My Advent Calendar Gift🎄Free Canva Templates for your Platform!

Advent Calendar 2022

Hello fellow bookworms 🎄 It’s already time for my gift of the Advent Calendar!! I’m very excited for you to see it, as I worked hard on it for the last week and had a lot of fun doing it as well 🥰 As you might have glimpsed from the title, I’m sharing some Canva Templates with you! I love Canva – a Graphic Design and Foto Editing Website – and use it for all my blog and social media graphics. The amount of things you can do with the free version is great and I wanted to share a few graphic templates, as Canva can also be overwhelming at times.

As the end of the year is fast approaching I focused on graphics for all your 2022 Favorites and 2023 Anticipates and Goals. There are lots of book templates, but also some for TV Shows and Movies, as well as general goals!! Feel free to use them for your blog (or other platforms) and social media! There’s a small copyright on each template, so you don’t need to Tage me if you don’t want to. But I’d love to see what you fill in 👀


Introduction ❄️

Advent Calendar

What is the Advent Calendar?

➽ The Advent Calendar is a special event I created for this December. Me and other bloggers will release special tiny gifts for our followers during the month.

And the schedule?

➽ The special event post will be published each Friday. Please note that not all bloggers involved were able to participate every Friday, so don’t forget to check each blog to catch all the gifts links and who is participating that day and who is not!

Who are the bloggers?

➽ This time, the bloggers involved are just three. Hopefully next year there will be more, but let’s do a round of applause for me Cam @ Vicoli & Caffè,  DB @ DB’s Guide to the Galaxy – and me (Caro @ Bookcheshirecat)

What kind of gifts can we get?

➽ The gifts are tiny in their nature but can be very different. A few examples of what the bloggers may deliver to you are: a list of unique blog post prompts, tips and tricks o their own niche, free graphics assembled by them, templates and so on.

Do I’ve to be a follower to get the gift?

➽ No, the gifts aren’t restricted to followers only! Everyone can get them! But if you liked the event, our content and blogs, please consider following us.


This week’s posts 💕


My Gift … Canva Templates for 2022 Favorites & your 2023 Goals 🎁

The Links

How to Use the Templates

  • To use the Templates you need a Canva Account, which is free to make!
  • Once you’ve clicked the Link use File > Make a Copy in order to have your own design that you can change to your liking. This is very important as directly editing the template changes it for everyone else as well.
  • Each Template has several pages with different designs.
  • Each Design has one or several Frames, so you only need to Upload a picture (e.g. a book cover) from your Laptop to Canva. Then you simply drag it over to the frame and it’ll immediately fit into the design. If you double-click on the picture you can change what parts of the picture are shown in the frame. By clicking on the text you can change that as well.
  • The bin icon at the top right of your chosen design can delete the page should you not need it.
  • I’ve included some examples of what a filled-out Template can look like.
  • Lauren posted a great introduction to Canva a few years back that I recommend for beginners!
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Overview of the Templates

2022 Templates

  • Best Books of 2022: Overview of 5 Books, Individual Book with Information
  • Best 2022 Releases
  • Top TV Shows of 2022: Overview of 5 Shows, Individual Show with Information
  • Top Movies of 2022: Overview of 5 Movies, Individual Movie with Information

A little Sneak Peak 👀

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2023 Templates

  • Anticipated 2023 Releases: Overview of 5 Books (dark and light version), Individual Book with Information
  • Anticipated 2023 TV Shows: Overview of 5 Shows, Individual Show with Information
  • Anticipated 2023 Movies: Overview of 5 Movies, Individual Movie with Information
  • 2023 Goals: Top 3 Goals for the new year

A little Sneak Peak 👀

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Do you use Canva? If so, do you have any tips for beginners? What are your favorite blogging resources? 🎄


9 thoughts on “My Advent Calendar Gift🎄Free Canva Templates for your Platform!

  1. Ohhhh I love the 2023 spread!! Such a nice idea, good job!!! 👏🏼👏🏼🥰
    I recycle the same graphics by types (bookish/book review/etc) on my posts 🤣 though I could create new ones I just.. especially this month im overworking at my job & a vet appt every week (this week had 3- two dentals and the rest is just a 5min injection, nothing major) i’m already struggling for posts on top of it all ahaha 😅 .. taken an extra day (so 6 out if 7) or work to pay for above vet appts.

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