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Halloween Book Covers Tag 👻 Pumpkins, Ghosts & Creepy Things

Halloween Book Covers Tag

Hello fellow bookworms 👻 It’s time for a spooky book Tag!! This year I choose the Halloween Book Covers Tag that I saw in Tasya’s blog as it looked great 🧡 The idea is to share book covers that feature a spooky object or concept (like blood or ghosts). I picked both books I read and those on my TBR with the covers linking back to their Goodreads pages so you can check them out 😊 The Tag was originally created by Kit @ Metaphors and Moonlight 👻

I’m Tagging …


💀 Skull/Skeleton/Bones 💀


➽ One of my most anticipated releases of the year!!! Susan Dennard has a new book series coming out and it’s the perfect fall read 🥰 It’s about a girl trying to reclaim her family clan’s honor by participating in the dangerous Hunter Trials … if she makes it out alive.


🎃 Pumpkin 🎃


➽ I didn’t have many books with pumpkins on the cover, except for Pumpkinheads! This is a super cute, wholesome graphic novel set at a pumpkin patch 🎃 I love to reread it every year as it never fails to give me all the autumnal feels!


🩸 Blood 🩸

34324484. sy475

➽ I’ve had this book on my TBR for a while and it still intrigues me! It’s about monsters sold on the black market and a girl whose whole world is turned upside down. I heard good things about it and I’ll read it when I’m in the mood for something gritty and bloody 🩸


🐍 Spider, Bats, or other Creepy Creatures 🐍


➽ I still haven’t read Ninth House, but with the sequel on the horizon, I hope to give it a shot this autumn! It’s Leigh Bardugo’s adult debut and serving all the dark academia and secret societies vibes 👀 I think there’s even some magic, I don’t know for sure, but I’m hoping to find out!


🔮 Something witchy 🔮

36484081. sy475

➽ WITCHES!! One of my favorite paranormal beings to read about, especially in autumn. These Witches Don’t Burn has been on my Kindle ever since I got it. It’s about a small town, a dangerous bloodwitch, and has got a sapphic romance ❤️ I should really read it soon!


✋🏻 Severed body part ✋🏻


➽ I’m counting the hand as a severed body part, it definitely looks sinister. Dead Silence is a book I’m hoping to have read by now (or at least sometime this year!) if my library hold comes in. It’s an adult horror about a mysterious potentially haunted spaceship and the crew that goes to investigate it 👻


🌕 Full moon 🌕

52339313. sy475

➽ Cemetery Boys is one of my favorite fantasy books!! It’s about a young trans brujo trying to prove himself, but he accidentally summons the wrong ghost 👻 The romance was SO good and I love the characters with all my heart, Aiden Thomas just writes amazing books 🥰


☠️ Cemetery ☠️

39352771. sy475

➽ This is the second Cassidy Blake book and set in Paris. You can see the catacombs on the cover and I’m counting them as a cemetery 😄 This is a spooky Middle Grade series about a young girl who can see ghosts and travels around the world with her parents!


🏠 Haunted house 🏠


➽ I couldn’t help but feature a Kate Alice Marshall book! These Fleeting Shadows is her newest release about a girl with a sudden inheritance of a family she’s been estranged from. There’s a sinister manor that might be haunted and the atmosphere is great!!


👻 Ghost 👻

55214376. sy475

➽ It’s a ghost!! But not a spooky one 👻 The Sad Ghost Club presents those with mental health issues as ghosts which is a really cool symbolism! This is one of my favorite graphic novels and I love the way it talks about anxiety and mental health 😊


👹 Classic monster (vampire, werewolf, mummy, etc.) 👹


➽ For a classic monster I choose zombie! I’ve been excited for Long Live the Pumpkin Queen since it was announced that Shea Ernshaw is writing it. The Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorite movies and I love that this one tells Sally’s story 😊


🍬 Candy 🍬


➽ I didn’t have any options for candy (mostly it was cakes), so I chose Crumbs, as you can see some baked goods behind the boy! Crumbs is a cute graphic novel about a witch and a magician that fall in love 🥰 There’s also a magical bakery, so it’s fitting!


🎭 Someone in a costume/mask 🎭


➽ Clowns!! I’m not scared of them but the fourth and final Small Spaces book definitely creeped me out at times. I highly recommend this spooky Middle Grade series, as it’s SO good! It features three friends that go against a mysterious entity that’s hunting them 👀


🧡 Orange and black 🖤


➽ The Sidekick Squad books are a lot of fun to read! Not Your Sidekick is about a futuristic world that has superheroes, but there might be something strange happening. Each book follows a new character out of a friendship group. I wish they’d release the fourth book 👀


😱 Something creepy 😱


➽ Into the Sublime is a 2022 release and the cover is giving me chills!! It’s about four girls entering a dangerous underground cave system and one of them doesn’t make it out alive. The idea of being trapped underground in a cave scares me SO much, so I’m intrigued 👀

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Have you read any of the Books on my list? What is your favorite spooky book cover? 👻


20 thoughts on “Halloween Book Covers Tag 👻 Pumpkins, Ghosts & Creepy Things

  1. This is such a fun tag! I loved all of your cover picks and none of them (well, except for Arden’s book!) were overly terrifying, which I can appreciate! 😂 I’m pretty tempted to do this tag but I’m pretty sure I’d come up empty for some of these prompts, lol.

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