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Reading Challenge Checkin 2022 📚 #TackleYourTBR, #DevourYourTBR & 12 Books Challenge

2022 Checkin

Hello fellow bookworms 📚 The first half of the year is already over and I cannot quite believe it! Once again, I wanted to reflect on my progress with the Reading Challenges I joined this year, as I always enjoy seeing if I’m on track with my goals and how much I have achieved already. In case you’re interested you can see my original TBR in my Signup Post at the beginning of the year 📚 I’m also going to do a separate mid-year check-in for my own Out of Comfort Zone Reading Challenge later, just like I did last year, so I’m looking forward to writing that post too 💕

17 Signs You Like Books More Than People | Her Campus

Me trying to keep up with my reading challenges


Goodreads Reading Challenge 📖


Read 65 Books ✅ I read 114 books this year son far

I’ve already completed my Goodreads Reading Challenge! 🎉 I always set myself the goal of reading 65 books as an attainable goal, even though I usually read more. This year I read a lot of books already, probably because I did the 28 in 28 challenge with graphic novels back in February. I’ve also been listening to lots of audiobooks on higher speed this year 🎧


12 Books Reading Challenge 💌

  • 12 Challenge {12 Months to read 12 Books Recommended by 12 Friends}
  • The Template was created by Shadowbooker over on Instagram.
  • I love the idea of reading books recommended by other bloggers/bookish friends so I knew that I had to join in 🥰 Thank you to everyone who sent in a recommendation! 💗

12 Challenge Updated

Progress 💌 (6/12 Books)

  1. Six Crimson Cranes (Elizabeth Lim) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pauliina @ thebookaholicdreamer
  2. Between You, Me and the Honeybees (Amelia Diane Coombs) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Marie @ drizzelandhurricanebooks
  3. Soulswift (Megan Bannen) ➽ Kat @ lifeandotherdisasters
  4. Anxious People (Fredrik Backman) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐.5Veronika @ wordyandwhimsical
  5. Jade City (Fonda Lee) ➽ Ashley
  6. Strange the Dreamer (Laini Taylor) ✅⭐⭐⭐.5Sabrina @ wordyandwhimsical
  7. We are Inevitable (Gayle Forman) ✅⭐⭐⭐.5 ➽ Lais @ thebookishskies
  8. Legendborn (Tracy Deonn) ✅⭐⭐⭐⭐ Aarushi @ aarushireads
  9. The Girl and the Ghost (Hanna Alkaf) ➽ Tasya @ theliteraryhuntress
  10. Blood Like Magic (Liselle Sambury) ➽ Maddie @ inkingandthinking
  11. Ninth House (Leigh Bardugo) ➽ Sandra
  12. All of Us Villains (Foody & Herman) ➽ Kal @ readervoracious

I’m mostly on track with this challenge! I love the idea of reading books recommended by my bookish friends and I was aiming to read one book per month in order to finish by the end of the year. I have read 50% of the books already 🥳 None of them have been under 3 stars, so I enjoyed every book so far. My favorite book that I read is Between You, Me and the Honeybees 💕 I’m not sure what book to read this July but I’m planning on keeping up with this challenge!


#TackleMyTBR2022 📚


  • #TackleMyTBR2022 is hosted by Kim @ kimberlyfayereads and runs from January 1 – December 31, 2022
  • The goal is to read at least ONE book from your TBR every month. It can be an ARC, ebook, audiobook or print – your choice. Any reading is good reading!

Monthly Themes  📚

2022 TackleMyTBR

My #TackleMyTBR Goals 📚

  • Read 2 Owned Books per month (24 in total) ✅
  • Read 1 Book per Monthly Theme ✅
  • Only haul physical books that I’ll read in the next 3 months ✅ (only You’d Be Home Now left)
  • NEW! Read the majority of the books I hauled in 2022 ✅ (75% read)

Progress 📚 43 Books Read 

📚 Physical Books  (21 Books) || 📱 Kindle Books (22 Books)


This challenge is going SO well!! I originally planned to read 2 books per month so I could reach 24 books for the entire year, but I surpassed that already. I read 43 books so far (compared to 9 books by that time in 2021)!! Almost twice as much my target for the entire year 🥳 I’m very proud that I’m finally tackling my Physical and Kindle TBR and not only reading library books. I still haven’t read some of the oldest books on my TBR but I’m slowly getting there 😄


#DevourYourTBR 📚


© DevourYourTBR

  • #DevourYourTBR which is all about tackling your TBR using cool monthly challenges! Apart from January, these don’t have to be books you own, so I’ll be reading from my Goodreads TBR!
  • This is hosted by Destiny @ howlinglibraries & Kathy @ booksandmunches on Goodreads and I believe that there’s also a Discord ❤

Monthly Themes 📚

  • Jumpstart January ✅ Read the books you owned prior to 2022 📖
  • Lovely February ✅ Read books about love (be it romance, family, friendship etc.) 💕
  • BIPOC Celebration March ✅ Read books written by BIPOC authors 🤝🏾
  • Ancient April ✅ Read books that are not set in modern times (historical fiction, memoirs etc.) 📜
  • Mental Health May ✅ Read books about Mental Health 🌸
  • Pride Parade June ✅ Read books by queer authors/about queer characters 🌈
  • Vacation Time July ✅ Read books about vacations, journeys, and adventure ☀️
  • “All Bodies” August: Read books with diverse body representation 👩🏻‍🦽
  • Study Hall September: Read books recommended by other readers 📚
  • Ominous October: Read spooky and monstrous books 👻
  • Remember November: Read books you didn’t get to from your previous 2022 TBRs 📝
  • Easy Readin’ December: Read ‘easy’ books like short books, novellas, graphic novels and manga 💫

Progress 📚








I missed having a monthly reading theme (I did those back in 2019 or 2018 I think) so this was much fun! 🥰 Having a theme helps me pick out my TBR and though I also got distracted by Readathons, I always read some books for the monthly theme. I never had a set number of books I wanted to read per month, so I just picked up what I was most in the mood for that month! I’m very excited for the themes for the rest of the year, they sound fantastic 💕

Divider2 (2)

How are you doing with your Reading Goals and Challenges? What books are on your priority list for the rest of the year? Any new favorite books you’ve found? 📚


13 thoughts on “Reading Challenge Checkin 2022 📚 #TackleYourTBR, #DevourYourTBR & 12 Books Challenge

  1. Oh wow you’re doing wonderful sweetie!! Love that !!

    Mine are going well too! I have a balance of Fr/Eng read, i’m 8 books ahead of schedule (only 6more to my goal!!) and I’ve been reading new genres I don’t usually pick up every month 😄 the only one that’s a bit slower is my audiobook challenge.. but considering I only need one more to go beyond what I had last year.. that’s fine ahah

    Liked by 1 person

  2. yay yay yay for all the progress made on your owned books!!! recently, i bought a few and i am already anxious about making my way through them.

    the only challenge i am a part of this year is the out of comfort zone one and i’m proud to say i’ve already read 9/10. i am even thinking about perhaps going for 15 instead of 10 books! so far, they have been really interesting books that i wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

    hope you’re having a great july, caro! all the luck with your challenges for the rest of the year!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Lais! ❤️ I’m finally tackling my owned books and it feels so good!
      So excited that you’re also part of the challenge! You’re making great progress 🥰 What were your favorite books so far?

      Thank you! Good luck to you as well 🥰


  3. your progress with reading your owned books is so impressive and inspiring as always!! and it’s so fun to see all the reading challenges/themes you have for the year, it makes me want to try having more direction with my reading too haha. hope you continue to read great books, and yay for reading so many already!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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