Never Have I Ever Write Tag 📝 Exposing my writing habits

Never Have I Ever Write Tag

Hello fellow bookworms 📝 I’m currently on hiatus for November because my new Master Course has just started at the beginning of the month. However, since it’s NaNoWriMo month and I sadly cannot participate due to being so busy, I wanted to at least do a Writing Tag! (Best of luck to everyone participating in NaNoWriMo, you got this!! 💕) Both Mary @ marydrover and Sophie @ sophiexli have tagged me to do the Never Have I Ever Writing Tag a while back and as the questions and concept of the Tag sounded like so much fun, I had to do it! The Tag was created by Bree Dawn @ thelongvoyage! So for today I’m jumping into the Tag and exposing some of my writing habits and secrets 👀 I feel like a lot of my writing friends have already been tagged for this, so I’m not going to tag anyone new. However, if you’re a writer and want to do the Tag, feel free to do it! 🥰

The Rules 

  • Link and thank the blogger who tagged you.
  • Include the graphic somewhere in the post (or make your own!)
  • Answer the questions truthfully and honestly.
  • Tag 3 bloggers.


Write Tag

✅ Yes, I have never done this

⛔ No, I have done it!

… started a book I did not finish ⛔

➽ I think most writers have a few abandoned projects and I’m no different 😅 I have only finished 2 writing projects and I have a couple ones that I started but never finished because the idea didn’t work out like I wanted to. Then there was one project I wanted to continue but I outgrew the idea & now all that’s left is an unfinished draft.

… written a book completely by hand ✅

➽ Absolutely not because my handwriting isn’t the best 😂 And honestly, I would probably struggle so much writing an entire book by hand, as this sounds even worse for my wrists than typing. I also feel like I can never keep up with my thoughts when I’m writing by hand as I’m so much faster on my laptop and it has the added bonus of being able to edit what I’ve written far more easily!

… changed tenses midway through a story ✅

➽ I write exclusively in past tense, so this has never happened to me! I cannot write in present tense at all, it somehow always doesn’t feel right to me. Maby this is because I prefer reading past tense in general, though I don’t mind present tense, as long as I’m not the one having to write it 😄

… not researched anything before I starting a story ⛔

➽ Confession time: I didn’t research anything back when I was starting to write stories. I just went with my imagination – didn’t even have a plot – and wrote, something that was nice as well. Being free in writing can be amazing, but research is important!! It’s still my least favorite part of the writing process, but it’s necessary both in the outlining and in the revision stages!

… changed my protagonist’s name halfway through a draft ⛔

➽ This hasn’t happened often but there have been at least two times when I changed my protagonist’s name. The good news is that if you use the Find & Replace tool in Word, you can simply change the name. It’s far easier than changing between tenses or POV’s!


Write Tag

… written a story in a month or less ❓

➽ I kind of did this during NaNoWriMo when I wrote in between 50 and 80K words depending on what year we are talking about. However, I never finished a whole draft during this month! My drafts are much bigger (for my WIP: Intoxicated it was 120K for the first draft, that has undergone lots of cuts now), so I could never finish them in just one month.

… fallen asleep while writing ✅

➽ I’m someone who doesn’t fall asleep easily, so this has never happened to me at all! I also don’t write in the late evening, as I prefer to do my reading then. I’m always so astonished when I see vlogs where someone just falls asleep while reading … like how? Please teach me your ways 💤

… corrected someone’s grammar irl/online ✅

➽ Though I might notice it, I would never correct someone’s grammar, be it irl or online. It just doesn’t sit right with me, as I know it always makes me feel insecure. I think it’s okay if people point it out among friends though.

… yelled in all caps at myself in the middle of a novel ✅

➽ I have to say that I’m a bit boring when it comes to this 😂 I might leave myself some funny/snarky comments in my outline, but I usually only leave organizational notes within my draft, like when I want to remember something for revision!

… used I’m writing as an excuse ✅

➽ I definitely have done this, especially during past NaNoWriMo’s! I don’t use writing as an excuse often, but I might have been glued to my laptop during the last stretches of November to get my word count in. I used to write in between classes (when I had a longer break) in high school and skipped out on a lecture to finish NaNoWriMo in 2017 😇Divider2

Write Tag

… killed a character who was based on someone I know in real life ✅

➽ I actually don’t create any characters that are based on someone I know in real life, so I definitely haven’t killed a character who was inspired by anyone 😄

… used pop culture references in a story ⛔

➽ I like reading about pop culture references in books (it always appeals to my inner nerd) so I do sneak them into my WIP’s as well (good thing my current one is contemporary fantasy)! I try not to use too many references as I know they need to come organically or readers will feel overwhelmed and like it feels forced. It’s a fine line to navigate for sure!

… written between the hours of 1am and 6am ⛔

➽ I’m actually not a night/evening writer, I prefer to write in the afternoons or a bit earlier. Towards the end of the day, I just want to unwind and not worry about having to meet a word count. However, there have been times during NaNoWriMo that I wrote super late, though it definitely didn’t happen often as I need to have my sleep or else I can’t function 💤

… drank an entire pot of coffee while writing ✅

➽ I love drinking coffee so much, especially during writing as it motivated me to get into the zone and write my heart out. However, I have never drunk an entire pot of coffee, as I try to limit how much caffeine I ingest 😄 I usually drink about 2-3 cups per day but never more than that ☕

… written down dreams to use in potential novels ⛔

➽ It doesn’t happen frequently but sometimes when my dreams get super intense, I have a few scenarios that stay with me when I wake up, so I usually write them down somehow to use as inspiration for new settings and ideas! There have been some pretty great dreams to use, though it’s never more than fragments 😊


Write Tag

… published an unedited story on the internet (e.g. wattpad, blog) ⛔

➽ Back in the day, I used to write fanfiction so of course, I posted that online. I also didn’t know that the concept of editing existed yet so I never went over my chapters and just posted them as I went along with the story 😅 I didn’t even have an outline back in the day so my one fanfiction that I actually finished was a huge mess of random plot points that I kept thinking up.

… procrastinated homework because I wanted to write ✅

➽ I haven’t really put off homework for writing, as the thought always made me feel guilty. I’d rather do the school work first and then dive into writing without having any guilt or pressing things to do on my mind 📝

…  typed so long that my wrists hurt ⛔

➽ I have definitely typed a lot and though it didn’t happen often my wrist hurt from time to time, especially during NaNo when I would write a lot every day. In Non-NaNo times I’m less intense with my writing though, which means that my hands rarely hurt. (so please take some breaks in between writing to stretch your wrists! ✍)

… spilled a drink on my laptop while writing ✅

➽I have never spilled a drink on my laptop while writing a story BUT I have spilled coffee on it one fateful morning while watching YouTube videos 😥 Needless to say my laptop was ruined and I had to get a new one. This instance has scarred me, so now I keep all drink far far away from any electronic devices! 💔 Seeing picture of people balancing drinks or plates of food on their laptop honestly stresses me out so much … how??

… forgotten to save my work/draft ⛔

➽ Yes, this has happened before though I try to regularly save all my important files on my hard drive so nothing gets lost. I’m lucky that I frequently save my work as I’ve heard way too many horror stories of someone losing all their hard work 😱 One time I came pretty close though, I just saved some files to my computer before it crashed.


Write Tag

… finished a novel ⛔

➽ I have finished two novels (not counting the one fanfiction I mentioned earlier) which always feels like such an accomplishment, though I have also some unfinished drafts sitting on my hard drive! I’m proud that I finished my current WIP most of all and I’m currently revising it, something I had never done before as well! 

… cried while writing a scene ⛔

➽ I have never full-on cried, but I have definitely teared up at emotional scenes or when I finished my current WIP as it made me so proud and also emotional to see that I had done it! 🥺

… created maps of fictional worlds ⛔

➽ I LOVE MAPS!! They are the best and so helpful for me to keep track of how my fantasy world looks like. So many things can be revealed about your world from a map and it’s always a helpful tool if you’re writing a high fantasy story! There are some online mapping tools that I never tried out but want to someday. Back in the day, I just drew something by hand 😄

… laughed like an evil villain while writing a scene ✅

➽ I’m usually super intensely focused and quiet while I write, so I don’t talk to myself when I’m drafting. In my mind, I have certainly cackled like an evil witch sometimes though when I’m being mean to my characters 😈

Divider2 (2)Have you ever handwritten a novel or do you prefer to work on your computer? Are you a researcher or do you dive straight into the draft? Let me know your answers to these questions 📝

14 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever Write Tag 📝 Exposing my writing habits

  1. Ohh, this looks like such a fun tag!
    And wow – completing two novels is crazy! I always keep switching between my drafts and deleting everything so I kind of have nothing right now haha

    Liked by 2 people

  2. this is such a fun tag!! i’m with you on never switching tenses in the middle of a draft — i know we all have different strengths/weaknesses as writers, but whenever i see someone say that they always switch tenses in the middle of writing, i can never understand how 😭 and ah… maybe i should write earlier in the day like you do because i’ve definitely fallen asleep while writing, only to wake up and find that what i wrote while half-asleep made no sense haha!! loved reading this, caro ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I always write in past tense, so it would never occur to me to switch to another tense 😂 (I always think about what POV to use a lot before writing though, so I don’t have to do rewrites) I’m not a morning person, but by evening, I’m already in chill mode and too tired to write anything inspirational 😴 Thank you so much, May! 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’m the same way when it comes to handwriting—it hurts my wrist too much, and typing is faster anyway. I’m scandalized that you skipped a lecture to finish NaNoWriMo, because I certainly would NEVER do that (sarcasm because I definitely did this too often in college). Ahh I always get emotional too whenever I finish a draft. It’s just such a satisfying and proud moment! Loved reading your answers to these, Caro! 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Handwriting is so tedious to me, I’m impressed at anyone who writes whole novels this way 😱 I was in the writing mode this day, no lecture was going to stop me 😈 I LOVE that moment, it makes everything worth it! Thank you so much, Margaret 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That “find and replace” trick to change names only works if you are smart and don’t give your character a placeholder name like “Will” or something else that might be EVERYWHERE in your novel haha
    Loved reading all your answers for this tag, Caro!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Ah I love this tag so much, I loved reading your answers! I’m with you when it comes to writing tense, I just tend to write in past tense and never change. I’m guilty of changing a character’s name in the middle of it all though, this has happened to me several times 😂 And same at being emotional at your own work. I never cried, really, but hitting that finish line makes me emotional always! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Marie! 🥰 I couldn’t even imagine writing in present tense, as past tense is just what I always do 😄 Character Names are always tough, I have made some small changes as well 😂 Oh yes, the finish line is always such a defining moment of the writing process 🥺


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