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Most Anticipated Releases for the rest of the year πŸ’–

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Hello fellow bookwormsΒ πŸ’– Once again, I’m a bit late with my most anticipated releases list, because I was all over the place in June with my internship and reports to writeΒ πŸ˜…Β That’s especially sad, because wiring these anticipated releases lists is one of my favorite things to do in general! Therefore, I had to catch up on writing this post and it felt so good to get all excited about the upcoming releases while I was doing that 😍 2019 has been a fantastic year for new books so far

Today I will talk about what the remaining 2019 Releases I’m super excited for, because *gasp* it’s already July, meaning we have reached the halfway point of this year already 😱 This is Part 2 of my annual anticipated releases list and covers theΒ releases from July to December! I have aboutΒ 14 books on this list, surprisingly not as much as for the first half of the year, because I mentioned 23 books back then. That’s not too bad, as I still have to catch up on a lot of them πŸ˜„ Like last time IΒ linked to the Goodreads pages of the book (just click on the cover) and have tried to include the representation some books offer as best as I could without actually having read the book, please correct me if I have gotten anything wrong 😊

Me halfway through the year, still trying to keep up with all the releases

Check out my Anticipated Releases for the first half of the yearΒ πŸ’–

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1. The Storm Crow (Kalyn Josephson) 🌷 Published: July 9th

πŸ’– Depression Rep

  • The Strom Crow is already out now and my friend Swetlana offered to send me her copy because I wanted to read it, so clearly she’s the best πŸ’• The book’s worldbuilding is centered around magical, elemental crows (can I please have my own magical crow as well, that would be amazing) and them getting taken away when another empire invades (poor crows). This synopsis also mentions that this book will have depression representation and I’m very excited to be seeing more mental health representation in Fantasy, because we always need more of that in books! I’ll read this for the NEWT Readathon in August πŸ˜„

2. The Downstairs Girl (Stacey Lee) 🌷 Expected Publication: August 13th

πŸ’– Chinese MC

  • August and July aren’t release heavy months for me, but I did find one August release that I was getting excited about! The Downstairs Girl is YA historical fiction (always searching for more of that) and about a young Chinese girl who is a maid by day, but secret columnist by night who addresses society’s problems. When her writing gets more popular, she’s also facing a lot of backlash due to her gender and race and gets involved in the search for her past. There is also a ‘notorious criminal’ involved so this sounds like a wild ride, that will also address a lot of important topics. This is going to get good!


3. The Tyrant’s TombΒ (Rick Riordan) 🌷 Expected Publication: September 24th

πŸ’– Bisexual MC

  • Am I ready for this book? Probably not. The Burning Maze kind of destroyed me emotionally and took the Series down a darker path, so there is no guarantee that this fourth book isn’t going to end up hurting us even worse. Nevertheless, I’m excited because I LOVE the Series so much and I’m craving the next book so badly, especially as they are usually released in May, but this one isn’t out till September 😭 I also cannot believe that the final book will already be released next year … how is this 5 book series already finished? I hope Rick Riordan will be doing another Series, no matter if it’s set in the Percy Jacksonverse or not!

4. A Match Made in Mehendi (Nandini Bajpai) 🌷 Expected Publication: September 10th

πŸ’– Indian-American MC

  • Initially this was on my maybe shelf, but as time went on the premise really grew on me! It’s about a young Indian American girl who has the ‘matchmaker gene’ of her family and uses it at her local high school, accidentally turning the hierarchy upside down when she brings the most popular boy and the wallflower together. This already makes it sound like such a fun but also intense book and I’m getting more excited about it! I mean even the cover screams fun, cute contemporary and will be perfect for when I’m in a mood for it 😊


5. Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo) 🌷 Expected Publication: October 1st

  • This is as far out of my comfort zone as it can get πŸ˜‚ I never read any thriller books (that’s more of my mom’s preferred genre, we are polar opposites and what kinds of books we prefer, but at least we both love reading), so this isn’t what I would usually reach for. However, I want to try out some new things from time to time and as this is written by Leigh Bardugo and I have loved all her books so far. That makes me hopeful that I might enjoy my dive out of my comfort zone. The premise itself sounds interesting as well after all, it’s all about mystery and a dark society. Please also note that this is Adult (more New Adult, as the MC is 20) and contains a lot of heavy themes. I do love that Leigh is getting to write NA/Adult as well now πŸ‘

6. Wayward Son (Rainbow Rowell) 🌷 Expected Publication: October 3rd

πŸ’– m/m romance

  • This is everything I never knew I wanted!! I love Carry On and was pretty satisfied with the ending, after all I’m always open to standalone fantasy books. I would have been fine if this had been just one book … but of course I’m not going to say no to aΒ  sequel πŸ˜‰ When Wayward Son was announced I was incredibly excited and I feel like the author has found a good way to continue the story by exploring what happens after you have saved the world and how that affects our heroes. I also wish to be reunited with my favorite adventure trio Simon, Baz and PennyΒ  (I love their dynamic). Carry On made me so happy, so I hope that Wayward Son will also become a comfort read for me πŸ’•

7. Rogue Heart (Axie Oh) 🌷 Expected Publication: October 8th

πŸ’–Β Set in futuristic Beijing, Korean MC’s

  • FINALLY!!! I read Rebel Seoul in 2016 as one of my first Arcs that I ever got, and I fell in love with it! It’s such an underrated book but ended up becoming one of my favorite reads of the year that got me so emotional over the characters and especially a bit more open ending. I was so sad because I wanted a sequel, but it didn’t seem like it was possible. BUT THEN!!!!! This was announced as a companion novel to Rebel Seoul, set a few years after the events of the first book, following one of the secondary characters! I’M SCREAMING! Justice has been served, it’s what this book deserves! I’m so happy that we are getting another book even when I thought it wouldn’t ever happen! πŸ˜­πŸ’•πŸ’—

Let's Talk (2)

8. The Burning White (Brent Weeks) 🌷 Expected Publication: October 22nd

  • Let’s not mention the fact that I still haven’t read past book 2 πŸ˜‚ Seriously though, I’m excited that the final book in the Series will be out this year, because I really liked the first two books. This isn’t the Series to binge read (800+ page books that take me at least a week+ to read), but I plan to slowly make my way through it and savor the books that way πŸ‘ Naturally, I haven’t looked at the synopsis as it’ll spoil the previous books, but that cover is looking cool, I like the color around the person in contrast with the black and white of the background!

9. Full Disclosure (Camryn Garrett) 🌷 Expected Publication: October 29th

πŸ’– Black HIV+ MC, LGBTQ Rep

  • I’m super interested in reading Full Disclosure because it deals with a teen living with HIV and I have never really read a book about this topic before. I feel like this has the potential to be a very impactful and important read for gaining more visibility for HIV+ people, especially teens! I’m also impressed that the author sold this book when she was seventeen, that makes it likely that she really gets what it’s like to be a teenager and that’s always something I like to see in books πŸ‘ I have really high hopes for this book and I’m very happy to see that it’s coming to us.

10. A River of Royal Blood (Amanda Joy) 🌷 Expected Publication: October 29th

πŸ’–Β North-African Inspired Fantasy, Black MC’s

  • I feel like this could be everything I was hoping Three Dark Crowns would be πŸ˜… (I gave up on this Series, because it wasn’t going in a direction I liked and promised me something other than it delivered). I see a lot of potential in A River of Royal Blood, because it sounds like a fast-paced intense fantasy story about two sisters who have to fight each other for the crown. I’m a big fan of competition stories and feel like this one can raise a lot of great questions about love vs. survival. There also seems to be magic and fey involved, so this is going to be good 😍


11. The Toll (Neal Shusterman) 🌷 Expected Publication: November 5th

  • Thinking about this being the finale of the Scythe Trilogy fills me with a lot of fear for my emotional well-being 😱 After that end from Thunderhead I don’t even know what to expect, especially given the synopsis. This is going to get intense and who knows what kind of ending we’ll get, but I’m still happy that we are finally having a cover and release date. We had been in a dark for a long time about the release and I feared it would be pushed back to next year, yet here we are! I cannot say too much without spoilers, but I’m internally screaming about my favorite characters and what will happen to them! AAAAAAAAAAAAH.

12. Supernova (Marissa Meyer) 🌷 Expected Publication: November 5th

πŸ’– Black LI

  • It seems like books are out to kill me. The Renegades Trilogy is also coming to a close this year and will probably end up hurting me. I have seen a lot of theories about the title as it sounds very ominous … like a big explosion and lots of suffering and character deaths, I’m nervous about this book to say the very least. I feel like the author has been building up to this very big showdown for the previous two books, so it’s going to be very painful and intense. I loved the first two books, so I’m very sad to be leaving this world and these characters behind, but I’m grateful that it was extended from a duology to a trilogy! I will probably bet getting this right when it comes out, because I’m afraid of getting spoiled 😱

13. Eight Will Fall (Sarah Harian) 🌷 Expected Publication: November 26th

  • Let’s take a moment to look at the cover, because it’s absolutely STUNNING, I could look at it for hours. Apart from that I’m incredibly excited because this is going to be a survival story about eight criminals who are going on a mission into a cavern, but it turns out they were never meant to survive. This sounds very dark and action-packed and the author said it’s not a heist story with 8 POV’s so that’s reassuring, as I feel like I kind of expected that from the synopsis. I’m very excited to be delving into this one, as I’m in the mood for a more survival type story among all the heist stories! 😱


14. Children of Virtue and Vengeance (Tomi Adeyemi) 🌷 Expected Publication: December 3rd

πŸ’– Black MC’s, Nigerian-Inspired Fantasy World

  • I actually had this book as an honorable mention of my last list, but then it got pushed back to December (I almost never have any December releases on my lists, because there aren’t a lot of them), so now here we are. I really need to reread the first book – which I loved – because I feel like I have forgotten a lot already πŸ˜… I’m excited to be continuing with the Series, especially as I want Amari to become queen, it’s what she deserves! I’m here for her friendship with Zelie and I cannot wait to be reunited with the characters! (Not Tzain though, I still don’t like him and hope he’ll be bit less annoying in the sequel 😢)

Let's Talk (1)What are your most anticipated releases for the rest of the year? How are you keeping up with all the new releases?πŸ’–


28 thoughts on “Most Anticipated Releases for the rest of the year πŸ’–

  1. “This is as far out of my comfort zone as it can get” = same. And I’m still really anticipating it, and who knows, maybe I’ll discover that I actually like the genre. Things like these have happened before. And I’m really anticipating The Downstairs Girl as well – I loved the previous books I read by Stacey Lee, especially Outrun the Moon, and this one looks even better.
    I hope they all end up being good!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel the same! I have high hopes that I might discover a new favorite book that I wouldn’t have usually come across. It also helps that I like Leigh as a writer πŸ˜„ Oh I didn’t know about her other books, but glad to hear you liked it so much! Her new one sounds really good 😍 I really hope to find some books I love as well πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. WOW! That Children of Virtue and Vengeance cover is super gorgeous! But I’m looking forward to Wayward Sons too. And Rogue Heart too of course. Though with its cover I probably never would have looked at A Match Made in Mehendi … but you’re right the premise sounds intriguing. This is such a great list!! 😍 Happy reading Caro

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That cover is really stunning!! 😍 I’m soo excited for Rogue Heart and cannot wait to finally read it, it has been 3 years since the first book was released 😱 I stumbled upon A Match Made in Mehendi, but the more time passed, the more I thought that the synopsis sounded really good! Thank you! ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I also can’t wait for Wayward Son!! It feels like we’ve been waiting forever! And Ninth House is definitely out of my usual comfort zone as well but I’m excited to give it a try πŸ˜„ Children of Virtue and Vengeance can’t come soon enough either!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m SO excited for Wayward Son and so ready to finally be able to read it 😍 Same with Children of Virtue and Vengeance since it was pushed back to December of all months 😱 I do hope that Ninth House will be good despite being so out of our comfort zone πŸ˜„


  4. Ahh this is a lovely list, Caro! ❀ I'm also eagerly anticipating A River of Royal Blood, it sounds really good and I love that cover SO much! I'm also curious about The Downstairs Girl, it sounds like a great read as well… well, like anything the author wrote, I need to get to her books sometime πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Marie! ❀ A River of Royal Blood has sooo much potential and that cover truly is something, so I hope that it lives up to our expectations πŸ™‚ I really have high hopes for the Downstairs Girl, it sounds so intriguing 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  5. We have a lot of similar books on our lists of anticipated releases! I’ll definitely be checking out Rebel Seoul because your excitement for the sequel made me smile 😊 And ooh Eight Will Fall sounds amazing, so I’m definitely adding it to my TBR.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Omg, I haven’t even done my anticipated releases yet, so you’re literally GOLDEN. (By the time I post it… 1/6 of the books will already be out LMAO.) I really love that you list all of the specific representation with that sparkling heart? IT’S SO CUTE, and I had no idea that Full Disclosure had HIV+ representation! That’s amazing. I really, really need to read Rebel Seoul: it was one of my more anticipated novels of 2017 but I just never got to it?? I NEED TO READ IT BEFORE THE SEQUEL RELEASES. That is my mission!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah thank you Julianna! 😊❀ I’m definitely looking forward to your anticipated releases post, if you end up doing it πŸ˜„ I’m so happy to hear that you liked how I included the rep, I love that sparkling heart as well πŸ’– Oh yeees please read Rebel Seoul, it’s sooo good but very underrated 😍 I support your mission! πŸ‘

      Liked by 1 person

      1. AHHH I literally just finished writing my anticipated releases post when getting to this comment, so the timing?? AMAZING. Also, the sparkling heart will always be one of my favorites out of the heart emojis lmaooo. (I borrowed Rebel Seoul from the library, but I never actually had the time to read it RIP. It looks so good though, and I’m a huge fan of the concept and cover!)

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Wonderful list!! I have been DYING for Supernova and The Toll to release! The cliffhangers at the end of each left me itching for more! Much like the rest of the book community, I’m excited for Ninth House as well! I hadn’t heard of A Match Made in Mehendi before, but it sounds incredible! Definitely addin git to my tbr! Thank you so much for including so many upcoming releases. I’ve been awful at keeping up to date with the new books releasing. ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! I’m so excited for Supernova and The Toll, I cannot wait to see how both Series are concluded πŸ™‚ Thank you for reading, I cannot wait to get my hands on all these exciting upcoming releases ❀


  8. Aaaah I am SO EXCITED for Ninth House to come out! All of Leigh Bardugo’s books have been YA in the past, even though Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom did start venturing into much more mature themes. I’m excited to read a thriller from Bardugo and see how the content of the story differs, since she’s targeting an older audience.

    The Storm Crow’s story sounds really intriguing (and the cover is *gorgeous* too 😍) so I’m definitely putting that on my TBR. Thank you for these recommendations!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not sure when I’ll get to Ninth House (early readers have shared that it’s got a lot of heavy content including gore and sexual abuse), but I think I need to be in the mood for some really dark stuff. I do think Ninth House will be very different from her YA books after all 😱

      I’m hoping to get to The Storm Crow soon, it sounds soo good 😍

      Liked by 1 person

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