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WITCHES!!! ✨ Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday_ Witches

Hello fellow bookworms ✨ HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Despite having two doctor’s appointment I’ll be celebrating one of my favorite times of the year with Halloween shaped fries and watching some Netflix with my friend Sandra 🎃🥰 Of course, I had to do a special post for the occasion and what would be more perfect than a spooky Theme Thursday!! The theme this month is Witches so I knew that I had to participate as witches are part of my brand now (still currently revising my witchy WIP) and I’m always up for more witchy books in YA – please make the rise of the witches happen! Halloween was the perfect date to talk about witches as it’s also a Thursday and I wanted something spooky for the occasion ✨ Definitely shot me some witchy recommendations in the comments though, I need all the content 👀

Let the Witch Revolution begin 😈

Let’s Go! Here is some information about the theme by the lovely host Sophie! 💛

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  • Those participating have to list titles that feature that theme in some way (doesn’t have to be the main theme of the book).
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Let's Talk (2)

Witches Read

1. Sorcery of Thorns (Margaret Rogerson) ➽ The word witch isn’t technically used but I claim the sorcerers in this book for this list anyway as I love it so much! I like the concept of magic here so much as you gain magical powers by bargaining part of your life to a demon from the Otherworld. Nevertheless, ‘Magical’ families exist as they usually all make deals with the same demon and hand down magic that way. However, demons are dangerous as they are bound to their Master and would like to find a way to be free. 😈 This did give me slight Supernatural vibes as the show also has demon deals that can result in a person gaining magical powers and trading away their life. I definitely like books with an interesting magic system and Sorcery of Thorns convinced on all levels! 💗

2. Mooncakes (Xu, Walker) ➽ Mooncakes was such a heartwarming story full of found family, strong friendships, witchcraft, werewolves, and a cute friends to lovers couple that stole my heart! I definitely recommend this graphic novel was it makes for a great comfort read despite also dealing with lots of serious topics like loss and parental abuse. I loved seeing the witchcraft in this book … and a rogue horse demon on the loose, that was a super interesting premise to read about. I also liked that there is a werewolf that was connected to magic as ‘wolf magic’ that was a nice original twist on the species! All in all, I’m glad that I got to read this witchy graphic novel, we need more of that 💖

3. Labyrinth Lost (Zoraida Cordova) ➽ It has been a while since I read this, but it was a great read and also: Latinx witches!! I loved the concept of the brujas and how their powers worked. Each power had a drawback and there was a lot of emphasis on spells, herbs, and potions, which gave me the perfect urban fantasy witchy feeling, that I always love. I would have liked to see even more of the worldbuilding explore, but I liked what I saw and the Los Lagos was also a very interesting place to visit. Overall, I enjoyed the setting a lot, it’s what I have always loved and reached for when it comes to books 💗 I haven’t read the companion books yet (as I didn’t like the character who will be mainly the protagonist in book 2), but I’ve been feeling the craving to do so lately! 😄

4. The Wicked Deep (Shea Earnshaw) ➽ This is my most recent read and it was absolutely fantastic!! The atmosphere was off the charts witchy, dangerous, intriguing and mysterious, it really made reading this book a fantastic experience that I won’t forget soon. As intended, this gave off major Hocus Pocus vibe with three witchy sisters bent on getting revenge on the town that killed them! The story put a spin on it though and added its own elements that were whimsical, like magical cakes supposed to make you forget things and a woman who can read tea leaves and sense strangers on her land ✨ This definitely turned out to be a wild ride at times and offered great twists that I really enjoyed! It’s strange as I remember so many people being disappointed, but I was positively surprised 😄 Let's Talk (2)

Witches TBR

1. These Witches Don’t Burn (Isabel Sterling) ➽ This has been on my most anticipated releases list this year and I’m still here for it! Just the cover alone is giving me all the coven vibes and reminds me of the good old days when I was binge-reading the Secret Circle books 🥰 The story is set in actual Salem and has lots of elemental (and also dark, forbidden) magic – that alone gives off so many atmospheric, witchy vibes that I feel like this is a book I could end up loving so much! Another one to add to my priority TBR as I need all the witch books in my life 💕

2. Serpent & Dove (Shelby Mahurin) ➽ The hype has been everywhere for this new release and I was 100% here for it because of WITCHES!! I actually plan on getting my own copy of Serpent & Dove before the year is up, as it sounds right up my alley (let’s hope that it lives up to my expectations as that can always be tricky) 🥰 I don’t know too much about the book, as I want to be surprised but I heard about an enemies to lovers relationship (with fake marriage I think?) between a witch and a witch hunter and that sounds GOOD!! There seem to be so many of my favorite tropes involved already ✨

3. The Vine Witch (Luanne G. Smith) ➽ I found out about The Vine Witch by chance as it crossed my Goodreads Timeline and I’m so sad that this isn’t getting more hype, as it sounds fantastic! In the first draft of my own witchy WIP, I had a wine-based magic system (that has since been changed in revision) so seeing a book that features French vine witches whose magic is all about creating wine and bound to a vineyard is so cool!!! I’m definitely supporting all witchy books, especially this one. I cannot wait to pick it up as this is another book right up my alley 💕

4. When We Were Magic (Sarah Gailey) ➽ I had this on my TBR but I just recently found out that it has witches, like what?? 😱 This definitely has a darker vibe as it’s about a spell gone wrong that ends with a boy dead and the attempts of the local witches to undo their mistakes, to varying degrees of success 👀 I’m definitely here for a bit of chaos and a contemporary fantasy that is described as a “sly, witchy dark comedy” because that sounds like the best thing ever! This only comes out next year so I’ll be eagerly anticipating it’s release!

Let's Talk (1)

What are your favorite books/shows featuring witches? Feel free to leave your recommendations down below! ✨


17 thoughts on “WITCHES!!! ✨ Theme Thursday

  1. Well I lvoed Sorcery of Thorns and am busy listening to Serpent & the Dove 🙂 I would add Ninth House not witches exactly but doing magic anyway.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved your post so much, Caro! So many great books here ❤ And of course you had to take part in the coolest theme ever hahaha So interesting that you came up with a similar idea as Vine Witch before it was even published – even if you didn't end up using it in the end 🙂
    Again, great post, hon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie!! 🥰 The best theme! ✨✨✨ It definitely got me excited to see something similar done now, especially as I had moved on to a different idea already, so I’m happy to read the Vine Witch now!
      Thank you 💕


  3. Ah, I’m so sad Sorcery of Thorns didn’t work for me – I went into it with huge expectations, and it left me so unimpressed. 😭 I really need to read These Witches Don’t Burn and Serpent & Dove, I’m so excited for both and own both of them.

    I really love Undead Girl Gang – it was so delightful and lovely, and the way the friendship grew between the girls is amazing. Great list! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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