Spooky Dewey’s 24 Hrs Readathon (TBR + Updates)

Hello fellow bookworms 🎃 After finally taking part for the first time in the summer it's happenings again: The Dewey’s 24 Hours Readathon is back! This October it's taking place at Saturday, October 20th!! This time it's not a reverse Readathon, meaning that the start time is 8am EST (instead of 8pm), This means the Readathon for me… Continue reading Spooky Dewey’s 24 Hrs Readathon (TBR + Updates)


Let’s get SPOOKY 👻 Sbooktober TBR

Hello fellow bookworms 🎃 I'm participating in Sbooktober again! This is now my third year participating, as I love the overall event and Readathon a lot 😄 What can I say? I'm a spooky reader 👻 For those of you who don't know what Sbooktober is: it's a bookish spooky event tat runs the entire month of… Continue reading Let’s get SPOOKY 👻 Sbooktober TBR


Magical Readathon: Charms Extra Credit TBR

Hello fellow bookworms ✨ Remember when I participated in the NEWT's in August? There is exciting news: the creator BookRoast is making an extra round of the Readathon, more specifically 1 week Readathon you can technically participate in no matter if you have done the OWL's or NEWT's! However, it will help you if you want… Continue reading Magical Readathon: Charms Extra Credit TBR

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Read with me // DEARathon

Hello fellow bookworms 🍂 I decided to do a little bit different for my second post of the week, which is why it's later than usual. Recently the DEARathon was announced by LittleBookOwl and Little Red Reader, prompting me to participate and document my experience! It's like a reading vlog, only that I'm blogging it ...… Continue reading Read with me // DEARathon


Dewey’s Summer 24 Hrs Readathon TBR (+ Updates)

Hello fellow bookworms 📚 Something very exciting happened recently: The Dewey's 24 Hours Readathon will have a surprise round in Summer! Normally it takes place twice a year and would have the second round in October, but the hosts decided to do a reverse Readathon on July 27th to July 28th aka today! You can find any information… Continue reading Dewey’s Summer 24 Hrs Readathon TBR (+ Updates)


Summer Biannual Bibliothon TBR (+ I’M BACK)

Hello fellow bookworms ☀️ LOOKS WHO'S BACK from the hiatus! It's me 👍 I will be catching up on comments (sorry guys, I didn't have a lot of energy/time to answer them, but now I have) and blog hopping (I have bookmarked about 80 posts to read from the past 4 weeks, this is going to take a while)… Continue reading Summer Biannual Bibliothon TBR (+ I’M BACK)


I like big books (Tome Topple TBR)

Hello fellow bookworms 📚 it’s finally time again for Tome Topple, after the Readathon took a bit of a hiatus since September as all the hosts were very busy with real life! If you don’t know Tome Topple Readathon is all about reading huge books (over 500 pages) – called tomes – and was created by Sam @ Thoughts on Tomes! It's… Continue reading I like big books (Tome Topple TBR)


Amazing Readathons I’m participating in

Hello fellow bookworms 💗 It's Readathon time again: Spring Edition! I'm addicted to Readathons, so I have been craving one for a longer time, so when the time for the Series Crackdown came around and Swetlana asked if I wanted to participate in another Readathon I was hooked and had to write this post! This time I… Continue reading Amazing Readathons I’m participating in


24 Hours of Reading // #ReadathonByZoe

Hello fellow bookworms 📚 If you don't know, Zoe @ readbyzoe started making these 24 Hours Readathons last year and they have become a thing! I love the idea of focusing on reading for 24 Hours and getting as much reading as possible done - it's a challenge that really excites me! I was able to participate… Continue reading 24 Hours of Reading // #ReadathonByZoe