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Hello fellow bookworms 📚 I was fortunate enough to receive a digital copy of Ravenfall through participating in the TBR and Beyond Tour! Ravenfall had been on my list of most anticipated releases, so I was grateful for the opportunity to read it early 🥰 For now, let’s get into what this book is about! Check out the blog tour schedule, so you can read all the other amazing posts! ❤


by Kalyn Josephson
Published by: Delacorte
Publication date: August 31st, 2022
Genres: Middle Grade Dark Fantasy

CW’s: Murder, Loss of a Loved One & Grief, Violence, Possession

Representation 🌷 Jewish MC

One magical inn, two kids with supernatural powers, and an ancient Celtic creature trying to destroy their world by Halloween night…
Halloweentown meets Supernatural in this spooky middle-grade series from the acclaimed author of the Storm Crow duology!

Thirteen-year-old Annabella Ballinkay has never been normal, even by her psychic family’s standards. Every generation uses their abilities to help run the Ravenfall Inn, a sprawling, magical B&B at the crossroads of the human world and the Otherworld. But it’s hard to contribute when your only power is foreseeing death.

So when fourteen-year-old Colin Pierce arrives at Ravenfall searching for his missing older brother and the supernatural creature who killed their parents, Anna jumps at the chance to help. But the mysteries tied to Colin go much deeper than either of them expects. . . .

As the two team up to find answers, they unearth Colin’s family’s secret past and discover that Colin has powers beyond his imagination. And now the supernatural creature, one with eerie origins in Celtic mythology, is coming after him. If Anna and Colin can’t stop the creature by Halloween night, the veil to the Otherworld could be ripped open—which would spell destruction for their world as they know it.

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About the Author

Kalyn Josephson currently works as a Technical Writer in the tech industry, which leaves room for too many bad puns about technically being a writer. Though she grew up in San Luis Obispo, California, she graduated from Santa Clara University with degrees in Biology and English (Creative Writing). Currently, she lives in the Bay Area with two black cats (who are more like a tiny dragon and an ever tinier owl). THE STORM CROW duology is out now.

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Thank you to Delacorte, TBR and Beyond Tour, and Netgalley for providing me with a digital Arc in exchange for an honest review! All quotes are taken from the Arc and therefore subject to changes.

Ravenfall by Kalyn Josephson ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Meet Anna: resident psychometric 🔮 Her family – the Ballinkays – runs the Ravenfall Inn, a meeting point for all sorts of magical people and normals alike. Everyone in her family has a unique power that manifests when they are younger and Anna’s just happens to completely suck. While her two sisters and mother can use their powers to contribute to the Inn, her ability to touch people and see death they have experienced is mildly creepy. She loves the house and wishes to use her magic for good, but Anna is laden with chores as no one seems to take her seriously. I really felt her hurt and anger at being left out and useless while everyone else seems at ease with who they were. I loved her humor and bond with the Ravenfall Inn, you can tell how much it means to her, despite her frustrations!

Meet Colin: a lost boy 💔 Colin’s parents were just murdered by a mysterious man and Ravenfall Inn is the place they considered a last resort should things go wrong. Colin has been moving around his entire life without knowing why and now he’s lost contact with his brother as well. He comes to Ravenfall with his own questions and hopes to find out what his parents were hiding. His grief and anger were really well-written. Colin feels left behind by everyone, especially as he discovers secrets and everything that has been kept from him his entire life.

Anna folds her arms. “It’s my payment for making sure the house doesn’t throw out all your stuff.” The house groans, as if announcing that it’d love to do just that.

I loved Colin and Anna’s friendship 🥰 The book is dual POV, so you get to see Colin and Anna’s struggles and how both of them mirrored each other. They are both feeling left out by their families and alone without knowing who they truly are. Anna immediately offers to help Colin when he appears at the Inn and goes with him to uncover his parents’ murder. She doesn’t always know how best to comfort him but tries to make him feel at home a the Inn since Colin has constantly been on the move. Their friendship was sweet and supportive, even though it had its ups and downs as well!

Generally, the world was so immersive and atmospheric 🍂 This will be the perfect autumn read since it’s set around the time of Samhain and features lots of descriptions of mouth-watering food and gorgeous decorations. The Inn has a cozy feel to it and I LOVE the ‘magical house’ trope where the house is sentient and alive! There is also so much magic, paranormal creatures, and a small town called Wick that is hard to find but has most humans and magical beings coexist. The Supernatural and Halloweentown comparisons are definitely justified! We have a fun, sometimes dark adventure as Anna and Colin race to stop the entity that killed his parents as they threaten to unravel magic.

The secondary cast was also great!! The author really managed to bring Anna’s family to life and give us an insight into each character. I especially loved Uncle Roy, a pyrokinetic who used to get into all kinds of  trouble and still has a mischievous and fun side to him. Then there’s Gran, Anna’s mother Nora, and Elaine, each powerful psychics in their own right. Anna also has two sisters called Rose and Kara who sometimes annoy her but would do anything for her. The highlight was Max, a Jabberwocky appearing in the form of a cat. He is a protector of the house and loves Anna and Colin. I like when books have animal companions!

But in the town of Wick, Oregon, where magic is never far from your fingertips, Halloween is the biggest holiday of the year, and Ravenfall is the place to be.

IN CONCLUSION.Ravenfall is a fantastic spooky, atmospheric Middle Grade story with a lot of heart. You cannot help but love Anna, Colin, Max, and Ravenfall Inn ❤️ There is a great mix of adventure, heartfelt, but messy family relationships, and strong friendships!

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Are you going to read Ravenfall? What is your favorite spooky Middle Grade book? 👻


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