Sbooktober TBR 2020 👻 & other spooky Readathons you can join in time for Halloween 🎃

Spooky Readathons TBR

Hello fellow bookworms 👻 It’s time for another Readathon TBR post again! I didn’t do one in September, because there were no Readathons I wanted to join, but I did one for August and it was a lot of fun for me 🥰 Because it’s finally October, I’m here with the spookiness!! I wanted to join all the spooky Readathons this month but after some consideration, I decided to only join one Readathon, as this month will be so busy and full of change for me, I would probably feel stressed trying to fit in several Readathons. I would have loved to do the Supernaturalathon and Hocus Pocus Readathon again, but I decided to choose the Sbooktober Readathon, as it’s the one I have participated in the longest 🎃 I have however included all the spooky Readathons I could find if you’re still searching for a spooky Readathon to do in October!

Time to get spooky!! 👻




Sbooktober is a month-long celebration in October for all things spooky, including movie watch nights (that I have however never joined due to the time difference, but they have a separate Twitter account if you’re interested in that! I personally appreciate the little distinction between the movie nights and general Sbooktober things), photo/video challenges and of course the Readathon! Usually the latter is in the last week of October, but this year it was extended for the entire month, which amazing and works so well for me!! 👻 I have been participating in Sbooktober since 2016, so I choose it as my one spooky Readathon in October and cannot wait to get started, especially as the reading challenges and the premise of the Readathon (a Halloween party) is great 🥰🎃




My Sbooktober TBR

For this Sbooktober I plan on reading 5 Books as I’m not sure how busy I will be. Based on my reading habits I can definitely do 5 books, but I also don’t want to stress myself as I’m moving, starting my Master Course, and generally dealing with a lot of change in October. That’s why I appreciate that the Readathon is month-long as it gives me more time to read all the books – which I’ll need to cope with so many new situations 💗

Sbooktober 2020

In An Absent Dream (Seanan McGuire) Fantasy Costume (Read a Fantasy) ➽ I’m almost caught up with the Wayward Children series and the only book I haven’t gotten to is the fourth one! (I did read book 5 – Come Tumbling Down – beforehand, but In An Absent Dream can technically be read out of order) It follows Lundy, a character from the first book that we hadn’t known that well, so I’m excited to get her background history and see her world, especially given what we already know! After being a bit disappointed with Come Tumbling Down last month (it felt a bit unnecessary and focused on characters we had already seen so much of) I’m all the more eager to get to another book in the series that focuses on a character that hasn’t gotten the spotlight so far! 🥰

Cemetery Boys (Aiden Thomas) I Put A Spell On You (A book with magic) ➽ I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK! Ever since it released I have heard so many positive reviews and this sounds like the perfect spooky book to read in October! It’s about a boy called Yadriel who’s a brujo and also deals with ghosts, one ghost in particular that Yadriel cannot get rid of 👻 I got the e-book on my Kindle (I wanted the physical book as well but because I’m moving and delivery for this book, in particular, is unreliable right now, I opted for the e-book), but will also get another copy if I end up loving the book, which I’m hoping for because it sounds amazing!!

Winterwood (Shea Ernshaw) Devil’s Food Cake (A black cover) ➽ I adored Ernshaw’s book The Wicked Deep last year as it was so perfectly atmospheric, so I couldn’t wait to get to her new book! It’s a bit more winter-themed but also seems to hold the atmosphere of mystery and danger (plus there are creepy woods and another strange town involved) making it a great book to read during Sbooktober! 👀 I got this one from the library as they had the e-book and I have high hopes that I’ll love it, given how much the author’s first book surprised me 💕

Ghostly Echoes (William Ritter) Carve Jack O’Lanterns (A face on the cover) ➽ I’m finally continuing with this series as I want to finish it before the end of the year! It has already become one of my all-time favorite series and I adore the characters so very much 💜 This is book three in the series so I won’t get into what it’s about, but let’s just say that it focuses on Jenny’s story, who is the resident ghost and a good friend of Jackaby and Abigail! I have been wanting to get more of her mysterious background story, so I cannot wait to dive into this book. The books are also so comforting to me, so it’s a great book to read during October 🥰

The Tower of Nero (Rick Riordan) Trick or Treat (Choose a high and low star prediction. Flip a coin to decide what to read) ➽ I had The Tower of Nero preordered (one of the only books I preorder this year actually, I haven’t bought that many physical books come to think of it) because it’s the big finale of the Trials of Apollo series, Rick’s last big series for a while. I adore Apollo and his emotional growth throughout the books, so I cannot wait to see how things end for him. Of course, I’m also nervous because the past books have been tough at times, but let’s hope for the best 🙏 The low star-prediction for this prompt was The Night Circus, another book I had on my TBR … but right now I wasn’t as interested in reading it, as I mainly picked it up because so many people have loved it!



I wanted to give a Shoutout to the other spooky-themed Readathons that are happening in October (not including any others, though I recommend you check out Ultimate Readathon Guide if you want to keep up to date with what Readathons are happening! 🥰) as I sadly couldn’t join more of them this year! I have personally participated in the Supernaturalathon and Hocus Pocus Readathon last year (they were a lot of fun and I’m sad that I cannot join in this year) but I have also found a lot of other Readathons that sound really great (note: this is not a comprehensive list, these are just the Readathons I could find at the time of writing this post!) 🎃


1-2 week-long

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Are you participating in any Readathons in October (be it Sbooktober or another one)? What books are on your TBR? What spooky books do you like? 👻


26 thoughts on “Sbooktober TBR 2020 👻 & other spooky Readathons you can join in time for Halloween 🎃

  1. So many halloween readathons!! Although I won’t participate, I just appreciate how many people get together for thoses 🥰

    I actually really like the different prompts and « themes » devisions on this one !! Have fun and goodluck xx

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  2. October is such an exciting month for readathons! I am still waiting for two to be announced, so I can’t yet set my tbr, but I’ll definitely participate in some!
    Love your tbr, I’m also super excited for the last Trials of Apollo book! Hopefully it won’t disappoint.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I would love to participate in The Ace Race which focuses on asexual characters, and I am really waiting for Booksandlala’s Spookathon! I also wanted to join Gilmore Girls readathon but it looks like they postponed it to November!

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  3. I decided not to do any readathons this month because the pressure for prompts and timed stuff makes me not read lol but this is a super helpful resource for those who want to! Winter wood has been on my tar for a while. I think since I got in the owlcrate last year lol. Oops

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