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Snowy Settings ❄ Theme Thursday

Theme Thursday_ Snow Settings

Hello fellow bookwormsI’m back with another Theme Thursday! This month’s theme is Snowy Settings, so things are about to get wintry 💖 I’ve always been a big fan of snow, as winter is my favorite season partly because of the cold weather and there is something utterly magical about snow. Sadly, we don’t get it more than a couple times a year anymore, but I’m getting excited like a little kid if the snow comes down eventually! One of my fondest memories is school getting canceled years ago because it was snowing so heavy. Pretty sure this was the last time I had a White Christmas and I think it was magical, though I don’t remember as much. This little storytime aside, you can always get me excited about snowy weather, so I’m pumped for the prompt! Today, I have 6 books here that feature snow in some way (and I’ve also rated the ones I’ve read in terms of how snowy the setting is)!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland 💙

Let’s Go! Here is some information about the theme by the lovely host, Sophie! 💙

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Let's Talk (2)Books I’ve read ❄

1. Let it Snow (Johnson, Green, Myracle)

Snow Rating ❄❄❄❄❄

➽ This is probably the ultimate snowy book because it literally revolves around a huge snowstorm and the people stuck in it with three interconnected stories! I love the messiness of bad weather (as long as no one gets hurt) because it always creates an out of the ordinary situation that can have some unexpected outcomes. The first story (Maureen Johnson’s) is probably the most snowy as it’s about a train stuck in the snow and a girl fighting her way through the snow – it’s also my favorite story 💖 The second story (John Green’s) is also very snowy as it’s all about getting to Waffle House in a race against other teenagers, though I hated the objectification of the cheerleaders involved. The third story (Lauren Myracle’s) is the least snowy as it more heavily revolves around the main character’s change, but we still see the lingering effects of the snow chaos. Overall: very snowy and perfect to read cozied up inside 🥰

2. My True Love Gave to Me (Anthology)

Snow Rating ❄❄❄❄

➽ My favorite holiday read!! I love this anthology so much which is rare as anthologies are super tough reads for me due to the many different stories. However, My True Love Gave to Me stole my heart (and got the 5 stars) despite me not liking some of the stories. The majority of the short stories are amazing though and great because they feature different holidays, not only Christmas but also Hanukkah and Pagan celebrations. Not all stories are snowy, but there are some that have that element! The snowiest story is the one by Kelly Link because it revolves about snow being a magical element for someone special to show up 😄 Jenny Han’s also has a snowy setting as it’s literally set on the North Pole, though I wasn’t a big fan of the romance in this one. De la Pena’s story is set in New York City during a snowstorm, so that’s an element here as well. I think Myra McEntire’s also involves a blizzard, though the story is set in a theatre hall. Basically, there is plenty of snow and holiday cheer contained in this book 🥰

3. Frostbite (Richelle Mead)

Snow Rating ❄❄❄❄

➽ It’s been a while since I’ve read the Vampire Academy books, but I remember the second book is set at a cabin in the mountains with snow involved. And I was right! Frostbite (perfectly snowy title as well) deals with the Academy taking a trip to a mountain resort, though I cannot remember much more since it really has been very long since I read the books. I’m planning a reread in the upcoming year, as I love the book so much (as far as I remember, I definitely loved the earliest ones) and want to finally continue with the Bloodlines series! 🥰Let's Talk (2)

On my TBR ❄

1. The Bear and the Nightingale (Katherine Arden)

➽ I recently got a copy of this book, because I heard so many reviewers love it and I’m all here for a great atmospheric, wintry book that also involves some mythology 💕 Obviously, this seems to be a fantasy book set in a Russian inspired setting, naturally there is a lot of snow (on the cover as well), so it perfectly fist the topic! I hope to maybe read this in January, as it seems like the perfect winter read ❄ I like that this isn’t Christmas related, like a lot of winter reads, so this can appeal to lots of readers!

2. Snow in Love (Kasie West’s story)

➽ This is going to be my next read for the Oh What Fun Readathon and I’m excited 🥰 There are quite a few mixed reviews about this four-story anthology, however, Kasie West’s story seems to be the favorite of almost everyone, so I have high hopes for this one! I also heard that it involves a snowy setting that causes a lot of chaos with traveling and turns out to be quite an adventure. This kind of reminds me of Let it Snow in that way, so I think that it’d be a great read if you liked the former ❄ Basically, I’m all here for snow mess even though it’s probably annoying for everyone involved 😂

3. The Crown’s Game (Evelyn Skye)

➽ I’m not sure how much snow this book actually had, but I’ve heard that it’s also Russian inspired and at least involves snow in some way 😄 This book has been on my TBR for literally forever and I hope to read it sometime soon, as I’m trying to get down my old backlist TBR that I added right when I joined Goodreads three years ago. I remember this being relatively popular back then, so I hope I’ll end up liking it, especially as it is a fantasy book and you know I’m always here for my favorite genre 💖

Let's Talk (1)

What are your favorite books with snowy settings? Feel free to leave your recommendations down below!


9 thoughts on “Snowy Settings ❄ Theme Thursday

  1. Ooh so many fun snowy books!! I haven’t read Let It Snow, but I did watch the movie adaptation recently, so that almost counts, right? 😉 And The Bear and the Nightingale is definitely on my tbr too! I don’t get much snow where I live – mostly just rain – so it’s always nice to escape to snowy places through the books I read during the winter 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I love the snow too!! It is so magical and having snow days at school was the best!!
    I haven’t actually read any of these books so clearly I need to read more snowy books!! I’ve heard of Let it Snow because John Green’s books can everywhere and because of the new movie which I haven’t seen yet.
    My True Love Gave To Me sounds so cute and I think the cover is so adorable!! I’m glad you enjoy this collection.
    I’ve heard a lot of things about The Bear and the Nightingale so I hope you enjoy it!!
    Great list!! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I wish there was snow right now, because it truly makes everything so magical! ⛄
      Let it Snow is really great, I liked how all the stories tied together and now you can also watch the movie on Netflix 😄

      My True Love Gave to me is probably my favorite Anthology ever, as I like almost all of the stories!
      Thank you! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The Bear and the Nightingale is on my TBR as well! I am currently cleaning house and trying to get a lot of the books out of the way that I have had at home, but that I haven’t read yet. It’s slow progress, but I really want to buy Bear and Nightingale at some point.

    Liked by 1 person

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