Arc Review: One Cup at a Time by Matt Tarpley ☕😺 A book that feels like a warm hug

One Cup at a time

Serving up another steaming hot cup of the warm and floofies, this new collection follows your favorite regulars at Cat’s Cafe as well as several all-new characters as they handle the ups and downs of life with the help of their friends.

Expected Publication: September 27th 2022 by Andrews McMeel Publishing

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A follow-up collection based on the popular webcomic Cat’s Cafe, One Cup at a Time immerses readers in the gentle, supportive world of cafe owner Cat and his adorable friends. With familiar faces like Penguin and Kiwi and new friends like Fox and Spider, this collection handles real issues like relationships, self-esteem, and mental health through a tender, positive lens. One Cup at a Time isn’t about forgetting your problems; it’s about supporting one another through those problems and loving each other and ourselves through it all.


CW’s: Discussion of Mental Health, Anxiety & Depression

Representation 🌷 Mental Health




Thank you to Netgalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for providing me with a digital copy in exchange for an honest review! The art is taken from the digital Arc, the quality will be higher the final copy!

One Cup at a Time brings back the lovable animals from Cat’s Café 🥺 Even though this is a collection of comics, I’d consider this a sequel and recommend reading Cat’s Café first. You’ll not regret it, as these comic collections are so wholesome! One Cup at a Time follows the familiar setting of Cat’s Café, located in a town populated by several animals that all love their favorite coffee shop. We get all the regulars from the first book plus Cat and Rabbit, as they serve their customers. There are also a couple of new characters, my favorite being Mouse, who comes across a drawing of the Café and sets out on an adventure to find this magical, cozy place!


The heartfelt discussions of mental health struggles, self-care, friendship, and getting through bad days once again make this such a relatable and comforting book ❤️ I love the slice of life format that shows us the daily life of the residents, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s sad or heartwarming. One Cup at a Time manages the perfect balance between humor and important affirmations/reminders .


© Matt Tarpley

IN CONCLUSION.One Cup at a Time is another fantastic comic collection by Matt Tarpley, all about mental health, told through the lens of several lovable animals characters that will steal your heart. If you loved the first book, this one is just as good! And if you haven’t read any Cat’s Café yet, I recommend trying it out, it’s guaranteed to make you feel understood and comforted ❤️

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Are you going to read One Cup at a Time? What is your favorite graphic novel? ☕


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