Arc Review: Eat and Love Yourself by Boo & Klepakowsky 🌼 A graphic novel about learning to love your body

Eat, and Love Yourself

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CW’s: Bulimia, Anorexia, Fat-Shaming, Body Dysmorphia

Representation 🌷 MC with an eating disorder

A story about Mindy, a woman living with an eating disorder who has to learn how to love herself again.

In pursuit of the perfect body, Mindy buys the low-fat diet products and the glossy magazines which promise the secret to losing weight. One night, while perusing the aisles of the neighborhood convenience store for a midnight snack, she finds a new product. A chocolate bar called “Eat and Love Yourself”. On a whim, Mindy buys the curious candy, not knowing that with every piece of chocolate she eats, she will be brought back to a specific moment of her past — helping her to look at herself honestly, learn to love her body the way it is, and accepting love. Perhaps, she will even realize that her long lost high school best friend, Elliot, was more than just a friend…



Thank you to Netgalley and BOOM! Box for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review! All images are taken from the Arc.

The book delivers a great discussion of body image and self-worth ➽ The main character lives with an eating disorder and relives her past when she tries out a new ‘magical’ chocolate bar that promises to bring about self-love. This little magical element was perfect to convey her experience with fat-shaming and her eating disorder that forged her into what she is struggling with right now. It broke my heart to see her endure a lot of snide comments about her weight made by classmates that wanted to see her hurt. Mindy is however also hearing a lot of harmful misconceptions about what her body ‘should’ look like from her friends at high school and her parents, though neither of them means her any harm. I liked that the book showed what an impact our words can make on people, especially if they are supposed to be well-meaning. Mindy’s parents love her, but their comments about her eating habits and body further her hurt and insecurity, as she feels singled out, shamed and not understood. Even years later she has a hard time talking to them but later confronts them with how their actions have made her feel. This was definitely a nuanced discussion about how it’s possible to love your body and learn to be comfortable in it, accepting the past and being able to move on. The positive messages made this book such an important read 💕

I loved the main character and the supporting cast ➽ Mindy not only struggles with her body image, but also feels aimless about her future. She is 27 years old and working as a barista, but it seems like she never finished school, prompting her parents to ask what she plans to achieve further down the line. I honestly loved Mindy and really felt for her as she was so realistic in her struggles. She’s also got a cat named Jabba and you know how much I love cat content!! I also loved her relationship with her high school friend Shae who tries to bring out the best in her, but sometimes can say careless things that hurt her. Their friendship felt so sincere, but sadly we barely got to see what happened to them after they had a fight 😞 Then there’s also Elliott, a boy Mindy liked back in school and who she pushed away because she feared that he’d reject her. They meet again and manage to reconnect a bit. I loved their interactions, though it wasn’t the focus of the book. A last shoutout goes to Mindy’s coworker who she talks to frequently and who seemed to be very understanding!

I loved the art style in general! ➽  It’s hard to explain why but the art really spoke to me and was aesthetically pleasing! Sometimes you just really click with an art style and this was right up my alley. It had some nice dark scenes but also a lot of warm colors that looked really calming and made this the perfect comfort read 🥰

Here are two examples from the book that highlight the great art style


© Sweeney Boo & Lilian Klepakowsky

IN CONCLUSION.Eat, and Love Yourself is a fantastic graphic novel about learning to love your body and find your way in life. I loved the art style and relatable main character so much! I just wish this had been longer or had further volumes, as there was great potential for it to be a bigger series.

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Are you going to read Eat, and Love Yourself? What is your favorite graphic novel? 🌼


10 thoughts on “Arc Review: Eat and Love Yourself by Boo & Klepakowsky 🌼 A graphic novel about learning to love your body

  1. I loved this one too. The art style was both really pretty and just… perfect for the story, but I agree about wanting more – maybe something like an epilogue? It’s not that the ending didn’t work, but I would have loved to know what happens between her and her friend or her and her family after that.

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    1. I’m so glad to hear that! 😊 I really felt like the art style was so great for the story and I honestly loved it so much, that I really wanted more! I definitely wanted a little epilogue as well, as I hate how things weren’t properly ended with her best friend. A second volume would have been great as well 🙁

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  2. Great review!! I love the cover of this one and the art looks really amazing! Ive been thinking about reading more graphic novels and would love to give this one a read 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I think I’ll add this to my TBR. I don’t read many comics, I lean more towards manga, but this seems to have a super positive message and Mindy sounds like a relatable MC. Great review! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved the art and the overall story of this one! But I think in the end I was a bit lost on any solid plotline. But definitely an artist I want to follow. Now to get my own review finished…
    Great post as always!

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