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The Trope Book Tag 💖 Enemies to Lovers, Found Family & More!

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Hello fellow bookworms 💖 I haven’t done a Book Tag in a while but I was feeling in the mood for one! I saw the Trope Book Tag on Maria’s blog a while ago and thought that it sounded like lots of fun!  🥰 I love the questions and in addition to my answers I also included if I like the trope or not with a star rating (from 1 to 5) ⭐ The Tag was originally created by Ash @ inkwordsandash!


1) ENEMIES TO LOVERS 💘 a book you formerly hated/disliked but now love!

Trope Rating: (this trope reigns superior for me)

35403058. sy475

City of Ghosts by Victoria Schwab ➽ For me the opposite usually happens: I love a book but it doesn’t withstand the test of time and later I end up disliking it 😅 And if I hate a book I don’t really change my opinion. But in the end, I went with a book that didn’t wow me but that I liked more with time! It’s the Cassidy Blake series! I rated the first two books three stars as they were nice, but not really that strong plot-wise or special. But I really liked the third and final book when I read it, it was so much better and made me love the world and characters! Now I think I’ll do a reread of the series and I can see myself liking the first two books so much more 😊


2) SECOND CHANCE 💌 a book you previously did-not-finish but now adore!

Trope Rating: (I love the idea of second chances!!)

REVIEW: 'A Court of Wings and Ruin' by Sarah J. Maas - Bookstacked

A Court of Wings and Ruin by Sarah J. Maas ➽ I don’t DNF books but I sometimes put them on hold when I’m not feeling them and hope to return later. ACOWAR was such a book as I waited too long to finish this series. My initial excitement and obsession had faded a bit, so my attempts to pick up the series finale (twice!) failed 🙈 This June, I finally committed to reading A Court of Wings and Ruin via audiobook and it was a great idea! I finally finished this series and loved it much more than I anticipated, given that I had waited such a long time between books 2 and 3!


3) LOVE TRIANGLE 💞 a duology where you love both the books

Trope Rating: ⭐ (still haven’t forgiven YA for putting love triangles in every single book back in the day)

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The Feverwake Duology by Victoria Lee ➽ Reading this prompt, I immediately forgot any duology I had ever read 😂 Jokes aside, I LOVED The Fever King and The Electric Heir ❣️ Both books are set in a futuristic world where some people can survive a virus that gives them powers. There is lots of intrigue and betrayal (& some very dark tropes such as abuse and sexual assault so check out trigger warnings!). The Duology is so well-written and the second book definitely holds up to the first and even surpasses it in some regard. Definitely one of my favorite sci-fi Duologies!


4) FRIENDS TO LOVERS 🥰 a book recommended to you that you enjoyed

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐⭐[⭐] (depends on how this trope is played! I’m not a big fan of childhood friends to lovers when it includes lots of miscommunication and angst tbh)

What’s Not to Love by Emily Wibberley & Austin Siegemund-Broka ➽ This was recommended to me by Marie, who honestly has the best recommendations, so many books that I have discovered through her have been 5-star reads 💖 What’s Not to Love is a book I probably wouldn’t have picked up on my own, but I’m glad that I read it! It cements my love for academic rivals to lovers ❣️ I was immediately hooked by the story and this was just a top-tier contemporary!!


5) INSTA-LOVE ❤️ a book you knew you would love (at first sight)

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐ (don’t hate this as much as I used to, but mostly it annoys me when characters immediately fall in love. It’s just so unrealistic, I need some development first!)

How to Disappear by Sharon Huss Roat ➽ I’m usually pretty good at finding books that I’m sure I’ll love. There is always a risk, but I have gotten better at knowing what my tastes are and what books could appeal to me. How to Disappear is a YA contemporary that flew under the radar until I saw Marie mention it! Immediately I had a feeling that I would love it: a book about a socially anxious girl whose friend just moved away AND discussions about your social media presence? Sign me up! Not to preen, but I was right and ended up giving this book 5 stars 🥰


6) THE CHOSEN ONE 👑 your all-time favourite (of the year/month)

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐⭐[⭐] (this trope can be fun and gets a lot of bad rep. Depends on how it’s done, but I find special powers SO cool!)

The Shadow Game Trilogy by Amanda Foody ➽ Time to harp about this series again, as I finally finished it this year!! It has got one of my favorite fantasy worlds that consumed me when I was reading it and the plot is full of twists as well. There is a diverse cast of characters, many of them morally grey and supportive female friendships! For me, The Shadow Game books are how a Fantasy series should be written. THIS is how you do it! No sequel syndrome, no copout finale, I was hooked from start to finish!


7) FORBIDDEN LOVE ❤️‍🔥 a loved book you don’t talk about often

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (YES!! This is how I like my angst!)

The Curseworker Trilogy by Holly Black ➽ I don’t really talk about these books but in my opinion, these are Black’s best books! I liked them a lot more than The Cruel Prince and though they are older, they still hold up years later. I love the concept of curse work, the snarky main character, and the fast-paced plot. This world really drew me in and I’m hoping to do a reread sometime as I got the newly released edition! (I thought it would be a box set but it’s a gigantic bindup of all three books 😂)


8) SECRET BILLIONAIRE 💝 a book you read and enjoyed before you knew it was popular

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐ (don’t hate this trope, but I really don’t care at all)

11870085. sx318

The Fault in Our Stars by John Green ➽ Due to my big reading slump in high school I read most books way after they became popular. I read The Fault in Our Stars right as it came out though, as a friend recommended it to me!! I loved it and immediately read John Green’s other books that were out at the time. I even did a book report in class on TFIOS, that’s how much I loved it 😄


9) FOUND FAMILY 💖 your most cherished books!

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ (!!! I’ll always love people finding each other and coming together to form their own little family and support system 🥺)

The Comfort Book: Special Winter Gift Edition (Hardback) - Matt Haig ...

The Comfort Book by Matt Haig ➽ I have so many cherished books I have no idea how to choose 😭 I decided to take into account my book collection for this and choose The Comfort Book because I own the beautiful limited winter edition!


10) FORCED PROXIMITY ❣️ a required-reading book you read and enjoyed

Trope Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ (so much potential! characters who are wary of each other being forced to work together is such a good example!!)

Macbeth | Book by William Shakespeare, Dr. Barbara A. Mowat, Paul ...

Macbeth by William Shakespeare ➽ I still have a bone to pick with our required reading in high school because the teacher’s choices were so bad 😭 We always had to read (Adult) Thrillers or Classics and none of those are within my reading tastes at all. The one book I genuinely enjoyed was actually Shakespeare! We read Macbeth and though it wasn’t the easiest to get through, it was tragic and adventurous.

Divider2 (2)

What book did you give a second chance? What is your favorite Duology? What books do you cherish most? 💖


26 thoughts on “The Trope Book Tag 💖 Enemies to Lovers, Found Family & More!

  1. This is such a fun tag! I hadn’t expected the questions to go this way, haha, I thought it would just be like find a book with x trope, but this? This is so much more fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This was such a fun post! I loved how you rated all the tropes. Forced proximity and found family are such good tropes. I love them too! 😍
    I think it is rare to hate then love a book unless you reread it at a different time (but again I think that would be rare). The other way, to love then hate a book is more common for me too. 🙈 I am glad the Cassidy Blake series grew on you though!
    I know I have said it before, but yes I love the fever king duology soo much too! 😍 Have you read the webcomic for it??? I can’t decide if I should or not 😅
    I really don’t hear much about The Curseworker Trilogy but I am so happy you love it! I love a snarky character so maybe I should read it too 👀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie! Forced proximity and found family just have so much potential 🥰 Oh yes, I’m much more likely to love a book and then begin to dislike it with time 🙈 The Cassidy Blake books are just spooky fun, so I’ll have to do a reread this year 😄
      The Fever King Duology is just next level! I started the webcomic when it was still ongoing, but then didn’t keep up with it! I liked what I read though 😊 The Curseworker Trilogy is an old gem and still so much fun!! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  3. this tag was certainly a lot of fun! likewise, i find so much harder to think of a book or series that i liked more with time. if i didn’t like it the first time, then i definitely won’t consider re-reading it or continuing on with the series. the only case i can think of is a book like the bride test, by helen hang. i think the first time i read it i thought it was meh, but it grew on me with time. i don’t know if it’s a book that wold survive the re-read, though!

    to be fair, i also forgot every duologly i’ve ever read when going through this tag myself hahah i feel like duologies are so hard to find these days, they almost always end up becoming a trilogy at the end. i was happy that at least the “these violent delights” one did stay only a duopoly!

    (i thought it was hilarious that you didn’t like childhood friends to lovers bc of angst because that’s exactly why i love this trope the most hahah). i have to read more books featuring academic rivals to lovers, i feel like i would enjoy it a lot!

    i really don’t like the chosen one trope, despite its popularity. but i do love forbidden love a lot and found family, of course.

    i would definitely struggle finding a required read i enjoyed though. i literally skipped almost all of them throughout high school hahah

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I also tend to not change my opinion on most books I don’t like 🙈 It’s interesting that you find a book that grew on you though, that’s always so rare imo 😄

      I thought Duologies had become more common – and I think there are more compared to earlier years – but I forgot every one I had read when reading this question 😂 It’s definitely nice when authors leave it at a Duology and don’t add on books!

      It’s great that you love it though! I do like some angst, it just doesn’t always work for me in this context 😅 Academic Rivals to Lovers has SO much tension, which is why I love it! Our required reads in high school were always so uninteresting to me 🙈


  4. Me reading this post and seeing my name mentioned I’m 😭😭😭 I’m so happy you enjoyed my recommendations, Caro, this makes me the happiest!! 😭
    I loved reading your answers to this so much! The Fever King is one of my favorite duologies ever, I agree with you on that and the second book is just SO good. I want to re-read it at some point, for sure! I’m so happy to see you mentioning How To Disappear, as well, this book is such an underrated gem, I love it so much! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. so glad you enjoyed doing this tag -and i love the twist with the star ratings ah!
    also, you’ve read and enjoyed ‘how to disappear’?!?! i’m unhingedly obsessed with that book and it’s so rare to find someone who loves it ❤

    white cat is on my 2023 tbr, i can't wait to get to it!

    Liked by 1 person

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