Review: Fugitive Telemetry by Martha Wells 👀 A Murderbot Murder Mystery

Review Fugitive Telemetry

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CW’s: Murder/Death, Violence

No, I didn’t kill the dead human. If I had, I wouldn’t dump the body in the station mall.

When Murderbot discovers a dead body on Preservation Station, it knows it is going to have to assist station security to determine who the body is (was), how they were killed (that should be relatively straightforward, at least), and why (because apparently that matters to a lot of people—who knew?)

Yes, the unthinkable is about to happen: Murderbot must voluntarily speak to humans!


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“All I wanted to do was watch media and not exist. I said, You know I don’t like fun.”

Reading another Murderbot Novella always makes me happy! ➽ Fugitive Telemetry is set in between Rogue Protocol and Network Effect, so we get to see Murderbot adjust to life on Preservation. Murderbot is my favorite comfort character and listening to the books on audio is always such a soothing experience ❤ I loved seeing Murderbot face the challenges that living in Preservation brings, from distrustful council members, figuring out what it wants to do going forward and being shut out from doing security with the rest of the team. It was a nice piece of background information that deepens and explains the inner conflict Murderbot has in Network Effect!

“There was a big huge deal about it, and Security was all “but what if it takes over the station’s systems and kills everybody” and Pin-Lee told them “if it wanted to do that it would have done it by now,” which in hindsight was probably not the best response.”

This time Murderbot solves a Murder Mystery! ➽ The main plot is that a dead human turns up in the Station Mall and Murderbot is intent on finding out who did it, especially as Mensah and her crew still have many old enemies that might come back for revenge. No one of the Station Security really wants Murderbot’s help though, as it’s still seen as dangerous and not trustworthy by anyone outside of Mensah’s crew. Murderbot is not happy to be shut out from the investigation and denied access to important systems, but at the same time hacking them would just confirm everyone’s prejudice. I loved seeing the complicated relationship between the Security Team and Murderbot, especially as they slowly have to work together to find the murderer. I also appreciated the cameos of the Preservation Crew like Mensah, Gurrathin and Ratthi, as I really missed seeing them 🥰

“It tried to alert its onboard SecSystem, but as the old saying (which I just made up) goes, if you can ping the SecUnit, it’s way too late.”

IN CONCLUSION.Fugitive Telemetry was a great bridge between Rogue Protocol and Network Effect, exploring Murderbot’s relationship with Preservation, its work with Station Security and a suspenseful Murder Mystery. Like every novella in the series, it was amazing and I had a great time reading it!

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Have you read Fugitive Telemetry? Do you like the Murderbot Diaries? What is your favorite adult sci-fi novel? ❤


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