Magical Readathon ~ Orilium ✨ Spring Equinox TBR

Magical Readathon Spring Equinox

Hello fellow bookwormsJust Recently I shared my TBR for the Mini Magical Readathon with you and now it’s already time for the main event in April! This is probably my favorite Readathon and I’m SO excited that it’s back, especially as it wasn’t certain it would be ready for April. Once again the host (and her team of helpers) but in so much effort to make this a great event and I cannot wait for all the things happening soon 💕 I’ve got some information about the Readathon (and what is planned for next month) and my TBR for you!

✨ Overview

  1. Information about the Readathon
  2. My Character’s Calling
  3. Spring Equinox TBR: Mandatory Classes
  4. Spring Equinox TBR: Extra Classes

Divider2Information about the Readathon

What is the new Magical Readathon all about?

This new version of the Magical Readathon takes place on a planet called Aeldia, which is inhabited by a variety of species, who each have their own culture and magical talents. Magic emerged in this world following a meteor impact and infused it with a magical energy called Ammelorite. People studied and learned to control magic which turned into the Orilium Academy being founded. The first installment of the Readathon was hosted all throughout September 2021 and focused on the Novice Path in order to reach the Academy! It was an intro segment to the world and allowed us to form our own characters.

The next part of the Readathon is this April and called the Spring Equinox! The idea is that now our characters have reached the Orilium Academy, been chosen by a Guild and will attend their first semester of school. Like with the previous Readathons there will be careers to choose from – Callings – and I LOVE that this aspect is coming back! According to what Calling you choose, there are different mandatory classes with the corresponding reading prompts. There will also be quizzes, quests (though these are first come, first serve and not the focus of this semester), a Magical Allnighter (planned for April 23th-24th) and Guild Tiers (everyone starts out as Initiate, but you can earn points to improve your image/influence) 💕 There is SO much happening and I love it 🥰


This is my character’s Guild 💜

For More Information

Here is the announcement video for the Readathaon!


My Character’s Calling: Archmage

Key Traits ✨ Hungry for Knowledge – Diplomatic – Leader – Curious

image (4)

There were so many good careers to choose from but I decided to go with ARCHMAGE! It’s one of the first careers chronologically and immediately called to me. I browsed the rest of the Callings as well, but Archmage felt right for my character. It’s about exploring every area of magic, learning as much as possible and living for their magic. For Archmages I need to attend 6 mandatory classes in this Spring Semester ✨ I will also be choosing 4 extra classes (there are 14 in total) to challenge myself!


Spring Equinox TBR: Mandatory Classes


Alchemy – Potion of Infatuation – Book featuring romance

A Marvellous Light (Freya Marske) ➽ There was a wide variety of books to choose from for this prompt, but A Marvellous Light is a book I have been meaning to read since it came out! It’s a historical fantasy with enemies to lovers, librarians AND magic, so it sounds like the perfect book for me 🥰

Inscription – Glyph: Strength – Intimidating read

Strange the Dreamer (Laini Taylor) ➽ There are many books that intimidate me and Strange the Dreamer is definitely among them. Laini Taylor is such a beloved author and I still haven’t read any of her books 😱 Strange the Dreamer is supposed to be very whimsical and is a longer Fantasy (over 500 pages), so I haven’t picked it up, but will do so now!

Artificery – Schematic Literacy – Earth setting

I Must Betray You (Ruta Sepetys) ➽ I really want to read this book, as I aim to read more historical fiction this month. I Must Betray You is set in Romania of 1989 and deals with the tyrannical dictatorship of Nicolae Ceaușescu. I loved Ruta Sepetys Salt to the Sea and have been wanting to read another book by her 💕



Spells & Incantations – Anti Gravity Spell – Short storie(s)/essay(s):

Silver in the Wood (Emily Tesh) ➽ To be honest, I don’t usually read essays or short story collections, so I went with a novella. Technically it’s too long to be counted as a short story, but it’s the shortest book on my TBR. Silver in the Wood is a novella that has caught my eye for some time now and my library has a 2-1 audiobook! I don’t know too much about this, except that it has LGBTQ rep and is an atmospheric fantasy 🌳

Art of Illusion – Mirror Image – Book with trope you like

A Conjuring of Light (V.E. Schwab) ➽ I plan to finally finish the Darker Shade of Magic Trilogy, as I read ADSOM in 2018 and didn’t pick up any of the other books 🙈 Technically I have to read A Gathering of Shadows (extra class) first in order to complete it, but I hope to binge the series anyay 😄 This has parallel universes and morally grey characters (Holland is on the cover!!) 💕

Conjuration – Conjuring of Light – Source of light on cover

The Enigma Game (Elizabeth Wein) ➽ Another book I definitely wanted to read this month and therefore was hoping I could include in my TBR! The light source is on the left side of the cover, though it’s unclear what exactly it is. The Enigma Game is a Code Name Verity book and since I love the series, I’m hoping to finally read it 🥰


Spring Equinox TBR: Extra Classes

Extra Classes

Astronomy – Basics: Asteroids & Comets – Top of your to-be-read list

Orphan Monster Spy (Matt Killeen) ➽ As the prompt says, this is another book I considered a priority for April, as it’s another historical fiction book! Orphan Monster Spy is about a Jewish girl acting as a spy in an elite Nazi boarding school and trying to steal the blueprints to a dangerous bomb. It already sounds super suspenseful!

Animal Studies – Ways of Pegasus – Quick read

Daisy Jones & the Six (Taylor Jenkins Reid) ➽ I have heard so much hype for this book and decided to finally read it! I loved Evelyn Hugo but sadly hadn’t read another of the author’s books since. I’m getting the Daisy Jones audiobook from my library as I heard that it has got a full cast and is supposed to make the reading experience special, as the book is told in interviews! 😊

Lore – Myths Most Known – Mythology inspired

The Song of Achilles (Madeline Miller) ➽ I have been in a Greek Mythology mood again recently and decided to finally read The Song of Achilles, as it’s a very hyped book! I think this book is told from Patroclus perspective and is of course a retelling of his relationship with Achilles 💘 Very excited to see what all the hype is about!

Demonology – Shadow Demons – Word ‘shadow’ in title

A Gathering of Shadows (V.E. Schwab) ➽ As I said above, I’m finally tackling this series this year! Bonus points for this book actually fitting one of the prompts, there couldn’t have been a bigger sign that I should read it 😄 Though I never much liked Lila (who is on the cover), I’m still excited for this sequel!

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Are you participating in the Magical Readathon? What are you planning on reading? What book is on top of your to-be-read list?


10 thoughts on “Magical Readathon ~ Orilium ✨ Spring Equinox TBR

    1. I already read I Must Betray You and I really liked it! I definitely need to check out more of Ruta Sepetys backlist, as I’ve only read Salt to the Sea so far 😊 Thank you! Very excited to listen to the Daisy audiobook, I keep hearing it’s good 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Destiny! 💜 I already read Silver in the Wood (and sadly didn’t quite like it as much as I’d hoped 😅), but I’m very excited to (hopefully) finally finish the Shades of Magic Trilogy 🥰 🙏🏻


  1. I love the variety of books on your TBR, quite a lot of intense ones to get through so best of luck!! A Marvellous Light sounds really good. I hope you love it. I will definitely be intrigued to hear your thoughts ❤️
    I have been meaning to The Song Of Achilles for ages as I feel like nearly everyone else has 😅 Hope you love it 🥰
    Happy Reading Caro 💜💜

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie! 💜 I’m really excited to finally read A Marvellous Light, I keep hearing such good things about it and it sounds right up my alley 🥰 I have also been eyeing The Song of Achilles for ages, it got so much hype, so I’m intrigued 👀
      Thank you! 🥰

      Liked by 1 person

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