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Favorite Books by Asian Authors 🌸 + #asianreadathon TBR

Fave Books by Asian Authors

Hello fellow bookworms 🌸 For today’s post, I wanted to highlight some of my favorite books by Asian authors in honor of the Asian Readathon happening, so I can provide some recommendations if you are looking for them! I have divided the books that I love into three categories based on the genres they fall into (Contemporary, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and books from other genre/who fall into multiple genres) and will also include my reviews if you want to find out more about them! I’m very excited to be highlighting books by Asian authors that I love and I’ve also included some of the books still on my TBR (excluding authors I already mentioned) as well as my #asianreadathon TBR that you can also find over on my Twitter if you want to know more about my progress! πŸ₯°

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🌸 Contemporary Books 🌺


Saints and Misfits (S.K. Ali) ➽ Time to scream about this book again, as it deserves all the love! Saints and Misfits was one of my surprise favorites and I still love it very dearly as it has such strong, female friendships and a lot of amazing girl characters in general! It also deals with heavy topics as the main character was sexually harassed by someone highly respected in her community and is trying to cope with that. I inhaled the story in one sitting because it was just that good! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

When Dimple Met Rishi (Sandhya Menon) ➽ Sandhya Menon is one of my favorite contemporary authors because she writes great, swoony romance stories with interesting characters! I recently talked about how much I loved From Twinkle, With Love (my favorite book by her so far), so today I want to highlight her debut When Dimple Met Rishi, which is the perfect summer romance and a perfect binge-read! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

Of Curses and Kisses (Sandhya Menon)Β  ➽ More Sandhya Menon incoming! I couldn’t resist also mentioning her new contemporary – but with a magical twist – retelling Series that just started this year. I was lucky enough to get an Arc and I loved this Beauty and the Beast retelling! It had enemies to lovers, great banter and flawed, real characters. I cannot wait to see what the rest of the series has in store!Β  🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

A Very Large Expanse of Sea (Tahereh Mafi) ➽ I haven’t had the chance to write a full review for it, but this is definitely Mafi’s best work so far! I like her writing style for contemporary a lot more, as it’s rather down-to-earth and perfectly fit the main character Shirin and her reality.Β  The romance here was so adorable and totally owned my heart as I wanted them to be happy together! However, this also deals with heavy Islamophobia and how Shirin had to constantly keep her guards up. 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

Starfish (Akemi Dawn Bowman) ➽ I haven’t talked about this book in a while, so here we go! I remember this being a hard, emotional read because it deals with parental abuse and sexual assault.Β  However, I’m also reminded of how much I related to Kiko and her anxiety, it really struck a chord in me, and I loved that she was also an artist!🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺


🌸 Fantasy Books 🌺


The Star-Touched Queen (Roshani Chokshi) ➽ Roshani Chokshi is one of my favorite Fantasy authors as she always manages to create such interesting, complex worlds and honestly has such a beautiful, descriptive writing style that I would love to master as well. The Star-Touched Queen is a super swoony Hades and Persephone retelling that also focuses on growing and learning from your mistakes, no matter how hard it is! The companion novel A Crown of Wishes is even better and has banter-filled hate to love romance with two super headstrong, snarky characters that I loved! 🌺Read my Review Here 🌺

The Wrath and the Dawn (ReneΓ© Ahdieh) ➽ Another Duology I’m due to reread as I remember loving it so much when I last read it. The Wrath and the Dawn has a lot of my favorite things, including a snarky heroine, banter-filled enemies to lovers romance and gorgeous food descriptions that made my mouth water. The author really manages to describe a super vivid setting and makes all the characters come to life, so I’d highly recommend it!Β  🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

The Reader (Traci Chee)Β  ➽  This is full of book love and literally contains little riddles for the reader to find, so you’ll want to check this out if you love cool fantasy worlds! I love how reading is included in the world-building and how the focus of everything hinges on a mysterious book in a world where almost everyone is illiterate.Β  I will say that the sequel is even better and honestly takes things to a whole new level. The Speaker blew me away and is definitely worth reading if you liked some of the aspects of the first book! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

The Young Elites (Marie Lu) ➽ Hand-down, this has one of the best morally grey main characters and tells a compelling villain origin story of a scorned and misunderstood teen girl with illusion powers. Adelina is such an interesting character and her character arc is so well done, she’s definitely my favorite morally grey lady! I also loved the interesting magic system and all the other characters, I’m definitely due for a reread! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

Empress of All Seasons (Emiko Jean) ➽ I haven’t talked about this book in a while, but it’s a perfect read if you want to read an interesting standalone Fantasy book! I really liked the worldbuilding here was it’s based on mystical creatures being hunted down and captured by humans, with the main character being an Animal Wife. It also featured a fierce competition through 4 seasonal rooms for the emperor’s hand in marriage and was a super intense story! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺


🌸 Sci-Fi Books 🌺


Warcross (Marie Lu) ➽ I honestly love Warcross so much, it’s another testament to how amazing Marie Lu is as a writer! I’m also super down for the futuristic setting all about advanced technology and an addictive game called Warcross that has its own championships and is played globally. This book definitely has a place in my heart, as it has a strong, determined main character learning to work with others and a delicious, slow-burn romance that remains one of my favorites because it made me feel all the things! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

Rebel Seoul (Axie Oh) ➽ I haven’t screamed about this favorite in a while, but I’m hoping to get more people to read Rebel Seoul πŸ˜‰ It’s set in Neo Seoul in the future after a lot of wars have taken place and includes interesting technology as well as a super-secret project including special powers, The book drew me in andΒ completely wrenched my heart in all the good ways. I was so invested that I flew through this book and I’m definitely due for a reread so I can finally enjoy the sequel, as my prayers for more content were heard! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

Interment (Samira Ahmed) ➽ This was one of my favorite books last year and definitely deserves some more love. I didn’t realize how much I would end up loving it, even though Internment is a hard to read book. It’s set in a dystopian world (that is more likely 10 minutes into the future) where islamophobic people have made people’s love a living hell and now made the first Internment camp for Muslims, fuelling prejudice and hatred. The main character Layla is such a strong and inspirational person in her fight to be heard and work against the hatred that consumes her world.Β  🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

Not Your Sidekick (C.B. Lee) ➽ I just recently read this, but I loved it so much and I’m glad that I finally checked out this series. It’s all about a slightly dystopian world – set after a nuclear war and some freaky natural phenomenon – where superpowers have developed in people. I’ve been in a superhero mood lately so this was the perfect book. It had a super sweet sapphic romance, a relatable main character without powers, and an interesting friendship group! This is a perfect comfort read and great to binge-read.🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺


🌸 Other Books 🌺


Wintersong (S. Jae-Jones) ➽ I’d say that this is another underrated favorite that found a place in my heart. Wintersong is a mix of historical fiction and a lot of fantastical and whimsical elements that really spoke to me. I was all here for the swoony enemies to lovers romance with the mysterious Gobling King and thought that the entire Underworld setting was so vivid and well done. The book is on the longer side but is so atmospheric that I enjoyed every last scene that I read! I’m going to be reading the sequel soon! 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

The Girl from Everywhere (Heidi Heilig) ➽  This book convinced me with the interesting concept it had of time travel and is a mix of fantasy elements and historical fiction. I loved most of the characters, especially Kashmir and Nix whose banter is superior to all else. I found the exploration of different time periods very interesting and loved that the ship was such a big part of the story. The book was hard to read at times though as the father reads as very emotionally abusive, so be mindful of that going into the book. 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺

In Order to Live (Yeonmi Park)Β  ➽  The only nonfiction book on this list, but I had to recommend it, as In Order to Live was such a haunting and emotional memoir about a North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. The book touches upon a lot of serious topics and highlights the hardships the author had to face in order to finally build a new life in peace. The memoir introduced me to a lot more knowledge about what life is like in North Korea and got us an insight into how difficult it is to truly be free. 🌺 Read my Review Here 🌺


🌸 Some of the Books by Asian Authors On my TBR 🌺

Asian TBR

  1. I’ll be the One (Lyla Lee)
  2. Star Daughter (Shveta Thakrar)
  3. Darius the Great Is Not Okay (Adib Khorram)
  4. Spin the Dawn (Elizabeth Lim)
  5. The Downstairs Girl (Stacey Lee)
  6. The Weight of Our Sky (Hanna Alkaf)
  7. Wicked Fox (Kat Cho)
  8. Empire of Sand (Tasha Suri)
  9. We Hunt the Flame (Hafsah Faizal)
  10. Forest of a Thousand Lanterns (Julie C. Dao)

🌸 Asian Readathon 2020 TBR 🌺

➽ The Asian Readathon is hosted by Cindy @ readwithcindy, runs the entire month of May, and includes several reading challenges if you want an extra element to the Readathon. The main objective is to read books by Asian authors and like last year it’s encouraged to read from authors of different ethnicities. You can find my reading thread over on Twitter where I’ll be sharing any updates!

Asian Readathon TBR

  1. Not Your Villain (C.B. Lee) 🌸 Read a book written by an Asian author who is different from you. (The author is Chinese-Vietnamese)
  2. Shadowsong (S. Jae-Jones) 🌸 Read a book written by an Asian author who you can relate to (The author is also a woman)
  3. Darius the Great Is Not Okay (Adib Khorram) 🌸 Read a book recommended by an Asian (I picked this up because I saw that Caitlin liked it πŸ’—)
  4. The Gilded Wolves (Roshani Chokshi) 🌸 Read any book by an Asian author

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What are your favorite books written by Asian authors? Feel free to recommend me some books down below! 🌸

23 thoughts on “Favorite Books by Asian Authors 🌸 + #asianreadathon TBR

  1. This is an amazing list, Caro! I’m currently reading When Dimple Met Rishi (as it’s free on Riveted- along with Want and Starfish) and I really enjoyed it!!! I love Star Touched Queen and Wrath and the Dawn, I’m just a sucker for retellings haha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Tasya! πŸ₯° I’m so happy to hear that you enjoyed When Dimple Met Rishi, it’s a great contenmporary to binge-read 😊 Oh yes, those two books are amazing! πŸ’•


  2. this whole list makes me so happy, caro!! i love seeing starfish on here — that book means the absolute world to me in terms of asian rep! and aahh you have SO much taste for loving the young elites. i need to reread it so bad, i miss my favorite antiheroine! also, i’m BEYOND happy seeing darius the great is not okay on your tbr for this month, it’s one of my favorites and i hope you adore it! thank you so much for linking to my posts, and i hope the asian readathon goes well for you πŸ₯°πŸ’•

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to hear that, May! πŸ₯° It has been a while since I read Starfish, but I still remember how much I liked it – I definitely need to read more by the author 😊 Not many people talk about it but The Young Elites is honestly SO great, so I’m happy to hear that you love it as well! I need to reread it and be reunited with Adelina as well πŸ˜„ Thank you! I hope to enjoy Darius πŸ₯° Very happy to share your posts & thank you! πŸ’›


  3. this list is great!! I loved The Wrath and the Dawn (the romance… SWOON) and am so glad to see you liked Of Curses and Kisses Beauty and the Beast retellings are my weakness… so obviously im dying to read this one! and Starfish sounds like such an emotional read im dying to get my hands on a copy as well! Fab list πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😊 The Wrath and the Dawn was truly amazing, I was rooting so hard for the romance! I definitely need to do a reread very soon πŸ’• I hope you enjoy Of Curses and Kisses, it was a great retelling! Starfish is very intense, but also great! Thank you πŸ₯°

      Liked by 1 person

  4. What an amazing list !! I definitely need to pick up some of the contemporary books– I’m excited to read Starfish as I’ve heard so many good things !! Also I really enjoyed Sandhya Menon’s short story that I read recently so I definitely want to check out more of her work !!
    I’m also really eager to pick up A Very Large Expanse of Sea !! 😊
    I finished The Young Elites last month and I really enjoyed the series !! I love the characters journeys and all the magic involved 😍😍
    I loved Darius The Great Is Not Okay so I hope you do as well. I’m also half way through The Weight of Our Sky and it is a heavy read but I am loving it a lot !!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie! πŸ’› Starfish and Sandhya Menon’s books are amazing! I definitely recommend starting with When Dimple Met Rishi and her newest book Of Curses and Kisses, both are amazing πŸ₯°

      The Young Elites is honestly amazing, I’m so glad to hear that you loved it as well!! I’m very excited to read Darius The Great Is Not Okay, I have it on hold from the library 😊 I’m so happy to hear that!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. OMG I can’t tell you how happy I am that you chose a recommendation of mine for the recommendation prompt πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯Ί there are so many Asians out there who give *amazing* book recommendations, and the fact that you chose one of mine makes me SO soft and honored ❀ I hope you enjoy Darius! It's definitely a quiet story, but I found it really beautiful. I'm also really bummed that I don't feel like reading at the moment, ahhh. If not, I'd be consuming all the Asian books πŸ˜‚ But I can't wait to read A Very Large Expanse of Sea and Starfish! I've had a physical copy of AVLEOS for more than a year—it's so short, and idk why i still haven't gotten to it ahhh

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course!! I definitely need to read more of your recommended books! πŸ’›πŸ₯° I really hope I enjoy Darius, it sounds like such an emotional, impactful story and I cannot wait to get into it 😊 I’m sending you all the good reading vibes and definitely recommend reading Not Your Sidekick should your reading motivation return πŸ’• A Very Large Expanse of Sea is amazing, though it can also be heavy at times!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I loved all three of them so much, happy to hear that you like them as well πŸ₯° I hope you enjoy Not Your Sidekick once you’re getting around to reading it – it’s a great book 😊


  6. I love this list so much, Caro! Saints and Misfits is one of my favorite contemporaries, in a big part because of the incredible female friendship, yes. πŸ˜€ I really enjoyed A Very Large Expanse of Sea, Not Your Sidekick and The Young Elites, and I’m interested in Rebel Seoul. Darius the Great is such an incredible book, and I also need to read The Downstairs Girl. πŸ˜€ Best of luck on the readathon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I’m SO happy to hear that you loved Saints and Misfits as well, all the supportive female friendships made me so happy πŸ₯° I’m currently reading book 2 – Not Your Villain – and I’m really liking it so far! I hope you end up reading Rebel Seoul someday 😊 Thank you!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. ahh what a wonderful list Caro, I love it so much! Starfish is one of my favorite reads, as well as The Reader and The WRath and the Dawn, so happy to see these here πŸ₯° I so need to continue with the young elites series! And both Spin the Dawn and The Downstairs Girl are on my TBR, so excited to read them πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Marie! πŸ₯° The Reader is great and I wish I had the third book already, as I’m eager to finish the Trilogy 😱 I also need to read The Wrath and the Dawn as it has been a while! I hope you enjoy the rest of the Young Elites series πŸ’› I’m also so excited for both of them! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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