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Adult Romance Books I’m Excited to Read πŸ’•

Adult Romance TBR

Hello fellow bookworms πŸ’• Ever since I launched my Out of Comfort Zone Reading Challenge, I have loved branching out with what genres and types of books I read. I’ve always found Adult books to be so daunting and a big leap for me, but I found that I love exploring Adult Romance books πŸ₯° The idea for this post actually came to me after I read Spoiler Alert as it was such a nice surprise and made me excited to try out other Adult Romance books, as I feel they can be a great comfort to me! That’s why today I’m sharing 10 Adult Romance Books on my TBR with you! There are more books of course, but these are the ones I’m most looking forward to reading ❀ I might make a second part to this post, as I’m always searching for more recommendations!

Recommendations I found helpful ❀


Adult Romance Books I’m excited for ❀

The Roommate (Rosie Danan) ➽ Most books on this list caught my attention because I saw a lot of hype for them online (be it on Twitter, Goodreads or Blogs) and The Roommate is no exception! The book seems to play into the ‘Oh My God They Were Roommates’ trope as it’s about two near strangers who couldn’t be more different sharing a lease 😱 I’m currently waiting for my library hold to come in, but I’m almost at the top of the list, so I hope I will be able to finally read The Roommate in May ❀

Beach Read (Emily Henry) ➽ I have heard SO many things about Beach Read, there was a time when it was so hyped up and that really got me curious! The book is about two writers who are spending the summer in neighboring beach houses and write in completely different genres (literary fiction and romance). As they are both having a case of writer’s block they decide to switch genres and try writing something outside of their comfort zone, an idea that I find really interesting and promising! I love books about writers so I have high hopes for Beach Read πŸ’•

All the Feels (Olivia Dade) ➽ This is a companion novel to Spoiler Alert – the book that inspired this list – so of course I had to include it! All the Feels centers on two side characters from the first book which I was already invested in and hoped to read more of, so it couldn’t be more perfect for me!! One of them is a famous actor whose career is surrounded by scandals and the smart woman who was hired to keep him in check πŸ‘€ Sadly I have to wait a little while longer for this book, as it only comes out at the end of October πŸ₯Ί

Get a Life, Chloe Brown (Talia Hibbert) ➽ I really need to read this book as everyone seems to have loved this romance book (and the companion novels) so much! Sadly, I didn’t like the author’s 2020 Christmas novella, but I hope her other books are good, as I keep seeing them everywhere. Get a Life, Chloe Brown is about a chronically ill protagonist who sets out to fulfill a bucket list and make life interesting after a near-death experience shocked her. I even have the e-book sitting on my Kindle, ready to read, so I hope I get around to reading the book this year πŸ₯°


Shipped (Angie Hockman) ➽ I added this to my TBR as I saw RubyΒ recommend it and got myself the e-book in a fantastic Kindle Deal not soon after! Shipped sounds like the perfect summer romance as it’s set during a Cruise with two rivaling coworkers competing for the same promotion … only to realize they might like each other more than they thought! I think the reason this book appeals to me so much is that due to the virus I couldn’t go on my first ever Cruise last year and I’m still a little heartbroken about this πŸ₯Ί So at least I got to live vicariously through the characters in Shipped!

The Ex Talk (Rachel Lynn Solomon) ➽ Rachel Lynn Solomon’s Today Tonight Tomorrow was one of my favorite books this year so far and got me excited to read her other books! The Ex Talk is her newest release and has a premise that immediately caught my eye. Instead of Fake Dating we have two radio hosts who have to pretend to be Fake Exes for their newest show … but end up falling in love with each other πŸ‘€ This sounds like so much fun (and drama)!

Make Up Break Up (Lily Menon) ➽ This is Sandhya Menon’s adult debut and as I love her YA romance books, I thought it would be easier to get into Adult Romance with an author I’m familiar with. I read a sneak peek of Make Up Break Up because I was curious if this was for me and really liked the writing and tone, so it immediately went to my TBR! The book itself is a rivals to lovers romance between two app developers who are competing against each other, which already sounds promising πŸ’˜


Honey Girl (Morgan Rogers) ➽ Originally this book wasn’t on my radar at all, but then I saw so much love for it on social media and in the community, that I got very intrigued!! It’s about a 28-year-old overachiever who feels weighed down by the pressures and expectations of society, something that Immediately caught my eye. There’s also an impulse marriage with another woman involved and almost everyone seems to love the romance, so I have high hopes! I’m currently waiting for my library hold to come in, so I can finally read it! ❀

Boyfriend Material (Alexis Hall) ➽ This is another book that caught my attention as I saw a lot of love for it in the bookish community and the premise really appealed to me as well! Boyfriend Material is about the son of a rockstar who is thrust back in the spotlight and in need of the perfect boyfriend to clean up his image. That means that once again we have Fake Dating and also Opposites Attract which are two tropes that I’m always excited to read πŸ₯°

The Flatshare (Beth O’Leary)Β  ➽ I have seen a lot of hype for Beth O’Leary’s books – they seem to be very well-beloved – so I was curious to give them a try! The Flatshare was the book that most appealed to me because of its premise. The book is about a romance between two people who share a flat … only that they never see each other. One works a night shift and the other during the day so they take turns sharing a single bed. This sounds like a recipe for disaster so I’m intrigued 😱

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Have you read any books on my list? What are your favorite Adult Romance books? I’d love to hear your recommendations πŸ’•


24 thoughts on “Adult Romance Books I’m Excited to Read πŸ’•

  1. I love this! I keep meaning to pick up Spoiler Alert and I hadn’t even realized there was a companion novel! I love when romances do that.

    Honey Girl is so beautifully written! There is definitely a romance but it felt like it was more about Grace finding herself, which I loved!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! I hope you end up liking Spoiler Alert, it was so swoony and relatable! That made me even more excited to discover that there is a companion novel πŸ₯°

      I’m happy to hear that you liked Honey Girl, it’s great to hear that finding yourself is such a big theme πŸ™‚


  2. Get a Life, Chloe Brown was such a delight. I already have the sequel of the Brown sisters series on my eReader, but I always have to be in the right mood for adult romances haha Hope you have a good time with all of these!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I adored The Roommate, Get a Life, Chloe Brown and Boyfriend Material. I also enjoyed Beach Read, and there’s a really lovely scene in it that is reminiscent of a scene from Taylor Swift’s You Belong With Me. Unfortunately, I didn’t love Honey Girl, even though it was one of my most awaited 2021 releases. 😦 I think part of the issue is that I went into it wanting a romance and I felt like it concentrated more on the main character and her development than on the romance and its development. I wonder if I would have liked it more had I gone into it with the right expectations. I’m adding Shipped to my to-read list. πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to hear that you liked these books! I’m currently reading The Roommate πŸ₯° I’m saving Beach Read for the summer as it feels like the perfect time to read it πŸ™‚ Oh no, I’m so sorry that Honey Girl disappointed you, especially as you anticipated it so much πŸ˜” It’s always tricky when the expectations don’t match with the book! I’m glad I could convince you to add Shipped to your TBR ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ohh wonderful list!!
    We have such similar taste- all of them but two are on my list! Ahaah πŸ₯°
    I wanna add all the feels to it, but as I haven’t read spoiler alert yet.. idk

    Liked by 1 person

  5. This is the first time I am seeing the cover for All the Feels! I loved Spoiler Alert so I can’t wait to read this next book. The series covers are just SO SO CUTE! I want to get to Beach Read this spring/summer, I feel like everyone has read it already and I need to understand what everyone is talking about.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you liked Spoiler Alert!! The covers are truly stunning and I’m so excited for All the Feels πŸ₯° I hope we both enjoy Beach Read, it’ll definitely be a perfect summer read πŸ™‚


  6. wonderful post, Caro!! i’ve read Honey Girl, Boyfriend Material, and The Flatshare, and i loved them all a lot – for different reasons haha. just a note, Honey Girl is actually less of a romance and more of a coming-of-age book, and Grace’s journey of feeling lost in life and self-growth really resonated with me πŸ’• and Boyfriend Material is truly one of the most hilarious books i’ve ever read, i honestly couldn’t stop laughing while reading it ahahaha. and the Flatshare has a really heartwarming and supportive romance :)) hope you enjoy all of these romances!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Dezzy! πŸ₯° I’m happy to hear that you liked these books!! I heard that Honey Girl is more of a coming of age story and I love that, so I’m very excited for my library hold to come in 😊 I’ll read The Boyfriend Material for when I need something funny then!! Thank you, I’m looking forward to reading them ❀

      Liked by 1 person

  7. The Ex Talk is sooooooo good! We both absolutely loved it. I haven’t read some of the others on your list, but I just added The Roommate to by TBR. That one looks really good. Loved this list! – Amber

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so happy to hear that you loved The Ex Talk, that makes me really excited to read it! πŸ₯° I finished reading The Roommate recently and it was a fun book, I cannot wait to read the companion novel! Thank you so much Amber 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  8. ruby successfully convinced both of us to add shipped to our TBRs! i really like the premise of a vacation romance and it was one of my favorite expects of the unhoneymooners, so i hope to enjoy in this one as well!

    honey girl sounds amazing. one of my favorite rom-coms of all times, what happens in vegas, also follows an impulsive marriage and i am intrigued by how this element will be worked out in honey girl. i’ve heard polarizing reviews, but i still want to give it a chance. the same goes for the boyfriend material, which i think will be my next read. it’s compared a lot to red, white & royal blue, which i didn’t like, so i’m hoping this one works better for me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, she made it sound so good!! πŸ₯° I feel like in the summer I really need a good vacation romance to live vicariously through the characters πŸ™ Oh I have to check out The Unhoneymooners then!

      I hope my library hold for Honey Girl comes in next month as I cannot wait to read it! Impulsive Marriage wasn’t even on my radar as I trope, but I’m also intrigued by how it will be handled in the book! I hope you enjoy Boyfriend Material, I keep hearing such good things about it ❀


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