Magical Readathon ~ Orilium ✨ My Character + TBR, Novice Path Recommendations

Magical Readathon Chara + Recs

Hello fellow bookwormsI already shared my Magical Readathon ~ The Novice Path TBR with you recently, but since it’s so expansive I haven’t yet shared my Character! That’s right, the Readathon includes the option to create your own character that you’re taking on the magical adventure, which I love ❤ You can find some of the information about the Readathon (+ its super original world and lore) in my TBR post, as this one is mostly about introducing my Character, the books I need to read for said Character Creation and some Recommendations for The Novice Path prompts 🥰

Divider2Character Creation

My Character: Aliyah Vasana


Picrew by Elain

  • Certification: Novice
  • Background: Urban, Wildling (former)
  • Province: Irtheria
  • Heritage: Earthling (Fire)
  • Lunar Phase at Birth: Eclipse
  • Guild, Calling, Guild’s Legacy, Conduit: {April 2022}

Scholar’s Traits

Character: Headstrong ~ Kind ~ Impulsive ~ Emotional

Hobbies: Swordplay ~ Languages

Aliyah grew up in nature within a commune of Fire Earthlings. Her father left them at a pretty young age, but she was close to her mother. Her fire powers manifested early and Aliyah tried to hone her innate potential, though she was always causing just a bit of trouble. Then things went sideways during a dare Aliyah animated the other children in the village to do. It was supposed to be for fun but got ugly and some of the kids were hurt. Only the quick intervention of the other villagers prevented anything worse. The elders chose to exile Aliyah for her impulsive, foolish, and downright reckless behavior that had put others at risk.

In the following years, Aliyah lived with her mother in the only major city in Irtheria. Schooled by her mother who was deeply disappointed, Aliyah felt compelled to make up for her mistakes. She took up swordplay in order to not only rely on her magical abilities and because it keeps her head cool. After her mother suddenly passed away due to an illness, she was left without any support network, and the deep need to connect to people, as she never felt like she fit in anywhere.

➽ That’s why Aliyah is focusing on completing the Novice Path and seeking a new life, purpose and found family (maybe even some kind of redemption) at the Orilium Academy.

Character Prompts + My TBR


Urban: Book Set in a City 🏙 Bridge of Souls (Victoria Schwab)

Irtheria: Book with Fae/Elves 🧚‍♀️ The Darkest Part of the Forest (Holly Black)

Earthling: Elemental Magic or Elemental Title 🔥 Bloodlines (Richelle Mead)

➽ The character prompts are based on what characteristics (Background ~ City of Countryside, Home Continent, Race) you’ve chosen for your character and don’t need to be completed until the second part of the Readathon in April 2022, but I thought I’d still share my TBR with you now! I like that I can read these books anytime before next April, so I’ll pick them up when I’m in the mood 🥰

➽ For a book set in a city (my character grew up in the countryside, but has been living in the city for the past years) I’ll be choosing Bridge of Souls, which takes place in New Orleans (I’ve actually been to this city before on a school trip abroad!!). I’m actually planning on reading this book in October because it’s spooky and the last book in the Cassidy Blake series 👻

➽ My character is from the continent of Irtheria which means that I’ve also got to read a book that features fae or elves. I’ve been having The Darkest Part of the Forest on my Kindle TBR for some time and now would be a great time to finally read it!  It has got (sinister) fairies and sounds really intriguing 👀

➽ Lastly, because my character is an Earthling, I’m reading a book that has elemental magic or an elemental series/book title! My choice for this prompt is the first Bloodlines book which features mortal vampires called Moroi who can control the elements. I’m very behind on the Readalong I’m participating in but I definitely want to at least start this series in 2021! ❤

Divider2The Novice Path Recommendations

➽ I thought that it would be a nice idea to do some recommendations for The Novice Path prompts, in case anyone is still searching for books to read ❤ (And of course I also recommend these books to anyone else!) Some prompts like Ashtorn Tree (top of your TBR) or Tower of Rumination (5 star prediction) don’t work for recommendations, but I have picked out 5 books for each of the remaining 5 prompts 🥰 There’s also a Storygraph Challenge for the Readathon where people collected even more books that would fit the prompts!

The Novice Path Entrance ✨ read a book with a map.

MR Recs (1)

  • Ace of Shades (Amanda Foody)
  • Truthwitch (Susan Dennard)
  • The Young Elites (Marie Lu)
  • The Wrath and the Dawn (Reneé Ahdieh)
  • Red Queen (Victoria Aveyard)

The Mist of Solitude ✨ read a standalone.

MR Recs (2)

  • Queens of Geek (Jen Wilde) ➽ Contemporary
  • Radio Silence (Alice Oseman) ➽ Contemporary
  • An Enchantment of Ravens (Margaret Rogerson) ➽ High Fantasy
  • The House in the Cerulean Sea (T.J. Klune) ➽ Contemporary Fantasy
  • The Loneliest Girl in the Universe (Lauren James) ➽ Sci-Fi


Ruin of the Skye ✨ read a book featuring ghosts/haunted house, or other supernatural elements.

MR Recs

  • Anna Dressed in Blood (Kendare Blake) ➽ Ghosts, Haunted House
  • Born at Midnight (C.C. Hunter) ➽ Ghosts (but also shapeshifters, witches, werewolves, vampires …)
  • Cemetery Boys (Aiden Thomas) ➽ Ghosts & Brujx
  • My Plain Jane (Amanda Foody) ➽ Ghosts & Ghost Hunters
  • Ghosts (Raina Telgemeier) ➽ the title says it all 👻

Obsidian Falls ✨ read a thriller or a mystery book.

MR Recs (3)

  • Jackaby (William Ritter)
  • Here Lies Daniel Tate (Cristin Terrill)
  • I Am Still Alive (Kate Alice Marshall)
  • A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder (Holly Jackson)
  • Broken Things (Lauren Oliver)

Orilium Academy Arc ✨ book with a school setting.

MR Recs (4)

  • Please Don’t Hug Me (Kay Kerr) ➽ High School
  • We Used to be Friends (Amy Spalding) ➽ High School
  • Finding Felicity (Stacey Kade) ➽ College
  • You Asked for Perfect (Laura Silverman) ➽ High School, focus on academic pressure
  • Skyward (Brandon Sanderson) ➽ Flight school

Divider2 (2)

Are you participating in the Magical Readathon? What is a book that keeps tempting you or is on top of your TBR? ✨


11 thoughts on “Magical Readathon ~ Orilium ✨ My Character + TBR, Novice Path Recommendations

  1. I love love love love all of this!!!! 👏🏻✨ And your character is adorable! ☺️ I hope you really enjoy the experience of participating and your readings, sweetie. ❤️
    Bridge of Souls is a lot of fun, and I think a good conclusion, maybe I was personally hoping for a bit more of that ending, but the characters are wonderful, I never get tired of reading about them, so I hope you love it. 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. caro, i am obsessed with this! i wouldn’t be able to do the magical readathon this september, but reading your post made me feel a bit of fomo hahah i love the character you created & how you thought out an entire background for her too! i definitely will think about doing that, especially because there’s still some time until april and i would be able to fit in books for the prompts. i love the character you created & i’ll be looking forward to see where she goes as the readathon progresses!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww thank you so much, Lais! 🥺💕 Sad to hear that you weren’t able to participate but you can still join in next April, I think! I love that the character prompts are flexible and you have a big window of time to read them. Creating a character was honestly so much fun 😊 Thank you!! I’m so excited for the future events 🥰


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