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Hello fellow bookworms 📝 It’s time for WRITING again! Well not writing, but revising in my case, but nevertheless I’m very excited to get in my writing cave again 😍 I have to admit that I have not prioritized writing the first two months of 2019, because I have been SO busy with exams and then my internship, but I did NaNoPrep in March to finally get back to writing again, so here we are now! April might be a pretty busy month for me (I’m going on vacation, classes start again and I will start my part-time internship in the middle of the month), but I really want to use the chance to do something for writing during Camp NaNo again! As much as I love NaNoWriMo, I like that the Camps in April and July allow you to set your own goals, no matter if you choose to track pages, words or time. This works very well for me now, as I NEED to revise my WIP Intoxicated, as I didn’t get to it last year & I’m still sad, as I finished it almost a year ago 😰 However, now that Camp NaNo is around the corner, it’s THE perfect chance to make a dent in revising my first draft as there is a lot to be done (due to me always and still  being in the learning process)!

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My book is about WITCHES in an urban fantasy setting! They are chosen by a  god, which gives them the ability to use magic. There’s a focus on European Witches which ingest potions to fully use their powers. Furthermore, there are two rivaling covens, who are told to have been split as a punishment by their god and are now the black sheep among all witches. The book centers around a Big Tournament to determine the Master, who’s the leader of the witch community and is supposed to unite the two covens. Our Protagonist, who has lived in exile since her father was banned, must participate to save him when he’s kidnapped by the rivaling coven!

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Camp NaNo Plans 

Let’s go CAMPING

As you might have gathered already, it’s REVISING TIME for me, as I have been procrastinating it for too long. I’m a bit ashamed that I haven’t done this yet, as I finished most of my WIP in November 2017 (completely finished the book April 2018) and I still haven’t gone farther with it yet 😅 Howver, that ends now, as I’m ready to tackle this revision head on and maybe even do a little during July (?)


My Goal 📝 Like last time (if you can remember) I will be aiming to work on my project 60 minutes (meaning 1 hour) per day! I know that last time this wasn’t ideal for me, because I love to get ahead and do more, but by tracking time this simply isn’t as easy as with words. However, I really want to use Camp NaNo, because of the unique feature to track something different from words and set my own goals, as it’s perfect for editing! I also really, really need that push to edit, because I kep procrastinating it all year in 2018 until it was too late and the end of the year stress caught up with me. This is going to be different in 2019, so I try to work 1800 minutes (30 hours) in total on my revision process!

How will I be editing? 📝 This is always the big question, but I will mainly be following two revision guides that sound like they could work very well for me personally! I tried to narrow it down and not try to do all the different editing processes at once. I already read Susan Dennard’s revision process that she shares on her website and it’s really good and structured with worksheets and different lessons. As I like it organized this sounds perfect for me to start and gives me a bit of safety as this is my first time ever editing something.

I also recently discovered Madeline Bartson’s blog where she shares a lot of amazing writing/creativity advice, including her in-depth revision process! I loved it a lot and felt like it offered even more different ideas to organize your edits that I hadn’t found in the other articles, so I had to incorporate it as my second revision guideline! I highly recommend that you check out her blog, she has so much great content out there and is a very lovely person! Madeline really made me want to prioritize writing again and has so many great posts on how to set goals, that it encouraged me to incorporate writing into my life, as I have always struggles with that. Now I feel so much better and like I can totally do this! This blog is so motivating and inspiring 💛

My revision resources 📝

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Are you participating in Camp NaNo? If yes: what is your goal? If no: what are you currently working on? 📝


13 thoughts on “Revision Time 📝Camp NaNo Plans

  1. GOOD LUCK with your revisions!!! I love that with the NaNo Camps you can set your goals to hours spent, since otherwise it’s hard to keep track of revising. And these revision resources look really helpful – I never feel like I know what I’m doing when it comes to that, so I’ll definitely be checking these out! 😀

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    1. Thank you so much!! 💕 Oh yes, I’m so grateful that they have that option as tracking words would be hard for revision! I hope the resources help! I have been trying them out recently to at least halfway know what I’m doing 😄


  2. Ahhh so exciting! I really LOVE your WIP, well what I know of it and can’t wait to hear more about it, Caro ❤ Best of luck for your revisions. I love Madeline's blog and resources SO much just as well, she's so inspiring! ❤

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  3. Good luck with Camp NaNo this time around Caro. 🙂 ❤ Will you be posting about your progress as the month goes on? I've never got around to the revising phase of one of my WIPs so I'd be interested in hearing more about your Camp NaNo journey this month.
    I'm taking part in Camp NaNo in April too, I've set myself a word count because like you I haven't really prioritized writing this year so far and I need to get back into it.
    Good luck with your goal, I'm sure you'll be able to stick to it, and I hope you have a good Camp NaNo month. 🙂 ❤

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    1. Thank you so much, Beth! 😊💕 I will be doing an update in the first week of May and maybe share something on Twitter! 😄 I will definitely be sharing my progress with revising, as it is the first time for me too!
      Good luck with Camp NaNo, I hope you manage to write a lot! 😊
      Thank you so much!! 💕😊

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  4. Omg I literally squealed when I saw your aesthetic lol IT’S GORGEOUS!!! Also, rivaling covens sounds amazing. Then I kept reading this post and now I’m smiling like an idiot/crying haha. 💛 You are so lovely! I’m glad that my blog played a part in inspiring you to prioritize your passion. You are absolutely going to crush Camp NaNo! And if you ever need a beta reader, sign me up!! 🙂

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