any fellow Hufflepuffs raise your hands in the comments!), though I always had a soft spot for Slytherin, as it’s such an interesting house that sorely got mistreated in the books 🐍 However, at heart I am truly a Hufflepuff so I have recently embraced my house pride and am always happy to do more house themed posts! For instance, in the last T5W I did I talked about the perfect books for Hufflepuffs! 💗 I’m super excited for this weeks topic, as it allows me to showcase some fictional characters that I feel have a lot of Hufflepuff energy to themselves and could be sorted in the house! Like the description says, this is just my interpretation of which house I personally see the characters in 😊

Hufflepuff Qualities

You might belong in Hufflepuff,
Where they are just and loyal,
Those patient Hufflepuffs are true,
And unafraid of toil.
The Sorting Hat

💛 Dedication 💛 Hardworking 💛 Fairness

💛 Patience 💛 Kindness 💛 Tolerance

💛 Modesty 💛 Loyalty

Let's Talk (2)

Characters that embody Hufflepuff House 💛

Shoutout to my fave Canon Hufflepuff 💗💕💖


1. Adrian Everheart (Renegades) 💛 My precious boy!!! I love Adrian especially because he is such a kind, loyal friend and in general an absolute sweetheart who always cares about others. That makes him the perfect Hufflepuff for me, because he is so soft for his friends and would do everything for them! He is also really concerned with Gatlon City being safe for everyone, which is why he is working very hard to protect everyone by assuming the identity of the Sentinel, even when he was is being considered a troublemaker for it. To Adrian it’s more important that he can help, than that he is considered a hero and be praised for his actions. I love how dedicated he is to what is important to him and that showcases what a great Hufflepuff he makes! (Bonus points because I love soft Hufflepuffs that fall in love with sharp Slytherins aka. Nova)

2. Magnus Chase (The Sword of Summer) 💛 It was immediately clear to me that Magnus represented a lot of Hufflepuff qualities to me personally! For once here we have another person who is an absolute softie for his friends. Friendship and family are very important to Magnus, he cares deeply for his long time friends Blitzen and Hearthstone as well as for his new friend Samirah and his hallmates. He is a very loyal person in general and would never turn his back on his friends, no matter how much others forces might try to tempt him. Magnus is also a giant dork, but a very lovable one, as he might make some mistakes and says dumb things, but he has a good heart and is open to learning from his mistakes.

3. Alina Starkov (Grisha Trilogy) 💛 I’m totally claiming Alina as a Hufflepuff and absolutely no one can stop me. I love my girl so much, she deserves all the recognition and love! What I like about Alina the most is her dedication to stopping the Darkling and how she is always working so hard to take care of everything and try to save Ravka. She certainly doesn’t have it easy, as there is a lot of weight on her shoulders, but Alina pushes through, because she knows that the people need her and she is determined not to give up. I love her inner strength and especially relate to her strong loyalty (even though not everyone deserves it), that she displays! Alina shows that Hufflepuffs can totally be the Chosen Ones and the ones that save the world as well and are capable of great things!

4. Julie/Verity (Code Name Verity) 💛 I feel like all of the Code Name Verity girls could totally be Hufflepuffs, because they are all very strong and loyal to their friends. Especially Julie is showing a lot of undying loyalty, even though it doesn’t seem like it at first (you will know what exactly I mean if you have read the book, because this quality is shown especially in the end). What I can definitely say without spoilers is that Julie cares SO much about her best friend Maddie and would to everything to protect her, both girls make a “sensational” team and their friendship is among the strongest I have read about. These two girls are definitely soul mates! In general, Julie is a very strong person in an impossibly difficult situation (caught as a spy by the Nazis) that doesn’t know if she will ever get home.

5. Wylan Van Eck (Six of Crows) 💛 It looks like the Grishaverse has a lot of great Hufflepuffs to offer! Even though it is so hard to pick a favorite, I would say that Wylan is my favorite character from Six of Crows, mainly because I relate to him so much. He is basically in panic all the time and didn’t sign up to become part of this grand heist and other illegal happenings. He is a soft boy with a lot of morality that isn’t that well-placed in the Dregs. Wylan is also very kind and modest, he is just a very good guy even though he has been treated terribly unfair by his family. Yet he still values loyalty and would never betray his friends, not even when he at first doesn’t truly fit in and is rather inexperience with crime.

6. Annith (Mortal Heart) 💛 Annith is totally a Hufflepuff as well, because she is such a hardworking person and always tried to improve and be the best in the convent. As a daughter of Mortain (god of death), she always strived to become his best assassin and be worthy of him. Annith is very loyal to him and did everything to be allowed to go on a mission for him. I love how dedicated she is and how she would stop at nothing to go out and serve her master, even when she was being held back by literally everyone and was supposed to stay behind. Annith is also incredibly loyal to her two sisters and friends and absolutely does not like unfairness, like the one she experience when she was not chosen for a mission and supposed to forever oversee the convent instead of doing what she felt was her fate.


7. Dirk Gently (Dirk Gently’s Detective Agency) 💛 MY SUNSHINE BOY! So Dirk is actually from a TV Show, but it is based on a book, so I will count it! I also needed to mention him, because he is 100% a pure Hufflepuff and an incredibly kind cinnamon roll. Dirk is one of those absolutely pure characters, that are just plain nice and therefore often get mistreated when other people take advantage of them and their kind soul. However, even after everything he went through Dirk remains a very loyal friend whose greatest fear is that someone he loves gets hurts because of him. Basically, Dirk owns my heart and I relate to him so so much, that it hurts me that this show was cancelled too soon 😭 Dirk deserves all the love for being such an incredibly modest person, who just wants to be a detective and help other people!

8. Amari (Children of Blood and Bone) 💛 Looking through my books got me thinking who else could make a great Hufflepuff and then it came to me: Amari! She is a very, very kind person who honestly just wants her loved ones to be happy, even after everything that happens. What I especially like about her, is that fairness is very important to her,e specially as her family has caused a lot of harm, something that she wants to make up for by helping to bring back magic. What makes her so endearing is that she is often also afraid and therefore very human, but ultimately pushes through and overcomes her fears. She is very dedicated to making things right and she honestly would make a fantastic queen, something I want to see in future books!

My sunshine boy!! 💖

Let's Talk (1)

What Hogwarts House are you in? Are you a fellow Hufflepuff? What are some characters that you feel represent your house well? 💛


33 thoughts on “Characters that have Big Hufflepuff Energy

  1. Wylan is SUCH a Hufflepuff!! I love the idea of Alina being a Hufflepuff too – I’d say she definitely fits there! And Amari would go there as well, with her dedication to fairness and kindness 😀 Newt Scamander is, of course, the best canon Hufflepuff in existence. I adore him 💛 I’m a Ravenclaw, but I’ve always considered Hufflepuff my secondary house!

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    1. YES he is, my precious boy, I love him!! 😍 I really see some strong Hufflepuff traits in Alina and I cannot wait to see what is up next for her Amari, they are such great characters 💛 OMG yes, I love Newt so much, so happy to have a great hero be in Hufflepuff 😊 Oh I feel that, but in reverse, I’m a Hufflepuff, but Ravenclaw is totally my secondary house 😄


  2. I’m a Slytherin who has a soft spot for Hufflepuff, so clearly we’re a good match 💕 This list is so good! I wouldn’t have thought to put Amari and Alina in Hufflepuff, but they’re both totally perfect fits. So is Annith, based on the little I’ve seen of her. I’ve only read Grave Mercy so far, but I’m (not so) patiently waiting for Mortal Heart to arrive in the mail. I’m so excited to continue reading the series! 😊

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    1. Omg yes, the best match 💛💚 I feel like they could fit in several houses, but I totally saw a lot of Hufflepuff traits in them and I also love them, so I had to put them on the list 😊 Ohhh I hope you like the rest of the Series! You see a lot more of her in Mortal Heart, so I hope you enjoy it! 😄

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  3. “He is a soft boy with a lot of morality that isn’t that well-placed in the Dregs. Wylan is also very kind and modest, he is just a very good guy even though he has been treated terribly unfair by his family.” THIS. This is so true. Wylan is such a cinnamon roll and I’m sad that I didn’t mention him in my own post. He deserves to be mentioned. I’m so glad that he’s your favorite character because he doesn’t get enough love in the fandom. He is very sweet and 10/10 would look great in yellow and black. Great list!

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  4. I agree with Amari and Wylan, they’re quintessential Hufflepuffs. I’m more unsure about Alina (she’s quite power-hungry and I don’t really see that as an hufflepuff thing? But it was induced by the amplifiers, so I’m not sure it even counts) but after reading your explanation I can see that. Great list!

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    1. Yes, both are the most amazing Hufflepuffs 💛 I can certainly see Alina in different houses as well (she does change in the books of course), but I’m glad that I could explain why I also see her in Hufflepuff a bit 🙂 Thank you!!

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  5. *raises hand and also starts to fly Hufflepuff banner* YAY FOR HUFFLEPUFFS! I just found out I was a Hufflepuff a few months ago after feeling uncomfortable as a Ravenclaw and it’s so liberating lol! I have a lot of house pride now. I definitely agree about Wylan! He’s a totally Hufflepuff. Alina, too, although I haven’t finished the Six of Crows duology or the Grisha series so I gotta catch up on those. Such a fun post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE 💛💛💛 Oh yes, I thought I was a Ravenclaw for a while too, as I share lots of traits, but in the end my heart is full of Hufflepuff 😄 Wylan is such a soft Hufflepuff, maybe that’s why I loved him so much 😊 I hope you manage to catch up with them, it’s definitely worth it!! Thank you 💛

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  6. I love this post Caro, possibly because I am a Hufflepuff myself. ❤
    When it comes to Hufflepuff characters Newt is always going to be my favourite but you've featured some of my favourite book characters in this post as well. Wylan is definitely Hufflepuff, I feel like in Six of Crows he's a lone Hufflepuff surrounded by Slytherin characters. Same goes for Adrian now I think about it. 😀
    Great post. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you, Beth!! (and yes join us Hufflepuff 💛)
      Ohhh I love Newt so much and I’m so happy that we have such a fantastic canon Hufflepuff character who is also a hero, really repping the house well! 😍 Oh Wylan is totally the token Hufflepuff in a group full of Slytherins 😄 Adrian is a very soft Hufflepuff 😊
      Thank you! 💛

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  7. Fellow Hufflepuff here! And YES Julie, my girl! ❤ I feel like she could also easily be Gryffindor, because what she goes through in that book is the definition of courage and determination, but I think it's ultimately her love for Maddie that *drives* that bravery, so Hufflepuff definitely fits!

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  8. Hey Caro!!
    I love this post SO much! I’ve always been a Hufflepuff no matter which HP sorting quiz I do hahaha. I am so glad that you have the GIF of Newt there. He is so adorable and he is one of my fav Hufflepuffs of all time!!!
    I absolutely adore Wylan from Six of Crows too. Although I love all the characters from Six of Crows, Wylan is probably one of my favs haha 🙂
    Also this is unrelated but I am wondering if you are doing Camp Nanowrimo in April 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahh thank you so much! and YES a fellow Hufflepuff 💛💛 I absolutely adore Newt as well, he is such a soft and kind soul, perfectly representing the best of the House! I feel like Wylan is also my fave character from Six Crows even though it is so hard to choose a favorite 😄 Yes, I’m planning to do so!! 💗 I’m a bit worried because I will be so busy, but I really want to work on revising my WIP! Will you be participating as well?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Glad to hear that you’ll be doing camp nano! Is this the same project that you were working on during Nanowrimo? I will be revising as well. Right now I am part of a cabin that is still looking for members so let me know if you want to join!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Looks like we will both be doing revisions haha 🙂 glad to hear that you would like to join our cabin. We can cheer each other on! I added you to the cabin. You will just have to accept the invite 🙂

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