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Goodbye 2020 🎇 An Annual Wrapup feat. my favorite quotes

“So often people think that when we arrive at a crossroads, we can choose only one path [...]. We’re not walking the path. We are the path. We are all of the roads and all of the intersections. Of course you can choose both.” ― William Ritter, Beastly Bones Hello fellow bookworms 🎇 It's time for one… Continue reading Goodbye 2020 🎇 An Annual Wrapup feat. my favorite quotes

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Goodbye 2019 🎇 An Annual Wrapup

“You are incredible. You are nothing and everything. You are a single moment and all eternity. You are the universe in motion.” ― Matt Haig, Notes on a Nervous Planet Hello fellow bookworms 🎇 It's time for one of my favorite posts: recapping the entire year in terms of what has happened. I love looking… Continue reading Goodbye 2019 🎇 An Annual Wrapup


Spooky Content for Scaredy Cats 👻🐱

Hello fellow bookworms 👻 As you might have noticed I LOVE Halloween with all my heart ... but I'm a big scaredy-cat 🐱 I don't do horror movies or anything with large jumpscares ever as it would shoot my anxiety through the roof and make me unable to sleep for days. I also don't much enjoy jumpscare… Continue reading Spooky Content for Scaredy Cats 👻🐱


Goodbye 2018 🎇 feat. fave quotes & getting personal

“You're both the fire and the water that extinguishes it. You're the narrator, the protagonist, and the sidekick. You're the storyteller and the story told. You are somebody's something, but you are also your you.” ― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down Hello fellow bookworms 🎇 It's the last day of 2018, so of course I want… Continue reading Goodbye 2018 🎇 feat. fave quotes & getting personal

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Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters

Hello fellow bookworms 💕 since Shadowhunters is back in full swing with a third Season (and needs all the support and promo for a fourth season) I decided to make a post about why you should give the show a chance! I’ve been among the people hesitant to watch the TV Series but I can speak from experience… Continue reading Why You Should Watch Shadowhunters

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TV Shows to start & catch up on

Hello fellow bookworms 🎬 It’s time for another Top Five Wednesday, which is a weekly meme which was created by Lainey and is now hosted by Sam! This week’s topic is Favorite Science Fiction & Fantasy in Other Media! As you can already see I've taken a spin on the current topic, because outside of books I don't consume a lot of other… Continue reading TV Shows to start & catch up on

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Merry Christmas! Readathon Wrapup & Movie Recs

Hello fellow bookworms 🎄 MERRY CHRISTMAS! It's officially my favorite day of the entire year 💕 And before you ask: most gift giving and get together with the immediate family is done on Christmas Eve in Germany, at least in my family. Therefore, I consider this Christmas, as Christmas Day is mostly for visiting my extended family, that… Continue reading Merry Christmas! Readathon Wrapup & Movie Recs

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Fantastic Beasts Movie Review

Originally Posted: November 20th 2016 Hello fellow potterheads 💞 Last week I spontaneously decided to go see this movie, because I frankly had a horrible Tuesday and my local cinema offered an early screening of “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them”, so I though “why not give the movie a try and eat lots of nachos to… Continue reading Fantastic Beasts Movie Review