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My Favorite Romance Tropes πŸ’• feat. bookish couples

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Hello fellow bookworms πŸ’•As today is Valentine’s Day I thought it would be a great idea to talk about some of my favorite romance tropes and my favorite bookish couples that fall under that trope. I haven’t done a post about my favorite romantic relationships in books at all on my blog and I think that I’ll have to do a part 2 because there are more amazing shops that I like but couldn’t mention as there were already so many couples and the post was getting long πŸ˜„ I’m going to talk a little about why I like the tropes featured here and will write a short pitch line for my favorites couples to make you curious about them (and the books they are in) 😈

Me getting emotional about fictional couples

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Enemies to Lovers (1)

Why I Like It πŸ’—One of my all-time favorite tropes simply because it’s not as fast-paced as insta-love and instead builds on the connection between characters. I’m just a sucker for two characters who are clearly attracted to each other (we love mutual pining on this blog) but aren’t ready to admit it to each other. Or two characters slowly beginning to fall for each other: it’s about the chemistry and yearning between both characters that makes you want to yell ‘just kiss already’ even though you enjoy the torturous process of watching them get together!

Favorite Couples with this TropeΒ πŸ’•


  • Iseult & Aeduan (Witchlands) ➽ Really angsty Bloodwitch is threatening to kill a clever Threadwitch, but would actually never do it because he’s fascinated by her and finds himself with more feelings than he bargained for πŸ’—
  • Annith & Balthazar (Mortal Heart) ➽ Tired of being stuck in her convent, a hard-working assassin sets off to find her own first mission and runs into a mysterious, charming man living on the fringes of society (also forbidden love) 🏹
  • Enne & Levi (Ace of Shades) ➽ A proper lady trying to find her missing mother in the self-proclaimed City of Sin needs to enlist the name of a brooding gang boss in deep trouble himself to find her answers 😈
  • Nova & Adrian (Renegades) ➽ ‘Villanous’ girl with the ability to put people to sleep is seeking revenge from the ‘heroes’ for not helping her family but one of her new superhero teammates is really cute πŸ˜‰


  • Scarlet & Wolf (The Lunar Chronicles) ➽ A bold girl living on the farms with her grandmother sets off to rescue her and is forced to work together with a bulky, but a somehow gentle giant who seems to be hiding his own secrets 🐺
  • Emika & Hideo (Warcross) ➽ A poor talented hacker is given the chance to participate in the championship of her favorite game and is also tasked with a secret mission from the genius (and handsome) creator and billionaire of the game πŸ‘€
  • Etta & Nicholas (Passenger) ➽ A talented violist discovers that she can time travel but is snatched up by a big evil time-traveling family. Accompanied by the black sheep and outcast of the said family she sets off to journey through time and space βŒ›
  • Zoya & Nikolai (King of Scars) ➽  A fierce no-nonsense Grisha is watching over her charming, cocky, king and friend who transforms into a monster at night that is getting more unpredictable. (Zoya for Queen!! πŸ‘‘)Let's Talk (2)


Why I Like It πŸ’˜ Done well (aka not ending in a toxic relationship) this trope has so much appeal because there is tension and so much growth from two people who were opposed to each other but then slowly learn to understand where the other is coming from and develop past their issues. I love when two characters who hate each other are forced to work together (or generally have to undergo some journey) and discover that they might actually enjoy the other’s company. The attraction despite both not wanting to admit it and the tension and loaded banter between characters is my kryptonite!

Favorite Couples with this TropeΒ πŸ’•


  • Penryn & Raffe (Angelfall) ➽ Also falling under the Forbidden Love category, a fallen angel and a feisty human girl trying to save her sister embark on a journey in a post-apocalyptic world destroyed and controlled by … those very angels πŸ˜‡πŸ˜ˆ
  • Gauri & Vikram (A Crown of Wishes) ➽ Feisty Warrior Princess and Cocky, Sly Prince of enemy kingdoms participate in a magical Tournament of Wishes together, meanwhile bantering and growing closer together ✨
  • Sharzad & Khalid (The Wrath and the Dawn) ➽ Snarky, fierce girl sets out to marry and then kill the caliph who’s known for murdering every girl (like one of her friends she wants revenge for) he marries by telling him stories πŸ”₯
  • Nik & Hanna (Gemina) ➽ Kickass Daughter of the space station commander needs to team up with her dealer and a notorious bad boy when their station is under the attack of a team of assassins set to exterminate them all 😱


  • Simon & Baz (Carry On) ➽ The chosen one is sure that his roommate – definitely vampire – nemesis is up to something, but then unexpected events unmask a growing attraction that might have always been there πŸ˜‰
  • Jules & Mia (Unearthed) ➽ A desperate, bold girl set on plundering a new planet in order to save her sister meets the genius explorer son of the man who tried to discover its secrets … and who despises the ones trying to plunder them 😱
  • Ismae & Duval (Grave Mercy) ➽ After learning that she’s a daughter of death, a girl resistant to poison gets her first assignment at Normandy’s court but has to work with a nobleman she despises and doesn’t trust 🐍
  • Sybella and the Beast (Dark Triumph) ➽ A wild, feral rebellious assassin and daughter of death falls for a grumpy, broad warrior who is the mortal enemy of her hated stepfather πŸ”₯

Let's Talk (2)


Why I Like It πŸ’– Forbidden Love is one of my buzzwords in books because it’s exciting to see two characters fall in love against the odds, knowing that their relationship is going to be complicated. The pain of dancing around each other always makes for a lot of angst as well. And the relationship often comes to show that two opposing groups have more in common than they do apart.

Favorite Couples with this TropeΒ πŸ’•

Forbidden Love

  • Roth & Layla (White Hot Kiss) ➽ An unwanted girl whose kiss can steal a soul lives with those protecting humans from demons. But … she begins falling for a hot demon who she could kiss because he has no soul, to begin with 😈
  • Isobel & Rook (An Enchantment of Ravens) ➽ Talented Artist gets in trouble with a Fairie Prince who commissioned a painting from her and who has no idea how to deal with Humans. The problem: falling in love for human and fae is forbidden πŸ§šβ€β™‚οΈ
  • Ruby & Arcus (Frostblood) ➽ In a world separated by fire and ice powers, an impulsive, temperamental Fireblood running for her life and a withdrawn, stoic Frostblood helping to shelter her begin to grow closer to each other πŸ”₯β›„
  • Citra & Rowan (Scythe) ➽ Two teens are apprentices to become Scythes – the only ones tasked with killing in their society – but as they’re both mentored by the same person only one will be able to be a Scythe … killing the loser 😱Let's Talk (2)


Why I Like It πŸ’Œ For a long time I wasn’t the biggest fan of this trope (and it’s still not one of my ultimate favorites), but I have found certain friends to lovers ships that I really enjoy (and even some occasional childhood friends to lovers romances, who I usually struggle with). It can also be a great slow-burn relationship with two people connecting, becoming friends and eventually also having romantic feelings towards each other. Bonus points if they are allies and then slowly get the romantic tension as well.

Favorite Couples with this TropeΒ πŸ’•


  • Mallory & Rider (The Problem with Forever) ➽ Selective mute girl meets her childhood best friend and protector again in high school – who used to be in the foster system like her. They reconnect and feelings start to rise up again πŸ’•
  • Adelina & Magiano (The Rose Society) ➽ Morally Grey Girl with Illusion powers is trying to take over the world after being betrayed and mistreated all her life, but she is soft for her mischevious ally – the one person who’s staying by her sideΒ πŸ₯Ί
  • Emmy & Alfie (The Brightsiders) ➽ The most wholesome romance between a famous singer and her bandmate, who has also been her childhood best friend – always caring for her and being a safe haven from her abusive family. SO MUCH pining and sexual tension πŸ”₯
  • Bex & Shrupty (Going Off Script) ➽ An incredibly healthy and wholesome f/f romance between an Indian YouTube star and a talented writer who had the chance to get an internship for her favorite TV Show. Good communication and very soft πŸ’—

Let's Talk (1)What are your favorite bookish couples? What romance tropes do you like the most? πŸ’•


24 thoughts on “My Favorite Romance Tropes πŸ’• feat. bookish couples

  1. The sweet agony of slow burn is my FAVORITE! I haven’t read most of the books in your examples for that, but clearly I need to!! (Zoya and Nikolai truly are a FANTASTIC example.) Honestly, these are all wonderful tropes that I can never get enough of. I can definitely be picky about friends to lovers as well, but when it’s done well, it’s the best!!! ❀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Slow burn is truly the best, it gets me every time!! The tension between Zoya and Nikolai had me in its grip and I love that we’re slowly seeing them bond πŸ₯° I used to not be a big fan of friends to lovers, but it can be done so well, like in Jen Wilde’s books πŸ’—


  2. I absolutely love slow burn relationships too, there is so much delicious detail and it is always worth the wait. One of my favourites of all time and I basically have to read all those books that you mentioned !! πŸ˜‚

    The learning to understand each other is my favourite bit of enemies to lovers. It is usually so sweet and I love reading about all the emotions!!!

    I agree that friends to lovers can be hit or miss with me too but when it is done right I love the cute moments and how well the characters can fit together!!

    I really loved this post and made me think about all the great loves in the fiction world πŸ˜‚ I love the relationships in The Raven Cycle and The Lunar Chronicles and Six of Crows!! Wonderful post πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Slow-burn can be agonizing, but I love the waiting and all the mutual pining, it always gets me hooked on the relationship πŸ’— There were so many amazing couples, I didn’t get to feature nearly as many as I would have liked πŸ˜„

      The Lunar Chronicles has so many great couples, I loved all of the romantic relationships so much! My favorite has to be Wolf and Scarlet πŸ’• What was your favorite couple? Thank you! πŸ₯°

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it gets me hooked so quick and I read the book so quick πŸ˜‚ haha there are lots of great book couples out there!!
        It does 😍 probably Cress and Thorne for me but I do think Wolf was an underrated character!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Slow burn is queen among tropes, I swear. I love the tension and how gradual the development is. Also, it’s SO CUTE when the characters become kinda friendly first, and then build a romance from that. SO! CUTE! Scarlett and Wolff, and Annith and Balthazar are really good examples. (And I need to read Witchland, Renegades and Ace of Shades.)

    I love enemies to lovers so much, and I 1000% felt the “not ending in a toxic relationship” part. I hate when a toxic relationship is sold as passionate, or even ship-worthy. Eh, no. I do really adore Ismae & Duval, and Sybella & the Beast. This series really delivered us awesome characters and relationships. (I still need to read the fourth book, though.)

    Wonderful post!! πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Slow burn is honestly the best!!! It always makes me root for the couple and then tortures me with the angst and pining 😱 I love these two couples so much, they really made me feel all the emotions πŸ₯° I hope you end up liking the books, they are among my favorite series ever πŸ’•

      Enemies to Lovers can be so amazing if done well! I’m also happy to hear that you love the books and couples, they are amazing πŸ₯° I haven’t read the new spinoff/duology either, but I got the next book for Christmas, so it’s waiting on my shelf for me πŸ“š
      Thank you so much!!! πŸ’•

      Liked by 1 person

  4. SLOW BURN IS MY FAVE!!!!!! + Mutual pining??? I’m dying and loving it. I will always love the anticipation just as much or more so than the pay off. Except in TV shows… that shit is too long I can’t wait 5+ seasons for my ship to finally get together that is too far!!!

    This is such a great list Caro!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. AH CARO this is such a fantastic list and I love so many of these tropes as well, so so damn much. Slow burn romances and friends to lovers romances are my ultimate favorites and you’ve mentioned some awesome books there. You remind me that I need to read the sequels to Renegades as soon as I can! πŸ™‚ and we need way more Jen Wilde books soon! πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! πŸ’— Slow burn is one of my favorite tropes, it always makes me root so much for the couple to finally get together and have their happy end 😊 I hope you enjoy the sequel to Renegades! I need to get around to reading the last book soon πŸ“š

      Liked by 1 person

  6. The Problem With Forever is SO GOOD! Completely forgot how much I love that one! And OMG love to see another reader fan-girling over Aeduan and Iseult!!! They are my babies and were my fav characters from the start of that series!! (blood witch being my fav!) Love this list and also all of these tropes, great post πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The Problem with Forever is truly one of my favorite Jennifer L. Armentrout books, it has such a sweet romance that I rooted for so much πŸ₯° Ahh, so happy to hear that you love Aeduan and Iseult as well, they have such a great dynamic!! Thank you 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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