Magical Readathon ~ Orilium TBR ✨ The Novice Path

Magical Readathon TBR

Hello fellow bookworms ✨ The Magical Readathon is finally back and I couldn’t be more excited! ❤ In case you didn’t know, this used to be a Harry Potter Readathon, but due to J.K. Rowling’s continued transphobic and hateful behavior, the host decided to reinvent the Readathon! G @ BookRoast has come up with an original universe and I’m impressed by the amount of work and imagination she has put into creating something entirely new and magical! I have always loved the sense of adventure and fun this Readathon prompted – especially with so many people joining in – and I’m glad that this continues without supporting JKR any longer! Down below there are some information on the Readathon (the abbreviated version, for the full story check out the host’s video) and my TBR 🥰

Time for a new adventure

Divider2Information about the Readathon

What is Orilium: The Novice Path? (my short recap)

This Magical Readathon takes place on a planet called Aeldia, which consists of 4 continents and is inhabited by a variety of species, who each have their own culture and magical talents. Magic emerged in this world following a meteor impact (called The Ammelore) which infused it with a magical energy called Ammelorite. Slowly, people studied and learned to control magic which turned into the Orilium Academy being founded. However, the way there – called The Novice Path – isn’t easy to master and many haven’t returned in their quest to reach Orilium 👀

This first installment of the Readathon is hosted all throughout September and focused on the Novice Path in order to reach the Orilium Academy! It’s an intro segment to the world and allows us to form our own characters (who will be presented with choices that later influence life at the Academy). I love character creation, but I won’t be going into my character for now as that deserves an extra post and there are additional reading prompts I need to tackle (that have to be completed before April 2022, but it’s up to you when you do it)! For now I’ll focus on the Novice Path prompts 💕

Important Links

Here is the host’s announcement video for more in-depth information!

Divider2The Novice Path TBR

Novice Path TBR

The Novice Path Entrance ✨ read a book with a map.

King of Fools (Amanda Foody) ➽ I’m finally reading this!! I have been meaning to continue with the Ace of Shades Trilogy for ages now, as I loved the first book so much and now it is happening! I actually got about 250 pages into it (and the book was SO good) but then life happened and I put it down again 😅 Right now I’m eager to read King of Fools from the start and I hope to do a Ace of Shades reread before September to get back into this world! As this is a Fantasy book the odds of King of Fools having a map were already high and I was right – there is a map of New Reynes 😉

Ashtorn Tree ✨ a book that keeps tempting you (or top of your TBR).

The Girl from the Sea (Molly Knox Ostertag) ➽ This is a cute graphic novel about a girl who befriends a Selkie girl and navigates growing up/coming out to her friends and family. For some reason this kept drawing me in, so I placed a library hold that should be available in time for the Readathon 😊 I definitely think having a graphic novel on my TBR will be great to mix things up and I already know that the art style is gorgeous as I peaked at an excerpt!


The Mist of Solitude ✨ read a standalone.

Recommended For You (Laura Silverman) ➽ I wanted to read this during the Summer, but it didn’t quite work out with my other reading plans. However, when I saw this prompt, I knew Recommended For You was the right fit! It’s a rivals to lovers story between two Jewish teens and set at a bookstore, which already sounds amazing 💗 I loved You Asked for Perfect, so I’m eager to read more books by Laura Silverman! I got the hardcover for my birthday and I’m so in the mood to settle down with a cute romance

Ruin of the Skye ✨ read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house, or other supernatural elements.

Dark Waters (Katherine Arden) ➽ This horror, paranormal, mystery MG series became a surprise favorite last year when I read Small Spaces! I continued with Dead Voices at the beginning of this year and I love the spookiness and friendships in these books! Friends Ollie, Brian and Coco encountered the paranormal and it’s not quite ready to leave them alone 👀 Each book is centered around a season with the new release Dark Waters matching up with Summer! I was super excited for this book and lucky enough that my library got a copy! 🥰


Obsidian Falls ✨ read a thriller or a mystery book.

Killer Instinct (Jennifer Lynn Barnes) ➽ I finally picked up The Naturals this month and I really enjoy it! The mystery aspect was intriguing and I liked how engaging and funny the writing style was ❤ This is a series and I was immediately compelled to pick up the next book and have just as much fun as I had with the first book! The story is about young Cassie who gets recruited into a secret team of Naturals (people innately good at things like patterns, emotions or profiling) and confronted with her past 😱

Tower of Rumination ✨ read a five star prediction.

The Dire King (William Ritter) ➽ The time has finally come to read the last Jackaby book!! I wanted to read this all year after discovering and LOVING this series in 2020, but series finales are always hard and I was kept busy with university as well. However, I need to know how the story ends and I actually really missed these characters so much 🥺 This series is a blend of Supernatural/Sherlock Holmes and has the best characters with a great found family – so I highly recommend it if you haven’t read these books 😉

Orilium Academy Arc ✨ book with a school setting.

Nevermoor: The Trials of Morrigan Crow (Jessica Townsend) ➽ This prompt was a bit tricker, as I didn’t want to read a contemporary for it, so in the end I decided to pick up Nevermoor! I read the beginning of this (only about 6%) a while back but then other books caught my attention! Nevermoor is about young Morrigan Crow who gets blamed for all the misfortune in her area but then gets swept up in a competition to join the Wundrous Society. I don’t know how much of a school setting there will be, but I’m still counting it 😄

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Are you participating in the Magical Readathon? What is a book that keeps tempting you or is on top of your TBR? ✨

17 thoughts on “Magical Readathon ~ Orilium TBR ✨ The Novice Path

  1. Omg this is so complex! If you don’t post about it, I wouldn’t have noticed it so thank you! I loved it last year, and I’m super glad she managed to find a new way! I’m so excited, definitely going to come up with my tbr before September starts. 😍
    Hope you have fun and hope you enjoy Nevermoor!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Good luck on your readathon, Caro! 😀 I hope you’ll love Killer Instinct – I love how engaging and fun that series is. Also, the found family aspect is so good, especially as the series progresses. I also hope you’ll love Nevermoor – I found it really cute. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! ❤ I’m looking forward to reading Killer Instinct, the first book was so much fun and such a quick read! I also look forward to seeing more of the found family aspect! I heard great things about Nevermoor, so I’m excited for it too 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I LOVE the new idea of this readathon!!!! ❤️ I won’t be able to participate this year because I’ll be taking a few weeks off in September, but OMG, LOVE it! 😍
    Hope you have lots of fun, love your picks, The Girl from the Sea looks adorable & can’t wait to know what you think about Dark Waters, I need to read that whole series at some point, love the sound of it ☺️✨

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Me too! It’s such a great, unique idea! 🥰 Maybe you can participate in the second part next April? Thank you, Sofii! I already read The Girl from the Sea and it was great – the art style was gorgeous and the story really emotional 🥺 Very excited for Dark Waters, I hope you read the series someday! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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