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Time for Fall Recommendations πŸ‚πŸŽƒ feat seasonal favorites

Fall Recommendations

Hello fellow bookworms πŸ‚Β This week I’m getting excited about fall on my blog because it’s my second favorite Season (after winter) and I’ve been waiting so long for the colder part of the year to come around and now it’s finally here! πŸ₯° Every year I make a fall recommendation postΒ because winter and autumn are big seasonal reading months (unlike the rest of the year) for me and I love showing what books I love reading for that time! This year I put a twist on my recommendations post and changed what I had initially planned because I intended to build a few categories to sort books into. However, then I had the idea to pair off the books that I had on my list with my favorite things about fallΒ because there is a lot, I really appreciate about the season that I never get tired of talking about ❀

What the inside of my brain looks right now

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Let's Talk (2)

Β #1: HalloweenΒ 

Spooky books that will haunt you


The Call (Peadar O’Guilin) ➽ This book is still VERY underrated and so I felt like mentioning it again, as another spooky read that will haunt you πŸ‘» The Call is set in a future version of Ireland that has been completely cut off from the rest of the world and is under the influence of a deadly fairy realm that tries to take revenge on the humans living there. All teens get Called to this deadly land and only 1 in 10 come back alive. It could happen at any minute … and only lasts 3 minutes, even though that’s much longer in the fairy world. I loved the book because it was realistic, high stakes and impossible to put down! I read the first book in one sitting because I feared for everyone all the time. I cannot wait to (possibly reread this?) and then read the sequel, because I haven’t been able to get to it until spooky season this year!

Anna Dressed in Blood (Kendare Blake) ➽ I feel like a lot of people are talking about the Three Dark Crown Series, but Anna Dressed in Blood often gets overlooked. That’s really sad because it’s a fantastic duology (*crying* because I haven’t been able to read book 2 yet) that I personally think is Kendare Blake’s best work! Perfect for fans of Supernatural like myself, Anna Dressed in Blood deals with ghosts and ghost hunters and has that spooky sinister atmosphere. I loved the main character, who’s a ghost hunter like his father and how he gets involved in a small town and their own ghost story. It’s an engaging read, perfect for Halloween and with an unexpectedly interesting and forbidden romance. I cannot wait to finally read book 2 because I’m curious to see how the story will continue πŸ‘€

Β #2: Tea Time

The perfect book to enjoy with a cup of tea


Wintersong (S. Jae-Jones) ➽ With about 500 pages this is the longest book on this list and also a slower paced book, but it’s really atmospheric and well-written. The character focus of the story really worked for me, because following the journey of the main character and her growth was intriguing and complex! Wintersong has a lot to offer in general, it’s a bit historical fiction and also has fantasy elements in the form of Goblins and their realm, that adheres to its own rules. There’s lots of music appreciation and messy, complicated but yet still loving family dynamics that felt very authentic. It took me a while to read the book, as its slower, but I think it’s the perfect book to read while getting cozy with a cup of tea and a free afternoon, as I was still invested in the story πŸ’• I haven’t gotten around to reading book 2 in the Duology, but I hope to read it someday, even though I have seen some mixed reviews about it.

Let's Talk (2)

Β #3: Cozy Sweaters & Scented Candles

An atmospheric book for a cozy reading session


A Curse so Dark and Lonely (Brigid Kemmerer) ➽ I just finished this last month and think that it’s very atmospheric and gave me some autumn vibes despite it not being technically set in autumn. Same as with Wintersong, I would consider this a more character-focused book, even though A Curse so Dark and Lonely also has interesting plotlines and journeys to offer. If you want a clever retelling (this is a Beauty and the Beast retelling) to read in fall, then this is a great option, because I appreciated that a lot of elements of the original tale were reinvented in an original way. The book also convinced me with its characters, as their struggles and development really gripped me and made this book so authentic and also absorbed me a bit. It was definitely a great reading experience and perfect for a rainy autumn day when you’re in need of an emotional book πŸ₯°

Β #4: All things Pumpkin

A book that’s spicy and exciting

Kopie von SoT

Reckless Series (Cornelia Funke) ➽ I LOVE the bookish world of the Reckless world, because it’s inspired my Grimm’s fairytales and therefore rather dark, but also original and exciting. So far only three books are out there (supposedly this is a 5 book series, but we’ve been waiting a long time for book 4 now), but they are great and I’m glad that I read them, even if it wasn’t in autumn. Still they are perfect for the season as the world is dark, creepy and has got all the spice (yes that’s a reference to pumpkin spice, give me all of that) πŸŽƒΒ I feel like the strongest part of the books is the Mirrorworld – the name of the parallel universe of the story – and the adventure that our main characters are undertaking to save their loved ones and also themselves. Especially book 2 is fantastic, as it has such a high stakes, fast-paced plot that’s the most tightly woven and most straightforward and clever! I love books 1 and 3 too, but the former was a bit hard to get into and the latter was very crowded plot-wise. Still, the books paint such a vivid story!

Β #5: Delicious Soup

A book that made for feel all warm and comfy inside


Sorcery of Thorns (Margaret Rogerson) ➽ I mentioned An Enchantment of Ravens last year, so it seems like the author is fantastic at writing books that give me all the autumn vibes. Sorcery of Thorns is a bit more leaning towards the darker side of the atmosphere, as it’s all about demons, intrigue, and betrayal! I very much loved the story, as the world is fascinating, drawing upon libraries as keepers of dangerous books that have their own life and can unleash hell on earth. I also loved the demons, as they are one of my favorite supernatural creatures to read about, especially as these ones are not warm and fuzzy, but instead bargain with their master for their life in exchange for power. Usually, they only serve their masters by contract and would love to be set free and return to their more dangerous and demon-y state. I LOVED all of the worldbuilding and of course the characters, one of them is, of course, a demon, who’s a bit more human than others aka my favorite trope 😈 Margaret Rogerson definitely knows how to write great standalone fantasy!

Let's Talk (1)What are your favorite books to read in fall? Do you have any recommendations? πŸ‚

15 thoughts on “Time for Fall Recommendations πŸ‚πŸŽƒ feat seasonal favorites

  1. Some books I’m planning to reread include Macbeth (ahhh I love this play so much- I recommend) and I usually reread the hunger games in the fall. (I’m so excited for my reread because the prequel coming out next year (?) and I just really miss reading Peeta ahaha) Hope you have a great fall!

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    1. Oh I loved Macbeth when we read it in English Class, it was one of the required reads that I actually liked! πŸ™‚ I reread the entire Hunger Games Trilogy this year and I loved it πŸ₯° I’m also intrigued by the prequel because it has been so long since the author wrote the books!
      Thank you, I hope you have a great Fall as well! πŸ™‚

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  2. I don’t remember a lot about Reckless, because I read it long before I started reviewing, but I agree so much with what you said about the world – so creepy, vivid and beautiful, those descriptions were unforgettable. I should get to rereading it and the rest of the series someday, maybe when it will be closer to completion.
    And after both An Enchantment of Ravens and Sorcery of Thorns, I can’t wait to see what Margaret Rogerson comes up with next; her books really are perfect fall reads.
    Great list!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Reckless definitely offers a very atmospheric world and is exceptional at setting a dark and creepy mood! I have no idea when we’ll ever see the book series completed, but I hope it might happen someday! πŸ™‚

      Oh yes, Rogerson’s books have the best atmosphere and I really need another standalone Fantasy by her!! πŸ₯°
      Thank you!! πŸ™‚

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  3. What a great little list Caro!! I loved the demons in a Sorcery of Thorns too. I found the plot predictable but never regret meeting the characters!! A Curse so Dark and Lonely also feels like an autumn read to me too even though it isn’t expressly one. It has the vibe. And Wintersong too. ❀️ Like I said great list!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Dani! πŸ₯° I definitely think that the characters are the strong suit of Sorcery of Thorns, I loved them so much! I love books that have an autumn atmosphere without being centered around the season πŸ‚πŸ’–

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