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Hello fellow bookworms πŸ’— When I stumbled upon this Book Tag online, I knew it would be perfect, as this year I’ve started my Out of Your Comfort Zone Reading Challenge and been thinking about branching out with my reading this year. As I also love Book Tags I was happy to discover the Out of My Comfort Zone Book Tag – created by Emma @ emmmabooks – as it sounded like a great way to talk about some books that I don’t usually mention on my blog. The idea behind the book tag is answering the questions below by excluding your comfort zone genres or age range (that you usually mention on your platform), be it how specific or broad as you’d like. E.g. I won’t be allowed to use any Young Adult Books to answer the questions, as I really want to challenge myself and not just exclude my favorites genre – Fantasy. I almost exclusively talk about Young Adult books here, so I thought it would be nice to talk more about Adult books instead, especially as I want to read a few more books in this age range 😊

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Let's Talk (2)

1. A Book is an exception when it comes to genres or elements in books that you don’t typically like.

Cover Art Revealed For Good Omens Paperback Re-Issue

Good Omens (Pratchett & Gaiman) ➽ I read Good Omens last March (before watching the show) and I ended up really enjoying it, despite it being very unlike what I usually reach for. Typically, I’m not a big fan of books that have a huge cast of characters and incredibly dense descriptions with lots of tiny details (here, we even have footnotes), as it makes it hard to follow the story when I have to wade through paragraphs that are hard to understand. However, I still enjoyed my reading experience with Good Omens, as the characters and themes of the story stole my heart and motivated me to get through the book even though it’s one of the hardest books I’ve read. I’ll definitely need to do a reread, as I have probably missed so many details πŸ˜„ I also have to admit that I prefer the show (it’s one of my ALL TIME favorites) because it’s a lot more accessible and easier to understand, but be it book or show, Aziraphale and Crowley own my heart πŸ’—Let's Talk (2)

2. A book you enjoyed from a genre you previously held some stigma about. Β 

Macbeth (William Shakespeare) & Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll) ➽ I don’t know if you can classify ‘classics’ as a whole genre, but they are definitely a category of books that I held some stigma against (and I’m still not 100% free of it). I kind of blame assigned reading in high school as I always had the misfortune of being forced to read (and analyze) books that weren’t for me at all: classics or Adult Thrillers and that made me resent classic books. However, now that I can choose my own reading, I’m beginning to get interested in classics again. Macbeth is one of the only books I read in school that I actually liked: it has witches, murder, destiny and lots of blame to go around 😈 Getting though it was a bit harder, I really enjoyed making my way through the story. As fo classics I read on my own, I’m excluding A Christmas Carol (my favorite classic), as I already talked about it a couple of times. Instead, I also want to highlight my love for Alice Adventures in Wonderland, as it’s kind of my brand, with the Cheshire Cat and such πŸ˜‰ Alice in Wonderland is a weird book, but that’s why I liked it and enjoy watching the adaptions there have been of the book so far πŸ₯°

It’s me 😸

Let's Talk (2)3. A book you didn’t know was actually out of your comfort zone until you started reading it.

Aru Shah and the End of TimeΒ (Roshani Chokshi) ➽ This was probably the hardest question to answer for the Tag, as I’m always aware of the fact that adult books are out of my comfort zone (even when I think I’d really like them), so I decided to go for middle-grade books. In particular, Aru Shah and the End of Time, because I was very excited about this release because I adore Roshani Chokshi’s writing and love mythology. However, as I read the book I quickly realized that Middle Grade is not my comfort zone, apart from very few exceptions. I liked the book fine, but even with an author I love, I don’t connect to Middle Grade at all. While YA stills feels right for me, even though I’m outside the target audience, Middle Grade has become something I like but that’s missing the certain spark of engagement and that I’ve personally outgrown a while ago. That’s why I almost never reach for Middle-Grade books anymore, as the appeal is no longer substantial for me, even when the books are by authors whose YA books I’ve loved 😞Let's Talk (2)

4. Pick a friend or BookTuber that motivates you to pick up books you might not normally be interested in.

Pauliina @ bookaholicdreamer (The Priory of the Orange Tree) ➽ I’m usually sneaking around on Goodreads looking at what the people I follow are reading and recommending, but so far I haven’t picked up any book I’ve seen around so far, as I’m only now beginning to read more out of my comfort zone. However, I love seeing what Pauliina is reading as she’s often mentioning books I have not heard of and providing me with recommendations that way! I especially loved reading her recently posted 10 Best Books of 2019 post as I loved hearing her gush about her favorites πŸ₯° With that being said, she’s made me intrigued by The Priory of the Orange Tree (Please tell me I’m not the only one who read this as Priority of the Orange Tree πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚), as I do try to get more into Adult Fantasy and I want to support a female fantasy author, as there are a lot of men in Adult Fantasy compared to YA. The book is a tome, but I’m determined to give it a try.Let's Talk (2)

5. A book that is out of your comfort zone that you would like to read.


Becoming (Michelle Obama) & Salt to the Sea (Ruta Sepetys) ➽ My top two priority reads right now are books that I’m really hoping to check out of my local library and that both sound promising! Becoming is a memoir about Michelle Obama and I’m really interested in reading about her experience of having been the First Lady and what her life was like before, as I don’t have extensive knowledge about that. When it comes to nonfiction I tend to gravitate towards autobiographies and memoirs more, when IΓ„m interested din the central protagonist of the story! (Please pray for me that I’llΒ  be able to get ahold of a copy, as they’re all checked out all the time πŸ˜‚) I also want to read SaΓΆt to the sea, which is Adult Historical Fiction, as I want to read more of the genre and have heard fantastic things about Ruta Sepetys’ books. Salt to the Sea has been described as very engaging and emotional, so I hope that I can get hooked on the book.Let's Talk (2)

6. A book or genre so out of what you normally read that you’ll probably never give it a chance.Β 

Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo) ➽ I slightly changed this question, as I still want to read Ninth House, it’s just not a priority read for me right now because it’s very out of my comfort zone and I need to be in a specific headspace to be reading a book as dark as this one. I’m happy that Leigh Bardugo has delved into writing adult, but the age range is still out of my comfort zone, as is Mystery/Thriller (even though I heard that there are also Fantasy elements) and the book seems to have some very heavy, dark themes that I need to be in the mood to stomach. Nevertheless, I’m still interested in reading this book as I’ve heard good things about the book from friends and as it’s written by an author whose books I’ve loved before, I hope to eventually end up reading and liking it πŸ‘€

Let's Talk (1)What’s a book outside of your comfort zone that you enjoyed reading? What genres do you rarely reach for? πŸ’—


15 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone Book Tag πŸ’—

  1. I haven’t read Priory yet either, even though I really want to! …it really is an intimidating brick.
    I had pretty much the same experience with Aru Shah. I love Roshani Chokshi’s writing and her YA novels, but I just couldn’t get into her middle grade, and I find that to be true for 90% of middle grade books I try. It’s normal, but I wish I could enjoy them more often.

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    1. I’m hoping that Priory of the Orange Tree is going to be a good fantasy book but it’s certainly intimidating 😱 I’m really sad that I didn’t enjoy Aru Shah as much as I’d hoped to. I guess that Middle Grade books just don’t works for me, no matter who wrote them!

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  2. This is such a good tag! I rarely read Middle Grade as well, despite the fact that there are so many books that sound great! The last middle grade I read was the original Percy Jackson series, a couple of years ago and while it was fun and I loved it, I didn’t connect as much.
    Last year, I would have told you contemporary novels were out of my comfort zone. Now, after this month, I’m starting to see that they’re not, and reading more of it. I don’t know what I would consider out of my comfort zone, and if I have a book that I liked within it. It’s a difficult question, one I’ll definitely think about! πŸ™‚

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    1. I loved doing it so much! I love Rick Riordan’s books – who are mostly Middle Grade – especially as they are so much fun for me and make me connect πŸ₯° I’m so happy to hear that! It’s always great to find out a genre is more in your comfort zone than you thought! I hope you’ll be reading some more great contemporary books 😊

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  3. I have picked up The Priory of the Orange Tree twice now and haven’t made a dent in it πŸ™ˆ I think it’s one I’m just going to have to buy so I don’t have the pressure of a library due date hanging over me.
    I also hold a lot of prejudice against classics – I don’t know exactly where it came from. Luckily, I read a couple in2018 that I really enjoyed (Frankenstein and The Great Gatsby), so I’m a bit more open to them these days. I’m glad you’ve found some that you enjoy too!

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    1. It’s an intimidating tome for sure 😱 I hope you’ll be able to get into it eventually! A library due date is definitely a lot of pressure with such a tome πŸ“š
      Classics and I will always have a complicated relationship, but I’m trying to give them another chance. I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed some of them! I hope to read some Jane Austen sometime πŸ˜„

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  4. Yes this tag is perfect for your reading challenge!! Thank you so, so much for nominating me πŸ’•πŸ’•
    Wow Good Omens had footnotes in the book that is extreme haha πŸ˜‚ I have never read the book but I have started the show. I think I’m half way.
    I definitely have a bit of stigma around classics too but I am trying to try them out. I really want to try The Picture of Dorian Grey!
    I read Ninth House last year. The fantasy element was bigger than I expected and I really loved it. It definitely is a dark book but I did enjoy reading it!!
    Great post and thank you again!! πŸ’›

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    1. You’re welcome! πŸ’— I loved Good Omens, but the footnotes were a bit much and made things a bit more complicated. I hope you end up liking the show, I found it a lot easier to understand πŸ₯° I only watched the movie for The Picture of Dorian Grey but I might give the book a chance as well!

      I’m so happy to hear that you ended up enjoying Ninth House! It’s great that there are more Fantasy elements than expected! Thank you for reading πŸ’›

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  5. Thanks so much for tagging me, Caro!! ❀

    I feel the same way about classics, and I blame required reading in school. There are a few that I’ve loved, but I don’t typically feel myself drawn to them. I do remember enjoying Macbeth more than most when I read it in school, though!

    And yessss Priory of the Orange Tree!! It is gigantic, but it’s so worth it in my opinion. Such an incredible and unique feminist fantasy! I really hope you love it πŸ˜€

    Ninth House was definitely outside my usual comfort zone too, but I think it’s something that you’d enjoy if you liked the heist/scheming aspects of Six of Crows. It definitely has plenty of fantasy aspects, and even though it’s not my usual genre it ended up feeling not too different from the books I typically enjoy. (Though definitely very dark.)

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    1. You’re welcome! πŸ₯° I hate how school made me so tired of classics, Macbeth was truly one of the few books I actually enjoyed reading as well! I’m happy to hear that you loved Priory of the Prange Tree, I definitely want to get more into Adult Fantasy even though the books are usually tomes πŸ“š

      That sounds good, as I loved the heist aspect of Six of Crows! I’m also happy to hear that there are Fantasy elements as that’s way more up my alley! I’ll likely pick up Ninth House when I’m in the mood for something darker πŸ˜„


  6. Thanks for tagging me Caro! You knew this is a tag that would intrigue me. β™₯️

    I also am not into reading classics. When I was in high school I was mentored by a teacher who got me reading them so I’ve read quite a few. But now they aren’t books I’d reach for even popular classics that I’ve never read. I find book club picks tend to be outside my comfort zone even though I try to push on and read them. Many times I just can’t get into them no matter how I try. 😭

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    1. I’m so happy to hear that, Dani! πŸ₯°

      I’m hoping to get more into classics, but they’ll never be books I reach for a lot, as they don’t tend to interest me a lot πŸ˜„ Oh no! I rarely read any book club picks, so there are some great YA book clubs out there that seem to read interesting books 😊

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