Reading for 24 Hours 💫 feat. Book Lovers & Crumbs #magicalallnighter

Reading Diary July 2022

Hello fellow bookworms 💫 It has been a while since I did a Reading Diary, but I really missed it! The Magical Readathon always has a 24 Hour Readathon on a weekend and I couldn’t pass up the chance to take you along with me 💜 Somehow, I focused too much on reading extra books this round and was behind on the books for the prompts I actually needed 🙈 Before the weekend I’d only read 3/8 books for my challenge and with the month coming to an end soon, this 24 Hour round was the perfect opportunity to catch up! Let’s go!

💫 My TBR 💫

Magical AllNighter

  • Book Lovers by Emily Henry 💜
  • Crumbs by Danie Stirling 💜


💫 Saturday, 20.08.2022 💫

📚 First Read 📚

Book Lovers by Emily Henry

Class: Spells (Ordinary) – Color Wheel pick: Cyan

GR (2)

💕 7pm-12pm: Reading Sprints 💕

Day 20.1

➽ The Readathon started with some reading sprints! 🥰 Since I do my best reading in the evening, I loved that the official start was at 7pm! G was doing reading sprints all evening and at first, I was struggling a bit to focus. I was determined to catch up though, especially as Book Lovers started off great ❤️

I already had high hopes for Book Lovers, because I love Emily Henry’s romance books – they just work really well for me personally! Book Lovers was of course no exception, as I immediately got hooked on the story! I loved Nora and Charlie and their banter was honestly SO good. Nora’s a literary agent and dedicated to her career, which sometimes makes her seem like an ice queen. It’s easy to mistake her for someone who doesn’t care but we see how much she loves her little sister and was forced to become her caretaker after the death of their mother. The book does a great job exploring her deep-seated grief and trauma! I got over 50% into the book and honestly would have loved to keep reading, but by then I had to go to bed! I never do the full 24 hours, as I need my sleep 😂


💫 Sunday, 21.08.2022 💫

💕 10 am: Breakfast 💕

Day 21.1

➽ In the morning I dove right back into my book with some coffee ☕ I’m not a morning person at all, so I only got started at 10 am after taking a shower and preparing a quick breakfast! I got cozy on the couch and continued to read until lunch 😊 Emily Henry’s books are honestly so readable and once you get into them it’s really hard to stop. I loved the setting for Book Lovers – the main character and her sister take a vacation in a small-town – and got immersed with every page. There’s so much to love about this book from the complex sister relationship to the slow burn romance and the funny jokes and writing! Despite dealing with heavy topics, the book is also hilarious and light-hearted at times – the perfect balance for me 🥰

💕 2 pm: First Book Down 💕

Day 21.2

➽ I finished my first book!! 🥳 As expected, I LOVED Book Lovers and ended up giving it 4.5 stars ❤️ I was rooting for Nora so much and I liked that she didn’t have to change herself to get her happy ending. It’s great to see a career woman who doesn’t want children and prefers her independence to be the star in a romance! This is definitely Emily Henry’s best book yet and despite loving Beach Read and People We Meet on Vacation, Book Lovers was just on another level!

Spells - O


📚 Second Read 📚

Crumbs by Danie Stirling

Class: Inscription (Qualified) – Graphic Novel or Manga

GR (2)

💕 3:30 pm: Coffee Break 💕

Day 21.3

➽ Time to start my second book 👀 Having a graphic novel on my TBR was great because they are so easy to read and a nice way to mix things up! I had been wanting to read Crumbs for some time, as it’s a story about a bakery that sells magical pastries. The graphic novel came out this year, but I read this on webtoon, where it was released first! I immediately knew that this was my kind of story, it’s super cute and set within a magical world where people have different powers. There are werewolves and sorcerers, though our main character Ray is a seer. She can see the present and her rare gift got her a prestigious internship at the Council. I loved her so much and the romance with the bakery owner’s nephew was also adorable!

💕 5-7 pm: The Finish Line 💕

Day 21.4

➽ After taking a coffee break I got right back to Crumbs. I couldn’t wait to see how it ended! Another thing I loved about this book is that it has flawed, but realistic characters. Both Ray and her boyfriend Laurie are struggling with different things. Ray is questioning her work environment and what her purpose is, while Laurie struggles to make it with his music and tries to hide his problems. In the end, I liked that there was some healthy communication between both of them! I loved the ending as well and ended up rating this 4 stars ❤️ That’s the end of the Readathon as well and it was a full success! I’ve now done 5/8 challenges and hope to read the remaining 3 books next week! 💫

Inscription - Q

Divider2 (2)

Have you read any of these books? Did you like them? What have you been reading this weekend? 💫


11 thoughts on “Reading for 24 Hours 💫 feat. Book Lovers & Crumbs #magicalallnighter

  1. Oohh happy you enjoyed Book Lovers!! It’s also on my list, though I haven’t ready any Emily Henry yet 😆 They’re all on my TBR though, ahaha
    Yiiiis I also love how it starts rather late too, as middle of the night is always my best time to read aswell!

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  2. Ah this is such a fun kind of post to read! I’m so happy you enjoyed Book Lovers so much, I’ll have to bump it up on my TBR. I really enjoyed Beach Read by the author and have been meaning to read more of her books! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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