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Stranger Things Book Tag

Hello fellow bookworms 💥 When I saw Danielle @ lifeofaliterarynerd doing a Stranger Things book Tag I couldn't resist, because it's such a long wait until Season 3 😱 I wasn't explicitly tagged, but since Danielle tagged everyone who likes Stranger Things and books, here I am 😀 The original creator of this Tag is Sarah Sunbeemz! Straight… Continue reading Stranger Things Book Tag

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Awesome Blogger Award

Hello fellow bookworms 📖 Thank you so much Danielle @ lifeofaliterarynerd for nominating me for the Awesome Blogger Award, it really means so much to me! 💕💕 The Awesome Blogger Award was created by Maggie @ Dreaming of Guatemala to honor bloggers who “have beautiful blogs, are kind and lovely, and always find a way to add happiness and laughter to the lives… Continue reading Awesome Blogger Award

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End of the Year Survey 2017

Hello fellow bookworms 🗓 I have seen this post over at Cait's Blog last year and wanted to do it, because I looove stats so much and think it's always an interesting way to recap the reading year! The feature was originally created by PerpetualPageTurner! I have left out quite a few questions, because the Survey is very… Continue reading End of the Year Survey 2017

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Festive Christmas Book Tag

Hello fellow bookworms 🎄 I saw this Tag over at Jessethereader’s Channel and decided to do it as my obligatory seasonal book Tag that I like to do. The Tag was originally created by GirlReading! Let the festiveness begin! 1) A fictional family you would like to spend Christmas dinner with? 🎄 The Weasleys (Harry Potter) Come… Continue reading Festive Christmas Book Tag

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Creatures of the Night Tag

Happy Halloween!!!!! 🎃 It’s my second favorite holiday of the year so therefore it’s time for a seasonally appropriate Tag! The Halloween Tag has been going around Booktube, but the books I’d choose for it wouldn’t be scary books, so I found a more spooky Tag. What’s more spooky than the Creatures of the Night? This… Continue reading Creatures of the Night Tag

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End of the Year Book Survey & Best Books 2016

Originally Posted: December 27th Hello fellow bookworms ⭐️ I’ve wanted to do my Best Books of 2016 post when I stumbled upon Cait (Paper Fury) doing the End of the Year Book Survey Tag by Jamie and I couldn’t help but do it too. I’m personally super excited for this neat survey, because I like stats… Continue reading End of the Year Book Survey & Best Books 2016