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What I’m reading for Pride Month 🌈 feat. recommendations

Hello fellow bookworms 🌈 Happy Pride Month, I hope you're having a good time! ❤ In honor of the occasion, I wanted to dedicate the entire month to reading books that feature LGBTQ characters, as I missed that last year. I have compiled saved my TBR for June to show to you today, I don't know if… Continue reading What I’m reading for Pride Month 🌈 feat. recommendations

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Introducing my Library 💌 feat. Borrowathon TBR

Hello fellow bookworms 💌 The moment I saw the BorrowAThon, I knew I had to participate, as I can get quite a few books from my local library! As you might be able to tell the Readathon is all about reading borrowed books - that can be from the library, from a bookish friend etc. It just… Continue reading Introducing my Library 💌 feat. Borrowathon TBR

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Female characters that inspire me

Hello fellow bookworms 📖 In honor of Women’s History Month the lovely Margaret @ weirdzeal has not only created a Reading Challenge,  but also some great blog prompts!” This week's prompt is all about “female characters that inspire you”, a topic that I LOVE! I’m so excited to be talking about some female characters today, as… Continue reading Female characters that inspire me

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I’m joining #YARC2019 🐍 Signup, TBR & Updates

Hello fellow bookworms 💖 I was so excited when I saw the #YARC announcement, but due to my hiatus and exams I couldn't immediately write-up my sign-up post and TBR even though I was itching to do that, because I was SO excited!!! I love reading challenges and this one sounded SO good and was… Continue reading I’m joining #YARC2019 🐍 Signup, TBR & Updates

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2019 Reading Challenges I’m joining

Hello fellow bookworms 📚 I was sharing my 2018 Goals Recap and new 2019 Resolutions (including life, blogging, reading and writing), but I wanted to make an extra post about the 3 reading challenges I will be joining in 2019, because otherwise the post would have gotten too long. So consider this part 2 of my 2019… Continue reading 2019 Reading Challenges I’m joining

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Least Favorite Books of 2018

Hello fellow bookworms  ⚡️ Well it's time to spill a bit of salt again, as after talking about my favorite books of this year, it's time for those books that I rated the lowest, those books that I  didn't end up enjoying. Unlike last year I'll be calling them Least Favorite instead of Worst Book, as enjoyment… Continue reading Least Favorite Books of 2018