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Discussion: How have my Bookish Habits changed over the years? πŸ“š

Bookish Habits

Hello fellow bookworms πŸ“š What is this??? My first ever (kind of) Discussion Post? 😱 I have always been somewhat intimidated by discussion posts, as I find them difficult to write and there’s so much care to needs to be put in the arguments and structure! However, I have been wanting to discuss my changing bookish habits since last November when I first started my Master’s Course. So this post has been brewing for a while and I still feel passionate about this topic β˜• I find it fascinating how our habits can change with time and after some reflection I kept seeing the changes in my personal reading habits! That’s why I’m sharing 6 ways my bookish habits have changed with you today! I’d also love to hear your experiences! Did you develop any of the same changes as me? What are the biggest ways in which your reading has changed? Let me know down below in the comments and we can chat πŸ₯°


1. Using more audiobooks 🎧

➽ I never used to listen to audiobooks (though I was happy to see them become more popular) as a) I didn’t have good access and b) I’m a very visual person. However, I have come to appreciate audiobooks in the past two years and especially at the end of last year, when I started my Master’s studies. Audiobooks have become a lifesaver for me!! They are just so practical and I make use of them a lot while doing chores (like washing the dishes, cooking, laundry, cleaning etc.). Not only does it make otherwise menial tasks exciting and easier to do, but I also can get some reading in throughout the day!

➽ Another benefit is that I always have two books to read at once, an audiobook and a physical or e-book. I didn’t use to read several books at a time as well, but now I enjoy the variety πŸ₯° I have also gotten better at listening to Audiobooks (and upping the speed), as practice really makes perfect! My enjoyment really depends on the narrator though, as they can make or break a book!

Favorite Audiobooks

  • The Murderbot Diaries (Martha Wells) narrated by Kevin R. Free 🎧
  • Other Words for Home (Jasmine Warga) narrated by Vaneh Assadourian 🎧
  • Sadie (Courtney Summers) narrated by a Full Cast 🎧


2. Reading primarily e-books instead of physical books

I➽ f you had told me that e-books would be my most read book type in 2020 (and also being in the lead this year) I wouldn’t have believed if. 2020 really changed things. Part of it was the pandemic, as e-books became increasingly practical with shipping delays and the closure of libraries. I realized that getting an e-reader (I was gifted a Kindle for my birthday that year) would be super helpful for book buying, especially as there are many good deals online. As an international reader, I’m always on the hunt for a good bargain and recently I noticed some great Kindle Deals for books that just came out recently!

➽ I also found out that I could sign up for a digital library card at the biggest city in my country and that would finally give me access to Overdrive (my previous library and others don’t have OverDrive and generally not a good selection of e-books available) πŸŽ‰ I’m still in awe and so grateful that I have so much access to e-books and audiobooks now (many of them in English), with new releases coming in regularly!

➽ Both things contributed to me devouring a lot of e-books in 2020! This trend continues this year and I don’t mind, as especially reading on my Kindle has been comfortable due to the ability to adjust settings and the low prices allowing me to check out books I’m excited for πŸ₯°

Latest Kindle Purchases

  • Anna Dressed in Blood (Kendare Blake) πŸ“±
  • The Boy Who Steals Houses (C.G. Drews) πŸ“±
  • The Darkness Outside Us (Eliot Schrefer) πŸ“±

3. Reading outside of my comfort zone

➽ I’ve been hosting my own Reading Challenge about reading outside of your comfort zone since last year! I had been wanting to branch out with my reading and expand my horizon for quite some time and doing my own challenge really helped me achieve that! I’ve talked about this a couple times already in my Check-In and Wrapup posts for my challenge, but I have a great time reaching for books I wouldn’t have touched a couple years back! It’s the best feeling to give a book you wouldn’t normally read a chance only to find an unexpected new favorite πŸ’— I’ve also figured out that I love delving into genres I didn’t use to read that often like Nonfiction, Mystery of Sci-Fi!

Favorite Books Outside My Comfort Zone 2020/2021

  • The Murderbot Diaries (Martha Wells) ~ Adult Sci-Fi πŸ’—
  • Jackaby Series (William Ritter) ~ YA Mystery/Historical Fantasy πŸ’—
  • The House in the Cerulean Sea (T.J. Klune) ~ Adult Fantasy πŸ’—


4. Different Book Buying Habits

➽ Lately I have been thinking more about my book buying habits and specifically what books I want to display on my physical shelves. I want to curate my personal library more and focus on buying physical copies of favorite books that I don’t own yet but would like to reread and add to my collection ❀ I want my shelves to reflect what books I love/are my favorites and get rid of any books that no longer spark any joy ~ so that I can be proud of my collection!

➽ I also have the bad habit of not reading books on my shelves because I’m afraid of not liking them and then not knowing what do do with them. I do unhauls periodically and I’m happy to give away books to my bookish friends (I’d also like to branch out and maybe look into shipping them to readers outside of Germany ~ any tips?). However, donating to the library isn’t much of an option here (as almost all books are in English and they are more interested in German ones). Selling them on other channels usually means barely getting anything of value for them – which makes me sad πŸ₯Ί That’s why I want to switch to buying more e-books and reserving buying physical books for certain occasions ~ mostly this will be preorders of fave ongoing series, books by my favorite author and books I REALLY feel in the mood for. To sum it up: I feel more comfortable buying books from my TBR as an e-book, as it’s cheaper and doesn’t take up space on my shelves if I don’t like a book! There are also great deals on Kindle and if I love a book I can still buy it in physical later πŸ₯°

My motto for what books to show on my shelves πŸ’•


5. Becoming a mix of mood reader & TBR lover

➽ I used to be a HUGE TBR Lover who always had intricate 10+ books TBR’s planned πŸ˜… Back in the day that worked for me, but as the years went on, I felt increasingly hindered by these long TBR’s and they began to stress me instead of helping me plan for the month. Over the years I have also become a bit of a mood reader. I tend to pay attention to what kinds of books I’m feeling like reading instead of feeling stuck by a TBR, which has been super helpful! I love the feeling of reading a book you’re incredibly excited about right this moment and it’s a great way to reaffirm my love for reading ❀ It also means that I can give books a fair chance, as sometimes my mood determines if I like a certain type of book.

➽ In times of stress, I tend to like more light-hearted books and am less in the mood for Fantasy books, as I have to keep track of (sometimes very complex) worldbuilding. However, I still have a rough TBR of the month with books I want to prioritize, though it’s a lot shorter and subject to mood changes! I also have a list of book options for certain moods that I can rely on when I’m not sure what book to read next (one of my least favorite bookish feelings)!

My Notion TBR Page (for September)

Here you can see what my Reading Month looked like at the time I was writing this post (feat. my Magical Readathon TBR)! πŸ₯°


The icons before the title stand for the source (✨ ~ Owned,  πŸ’Œ ~ Library // πŸ”„ ~ simply means reread and 🎧 ~ audiobook) & I usually include what challenges the books apply to, as well as if they have any kind of representation!


6. Reading more Graphic Novels

➽ I didn’t use to read any graphic novels/comics/manga, which is so strange to think about now! The biggest reason was that I didn’t have good access to them and buying them seemed pricey as most volumes are short and so quick to read πŸ˜… However, ever since getting better library access and getting an Overdrive Account last year, I have been delving into the world of graphic novels head first πŸ’— I LOVE graphic novels now that I can pick them up on a whim and know more about what books are up to my tastes! (Doing the GraphicsAThon this year has been so much fun!) It’s great to switch things up and reach for a graphic novel ~ they can stave off reading slumps and I find it so relaxing to try out a different, more visual medium of reading πŸ₯° Over the years I have found many great books to love and I’d definitely like to do a more in-depth recommendation post in the future!

Favorite Graphic Novels

  • Cat’s CafΓ© (Matt Tarpley) πŸ’•
  • Fence Vol 1-4. (C. S. Pacat) πŸ’•
  • Heartstopper Vol 1-4. (Alice Oseman) πŸ’•

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How have your bookish habits changed over the years? What book format do you reach for most often? Are you a mood reader of TBR lover? πŸ“š

17 thoughts on “Discussion: How have my Bookish Habits changed over the years? πŸ“š

  1. This was a great first discussion post! It’s neat, how our reading habits can change so much over time. I also never thought I’d reach the point where I mostly read ebooks, but last I checked, I think about 60% or more of my reading in 2021 has been on my kindle!

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this discussion post, Caro! πŸ₯°
    I found that our reading habits changed a bit similarly! I also became fond of graphic novels and ebooks in 2020. I think 95% of my reads this year have been ebooks, and I actually find it harder to pick up physical books. E-readers are so comfortable!
    I also like to think that I get out of my comfort zone a bit more, well at least with reading nonfiction books!
    It’s so interesting to see how habits change over time! I used to buy a lot of books but now I have the same mindset as you: only buy books that are favourites!

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    1. Thank you so much, Morgan ❀ It’s so interesting to see that we both picked up more graphic novels and most commonly read e-books now! I think the amount of e-books I’ve consumed is similarly high and I also tend to favor my Kindle now, which I never thought was likely 😱 Nonfiction books can be such a nice change in reading and I cannot believe that I never used to read them! I definitely like the mindset of curating shelves with favorite books πŸ₯°

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    1. Happy to see that we’re both reading more e-books and trying out audiobooks! My physical book buying has also decreased so much as I usually buy books on Kindle now when there’s a good deal πŸ˜„ I’m glad you enjoy the mystery genre so much, I have enjoyed trying it out as well! 😊


  3. Congrats on your first discussion post Caro, I thought this was such a fantastic topic to delve into! This is something I constantly think about the more books I read or add to my tbr. Its changed in many little ways, but I can also agree with you that I’m listening to more audiobooks as well. Congrats again on your FIRST fabulous discussion post!πŸ₯³πŸ˜

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  4. After a couple of months of not being able to read when the pandemic started because of stress and anxiety due to my personal situation (healthcare worker), I went back to reading as a way to escape. I have changed my habits, I love to read romance, but not exclusively, so I did stretch to read more non romance books; I realized I was in a rut with romance. I probably don’t read as much non romance now, but I am mixing it up. I’ve been an e-reader fan for years, and heavily into libraries; I belong to four and pay for two, otherwise my budget would hurt! I, like you, love the flexibility audiobooks offer and have begun listening more often than not. I am also slowing down on ebook purchases because a TBR can cause stress! I’m active on social media and because of it, I’m tempted to one click a book everyone is posting about and have been disappointed, but, I’ve been off social media more and more. Thanks for this post, there are some great points!

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    1. I’m glad to hear that you could turn to reading as an escape! 😊 I’m also so grateful for my library as they have so many e-books and audiobooks, being so flexible in what you can read, is really convenient! I also try to limit how many e-books I buy, as I don’t want to have a Kindle that’s too full and becomes overwhelming. Thank you so much for reading!

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  5. i relate so much to your struggle of not knowing what to do with certain english books after having finished them. most donation places won’t accept them, and i definitely have more than a couple that i’d be okay with getting rid of. now i definitely want to be more mindful of which books i do by, as i don’t want impulsive purchases taking place on my shelves.

    likewise, audiobooks were a life-changer and i can’t imagine not having them now. even though the service i use can be quite pricey as it is in US dollars, i read *so* much through listening to the audiobooks and it’s incredibly convenient! plus, some stories just work so much better in audio! i definitely don’t read as much physical books now, because they’re wayyyy too expensive, and ebooks are 10x easier to read during commute. i didn’t imagine i’d become an avid ebook reader, but here we are, hahah.

    i loved reading this post and i think you do discussions really well, caro!

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    1. I’m a bit glad that I’m not the only one with this dilemma! I could sell some of my English books, but don’t get as much money for them compared to books in my native language. This is why purchasing more books on Kindle has been better: you can just delete the books you no longer like πŸ˜„

      Audiobooks honestly help me so much when I’m stressed as I can get reading in while doing chores! I signed up for an online library pass which luckily got me access to a lot of them. How do you listen to your audiobooks? Also, I agree, some books have a full cast and cool effects, which makes the reading experience so much more fun 😊

      E-books are truly so convenient and I never thought I would reach for them so often either! Physical books just cost so much more money and I try to only buy the books that I’m very sure I’ll like!
      Thank you so much for reading! πŸ₯Ίβ€


  6. Ah this is such a fantastic discussion post, Caro, I loved learning a bit more about your reading habits and how they’ve grown along with you, too! I’m so glad you’re enjoying audiobooks so much. I still haven’t taken a deep dive into this, ahah, I’m a bit scared of it for some reason? But I’m with you on the ebooks and the book-buying, too! I’ve been really thinking about the books I want displayed on my shelves and the books I want to buy, too. And I LOVE your Notion Page, it looks so good!! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you so much, Marie! ❀ I was also a bit intimidated by audiobooks at first as I take in information better in a visual format. However, starting with a slower speed has helped me ease into audiobooks to a degree that now I can listen to them faster as well. I also think that starting with audiobooks that are not fantasy/sci-fi could be easier πŸ˜„ Oh yes! Having shelves with your favorites is a big goal, as looking at them would make me so happy! Thank you so much!! πŸ₯°

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