Spooky Book Recs πŸ‘» If You Liked This … You’ll Like That

Spooky Book Recs 15.10.

Hello fellow bookworms πŸ‘» I always do some spooky book recommendations each October, as that’s what I love to read this time of year! Today I’ll be switching it up slightly and recommending books that have similar themes . I’m choosing a more popular spooky book and recommending a lesser known book* that fans would also enjoy! Technically you get two book recommendations in one, especially if you don’t know any of the books. If you do know one of them, I hope that you’ll be able to find another book just like it ❀️ Definitely let me know if you know of any other books with similar vibes!

* I decided to base this on my personal perception and the number of ratings the book has on Goodreads. Some of them are a bit more popular and others are hidden gems!

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❀️ If You Liked Gallant … Then You’ll Like These Fleeting Shadows ❀️

Sinister Manor Houses & Estranged Family ➽ Olivia Prior thinks herself an orphan until a mysterious stranger invites her to Gallant, supposedly her family home … yet something isn’t right about the house. These Fleeting Shadows has a similar premise: it’s about Helen who gets invited to Harrowstone Hall and finds out that she’s about to inherit it … if she can survive one year on the ground. Both Olivia and Helen feel like outsiders and weird things happen around them. They suddenly find themselves among family members that they never really knew … and something spooky is happening at their new home. If you loved Gallant and want another atmospheric story set at a haunted house, These Fleeting Shadows is perfect for you!


❀️ If You Liked A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder … Then You’ll Like The Sun Down Motel ❀️

Cold Cases & Crime Investigations ➽ A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder follows Pip, a student who’s investigating a closed murder case that happened in her town. She’s got the feeling that they convicted the wrong person and cannot let that rest. The Sun Down Motel is an adult book, but it’s got a similar theme. It’s about Carly, who investigates the disappearance of her aunt thirty years ago, which was never solved. Both Pip and Carly are true crime fans who get in over their head in a dangerous investigation that could cost them everything … but they cannot let injustice stand. If you loved Good Girl’s Guide and want a similar book that’s more Adult, The Sun Down Motel definitely delivers. It’s got the same fast pace and suspense!


❀️ If You Liked Small Spaces … Then You’ll Like Thirteens ❀️

Spooky Small-towns & Unlikely Friendships ➽ Small Spaces is about Ollie, Brian & Coco who become unlikely friends when their class trip to the farm goes horribly wrong and they’re hunted by scarecrows. Thirteens also pairs three kids who end up becoming friends in order to survive a supernatural horror. Here it’s because something sinister is about to happen in their small town on Halloween. Both Middle Grade Horror series have a spooky atmosphere and deal with evil entities and strange worlds. I love both trios and the friendships are so well-written! If you’re looking for a spooky, but not too scary story, I highly recommend both Small Spaces and Thirteens. Because those are series there are more books to check out as well!


❀️ If You Liked City of Ghosts … Then You’ll Like The Dead and the Dark ❀️

Ghost-hunting Shows & Dark Secrets ➽ City of Ghosts features Cassidy Blake, whose parents have a ghost-hunting show called The Inspecters. They don’t really believe in ghosts, but Cass can actually see them! The Dead and the Dark also has a protagonist – called Logan – whose parents have their own TV Show, called the ParaSpectors. Both girls are forced to move to keep up with their parents and cannot really confide in them. In Logan’s case, it’s because her parents have always kept secrets from her. There’s lots of suspense and danger that both of them find themselves in, as something spooky is lurking in their new location. If you liked City of Ghosts and want something more YA The Dead and the Dark is a good bet!


❀️ If You Liked Anna Dressed in Blood … Then You’ll Like The Girls Are Never Gone ❀️

Professional Ghost Hunters & Haunted Houses ➽ Anna Dressed in Blood is your typical Supernatural-esque story about a ghost hunter called Cas whose new target is the notorious ghost Anna. The Girls Are Never Gone also features a ghost hunter, but Dare is more of a skeptic and investigates a haunted estate for her paranormal podcast called Attachments. Both books have characters investigating a ghost story and bringing the perfect amount of spookiness and combining it with romance! There are haunted houses, new friendships, and dangerous ghosts πŸ‘»

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Have you read any of the books from my list? Did you like them? What are your favorite spooky books? πŸ‘»


12 thoughts on “Spooky Book Recs πŸ‘» If You Liked This … You’ll Like That

  1. I’ve only read two books on this list as I haven’t tended to turn to spooky books in the past. But it was great to get all these recommendations! I loved all your links between the books, they all seems so well matched and I loved your reasonings 😍
    The Dead and the Dark sounds really interesting. I did like the TV show aspect of City of Ghosts!
    The Girls are Never Gone sounds so interesting because of the protagonist, I love a skeptic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
    Great post, thank you for all these recs πŸ’œ

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much, Sophie! 🧑 The Dead and the Dark is fantastic!! It’s got great atmosphere and spooky small towns! The Girls Are Never Gone is also great, I loved that the main character had a podcast about ghost hunting but was a skeptic πŸ˜„

      Liked by 1 person

  2. ah what a fantastic post, thank you so much for the recommendations! I don’t read spooky books too often, but a good girl’s guide is, for instance, on my tbr, so… I kind of want to read more of these kind of books, at times? This list of recs comes at the perfect time! Small spaces sounds interesting and I’m so curious about these fleeting shadows!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! 🧑 A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder is a great pick, I loved the mystery and mixed media approach, it made for such a fast, suspenseful read! Small Spaces is perfectly spooky but not too scary. And These Fleeting Shadows has a great atmosphere 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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